How to Get Sales on Shopify: 11 Ways for Your Business

How to Get Sales on Shopify: 11 Ways for Your Business

19 October 2023 05 February ~ 11 min read
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Claspo Blog How to Get Sales on Shopify: 11 Ways for Your Business

Shopify is a prominent sales platform worth considering if you aim to establish a robust online storefront. As per Statista's data from 2021, it holds substantial popularity among American users.

Thriving on any e-commerce platform, Shopify included, requires formulating clear objectives and strategic plans. In addition, you need to utilize top-tier tools and engage highly skilled professionals. A careful review of successful Shopify stores will reveal their meticulously crafted designs and deep commitment to customer satisfaction. Every detail is planned to perfection, enhancing conversion rates and boosting sales.

This article will guide you on how to generate sales on Shopify. Here we’ll take a closer look at how you can use Claspo’s templates to get more leads on Shopify. And we want to note here that at this point, Claspo’s not fully integrated with Shopify YET, and we are working on integration to provide you with a smooth Claspo experience. 

Let's start by addressing why you should choose to sell on Shopify. 

Table of Contents

Why Is Selling on Shopify a Good Idea?

How Long Does It Take to Make Sales on Shopify?

How to Get More Sales on Shopify? 11  for Newbies

Be Brave to Get Sales on Shopify

Why Is Selling on Shopify a Good Idea?

A lot of entrepreneurs hesitate when it comes to opening a shop because they aim for perfection. However, the best approach is to start with your information and then gather customer feedback.

By selling on Shopify, you can:

  • Get an understanding of the value of your product;
  • Identify areas where you can improve to maximize your profits;
  • Gain insights into customer needs by listening to their feedback.

Having this understanding is vital for getting your Shopify sales off the ground. 

How Long Does It Take to Make Sales on Shopify?

To achieve sales on any platform, such as Shopify, investing time and effort into strategic planning is essential. Several factors influence this process:

  • Having access to customer email lists or similar data.
  • Establishing a domain name and building market authority.
  • Appealingly presenting your products.
  • Conducting market research and understanding your target audience.
  • Offering incentives to encourage users to make purchases.

Without a customer base, a deep understanding of your market and audience and appropriate pricing strategies may not meet expectations. Therefore it is crucial to gather knowledge about your target market, make decisions and dedicate significant marketing efforts toward reaching potential customers and preventing high cart abandonment rates. This includes showcasing your brand's values highlighting your selling proposition (USP), and demonstrating exceptional customer care and service.

How to Get More Sales on Shopify? 11 Advice for Newbies

The following advice are proven methods to increase your sales on Shopify. Each covers a range of strategies, including using popups, creating compelling social media marketing campaigns, optimizing SEO, personalizing the shopping experience, conducting A/B testing, promoting social proof, and more.

Advice 1. Use Popups

Popups can serve purposes on your Shopify store, enhancing engagement and boosting conversions. There are plenty of different types for plenty of occasions, and if you need some inspiration here, check our 24 popup examples to get your creativity started. 

With many Claspo ready-made templates, it’s easy to choose a template that satisfies your aims and meets the needs of your business. 

We understand that installing a script on Shopify is difficult: you need to understand the settings and add the script directly to the code. That's why we will add the Claspo app to the Shopify App Store soon. Then, if you have logged in, you can immediately install the app on your store, and the script will also be installed automatically. Next, you create your widget using the drag-and-drop editor in a few clicks.

And that’s not all! We will soon add the ability to target the Shopify audience so you can tap into a pool of potential customers who are already familiar with online shopping and are actively seeking products or services.

So, here's how to utilize popups:

Email Collection Popups

Utilize popups to collect visitor emails by offering incentives like discount codes or freebies in exchange for their email addresses. This approach helps grow your email list, which you can leverage for marketing campaigns.

Exit Intent Popups

These popups appear when a user is about to leave your store. Use them wisely by offering discounts, recommending products, or simply soliciting feedback. This could be the push a potential customer needs to make a purchase.

Promotional Popups

Use appealing and clear popups to announce sales, discounts, or special deals on your store.

Using the Claspo component Slider, you can create product cards with promotional products, group several products/promotions into one widget, and randomize the display order. It opens up the opportunity to provide everyone with offers to be displayed evenly.

In addition, Claspo offers pre-built solutions for color settings. You can simply specify your brand color and get pre-built brand assets automatically.

Cart Abandonment Popups

If a visitor tries to leave your store with items in their cart, leverage a popup to remind them of what they're leaving behind. Consider offering discounts or free shipping as incentives for them to complete the purchase.

Remember that while popups can be effective, it's crucial not to overwhelm or annoy your visitors. Always provide a way to close the popup and ensure they are mobile-friendly.

Use This Template

Claspo has advanced display rules so you can customize your widgets in detail and control who and when will see them on your site. All Claspo widgets have default display rules that statistically have the best performance. 

Advice 2. Capture Visitor Information

Gaining an understanding of your customers is crucial for boosting sales. To achieve this, it's important to gather visitor information. One effective way is utilizing tools such as Claspo popups, where you can provide something valuable like a discount or a free eBook in return for the user's contact details. Once you have this data, you can begin developing marketing strategies. This includes sending targeted emails presenting offers and running customized ad campaigns that align with the interests and behaviors of your audience.

