17 Best New Year Pop-up Templates from Claspo You Can Use

17 Best New Year Pop-up Templates from Claspo You Can Use

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Claspo Blog 17 Best New Year Pop-up Templates from Claspo You Can Use

We’re zeroing in on the New Year at light speed, so it’s time to pick up a New Year pop-up to place on your website. Hello, this is Claspo, your captain for this holiday flight speaking. We’re about to enter the world of user-friendly festive pop-ups that will bring you many leads and customers this holiday season.

Our previous journeys have shown us that New Year email-gathering templates and information-sharing pop-ups are the most popular among our users. Here are 17 festive templates that our team recommends for you this holiday.

New Year Email Pop-ups from Claspo to Grab More Leads

Opt-in email-gathering pop-ups have an incredible 5.1% conversion rate. Including a special offer in the pop-up boosts its effectiveness even further. So, let’s look at our team’s top email pop-ups for New Year. 

1. Happy Fireworks

Use this template

Let’s start our list with a bang, literally. Fireworks are the signature of the New Year. This template is perfect for gathering visitors’ email addresses and has a preconfigured name field. This allows you to personalize the “Happy New Year” email templates.

It can also easily double as a pop-up for Chinese New Year. Just change the background to red, and voilà, you’ve got yourself an international pop-up. 

2. Gift Time

Use this template

New Year is a time for presents, and this template definitely covers that. It’s perfect for announcing giveaways, which have an astonishing 34% conversion rate. Naturally, you can customize it the way you want, like any other template at Claspo.

3. Christmas Garlands

Use this template

We’ve preconfigured this New Year pop-up to entice users with a timed offer. Pop-ups with timers are 2.1 times more effective than regular email pop-ups. It’s great for one-off discounts and giveaways, especially for newcomers.

4. Party Look

Use this template

This exit-intent pop-up is premade to offer a discount to visitors about to leave. It’s an effective tool for last-moment conversions. We’ve created it to remind users of the vogue masked parties to add an air of eccentricity and mystery.

5. Shiny Christmas Tree

Use this template

In contrast to the previous pop-up, this is a little floating box featuring a welcoming pine tree that invites visitors to enjoy your offer in exchange for their email address. And, honestly, who could refuse this charmer?

6. Rock Hand

Use this template

This template is for you if you plan on rocking around the Christmas tree this New Year. Your rock-listening audience will love the nod to their music genre of choice—and that is a lot of people.

7. Winter Tradition

Use this template

Here’s another more traditional New Year pop-up for you to consider. We’ve preconfigured the timer to count hours instead of days. A more specific timeframe can feel more urgent, thus slightly boosting the conversion rate.

8. Flexible Santa

Use this template

This New Year website pop-up template gathers emails not just for newsletters but also for actual pre-orders. Flexible Santa extends his giving hand to reach the farthest corners of the world to deliver your customer’s orders. They only have to share their email address to get what they desire.

9. Snowy Mood

Use this template

For a less dramatic pre-order form, we recommend this New Year pop-up. It’s a simple floating box form with a charming design featuring all your favorite winter holiday items. 

By default, it tells your customers to become the Santa for their family by pre-ordering before New Year. But you can reflavor it into something like “Entering the New Year with new items” for those after-holiday sales. Or consider something entirely different—Claspo doesn’t cramp your style. You can easily change the message or any other element of this template with our easy-to-use and intuitive builder.

10. Minimalistic Christmas Tree

Use this template

If you prefer the “less-is-more” approach to design, this New Year pop-up template is right up your alley. Spending more time crafting your message instead of fancy graphics is often beneficial. A stronger call to action on a minimalistic background has a bigger impact on the audience.

New Year Informer Pop-Ups to Simplify the Path to Conversions

If collecting contact details to send  “Happy New Year” template emails is not your current goal, you can inform visitors about an ongoing sale or offer directly on the website and easily redirect them to the appropriate pages. Informing pop-ups are perfect for this task, and we’ve gathered 7 of them here for you.

1. Snowflakes Fall

Use this template

Given the impact of timers on conversions, it’s no big secret that this floating box will motivate your customers to take advantage of your sales ASAP. It makes it especially easy with a button that leads them to a landing page or product. This box combines all these elements plus a charming winter design to attract the most visitors.

2. Santa’s Gifts

Use this template

Coupons and promo codes are an effective tactic for inviting new customers. Stats say that 80% of shoppers will buy from a new brand if offered a coupon. You can easily configure it to be shown only to new users in Claspo. So don’t lose out on these new buyers with this charming New Year pop-up.

3. Bright Night

Use this template

Sometimes, simply announcing a sale is not enough. You have to show where shoppers can find desired items exactly, and this pop-up for New Year can help you. We’ve pre-installed a clickable button into the template that can lead visitors to a special New Year landing page or a hot product you want to fly off the shelves.

4. Belief in Miracles

Use this template

Miracles come in different forms. Sometimes, they’re a New Year pop-up that perfectly ticks all the boxes for successful conversion. This pop-up grabs attention by appearing in the center of the screen and creates a sense of urgency with the timer. It also has a button to take your visitors shopping immediately. Install at your own risk; we do not take any responsibility for you running out of products too fast.

5. Time of Magic

Use this template

Speaking of miracles, this magical New Year website pop-up template informs users about ongoing sales and offers. A floating bar follows your user’s scrolling and subtly reminds them about the sale without obscuring the content. And just like magic, this combination of charming and polite design leads to increased conversions.

6. Gifts Are Waiting

Use this template

This New Year pop-up has many things going for it: a timer, a promo code, a picture at the top, and two buttons for closing. But what we find particularly exciting about this pop-up is its launcher. Its transparent background and bright text make this little buddy stand out from the crowd.

7. Starry Sky

Use this template

For our final pick, our team went with another floating bar. It’s an abstract New Year pop-up that utilizes a timer and a button. While you can customize all of Claspo’s templates to your heart’s content, this one is neutral by nature and can fit literally any occasion if you just change the text and set the timer for a different day: minimum effort maximum profit.

Turn Any Pop-up into a New Year-Themed One with Claspo

Speaking of customizability, Claspo has prepared a video to show you how to turn any template in our library into a New Year pop-up.

We recommend starting with our Christmas and winter templates, as they already lend themselves to winter themes.


We’ve gathered 17 New Year website pop-up templates that our team loves and recommends for your holiday marketing campaign. You can use them as is or easily customize them in our easy-to-navigate widget editor.

If you want to grow your email database, our New Year email pop-up templates will be right up your alley. On the other hand, if you want to inform your visitors about an ongoing sale and funnel them to an important page, informing widgets will be handy. 

Our team loves to see your creativity and unique approaches to creating pop-ups. We’ve got plenty more New Year pop-ups for you to pick from. And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can build your pop-up from scratch in no time using our widget builder and its killer features. Because it’s so easy, even a toddler could do it!

As the holiday season brings many shoppers to websites, a well-placed pop-up can reduce the chance that they leave without buying a gift. So pick up Claspo and build a pop-up to capture the holiday season’s customer flow and make long-lasting connections with your visitors.

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