Use This Template

Advice 3. Develop Email Campaigns

Email marketing continues to be an effective tool for connecting with and engaging your customers. According to Statista, investing one dollar in email marketing can result in a return on investment (ROI) of up to $45. However, it's not sufficient to send generic messages urging customers to make purchases. Your emails should offer content, provide helpful insights and foster a genuine relationship with your audience. To create a campaign, it's important to understand your target audience, familiarize yourself with email workflows and master the art of segmentation. Add email types into your strategy, such as welcome email reminders for abandoned shopping carts, post-purchase follow-ups, feedback collection requests, notifications about special discounts or freebies, and announcements for new product launches.

Use This Template

Advice 4. Utilize SMS and Push Notifications

SMS marketing can be an effective tool for boosting sales boasting an impressive 82% average open rate. Americans tend to check their phones 96 times throughout the day, making SMS an ideal channel to connect with them. In addition to SMS, another avenue worth exploring is web push notifications. These notifications serve as reminders about your products, updates, and special offers without needing personal information. They offer an intrusive yet still impactful approach to marketing.

Use This Template

Claspo functionality allows you to implement any business case and flexibly configure display rules for various parameters and settings over time and scrolling. You can choose not to limit the frequency of showing widgets or adjust the frequency as you wish. Moreover, when a customer tries to leave your site, offer an exit intent widget asking for an email in exchange for a bonus.

Advice 5. Craft a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media platforms are pivotal in promoting your products and connecting with customers. Platforms such as Instagram, which emphasize visuals and include shopping features, can be particularly advantageous for e-commerce businesses. The key is to produce captivating content of quality that offers value to your followers, all while maintaining a consistent posting schedule to enhance your brands visibility. Customizing your strategies for each platform is important, considering the audience demographics and content preferences they attract.

Use This Template

Advice 6. Optimize for SEO

To boost your website's visibility and potentially increase sales, it's crucial to optimize it for SEO. Shopify offers built-in SEO-friendly features, but you can take it further by incorporating a blog utilizing relevant keywords and providing high-quality content. Crafting blog posts that answer questions in your niche or offer valuable insights will improve your chances of appearing in search results and attracting more visitors to your store.


Advice 7. Run Targeted Campaigns

While free marketing tools are great, paid campaigns often yield reach and quicker results. Investing in targeted ad campaigns on platforms like Google or social media sites can be highly effective. Remember that understanding your audience is key to running an ad campaign. Utilize customer data to create relevant, engaging, and compelling ads.

Use This Template

Claspo has Geotargeting, UTM targeting, and JavaScript targeting options. Powerful targeting options based on user behavior and segmentation allow you to run any campaign you want.

Advice 8. Personalize the Shopping Experience

In the realm of e-commerce, personalization is increasingly significant. Customers value tailored shopping experiences based on their preferences. Utilize customer data to provide recommendations, showcase items related to their past views, or offer products based on their preferences. Personalization can also extend to retargeting campaigns to reach customers who abandoned their carts or have extensive wishlists.


Advice 9. Implement A/B Testing

To improve your presence, consider implementing A/B testing. This technique allows you to compare versions of your webpage, ads, or other marketing materials to see which performs better. Testing and optimizing your strategies can enhance conversion rates, boost customer engagement, and ultimately increase sales. Google Optimize is a tool that can assist you in conducting A/B tests on your Shopify store.

Claspo has built-in A/B testing, so it’s easy to test and improve your website's conversion rate and customer journey.


Advice 10. Leverage Multimedia

Another effective strategy is to leverage multimedia elements. Incorporating high-quality images, engaging text, and informative videos into your product listings can greatly enhance the shopping experience for customers. Strive to create an environment within your online shop by using professional photos, detailed product descriptions, and videos that showcase different angles or demonstrate how the products are used. This comprehensive approach provides customers with an understanding of your products and increases the likelihood of purchasing.

Use This Template

Take care of your users with innovative Claspo features – Annoyance safeguard and Overlapping protection.

When you want to show many floating widgets on your site, their displaying conditions may result in many widgets being shown one right after the other. This upsets the visitors and can annoy them. Annoyance Safeguard allows you to decrease annoyance and establish silent intervals between displaying widgets.

Overlapping protection sets display rules for when more than one widget should be displayed on a page and prevents Floating box and Floating bar widgets from overlapping.

Advice 11. Promote Social Proof

Additionally, promoting proof can have a significant impact on purchasing decisions. Encourage customers to share their reviews and experiences with your products. Display these testimonials prominently on your website, product pages, and marketing materials. Social proof not boosts credibility but also offers real-life insights into the benefits of your products. This makes them more relatable and appealing to buyers.


Remember to use Video popups. 81% of marketers report that they see the positive impact of videos on sales, so Claspo offers to create promo videos for your products to increase conversion rate.

Be Brave to Get Sales on Shopify

To increase sales on Shopify, you must have a thought-out plan, a deep understanding of your target audience, and the effective use of various tools and techniques. This involves capturing customers' attention through channels like popups, email marketing, SMS, push notifications, and social media platforms. Optimizing SEO, running campaigns, and personalizing the shopping experience all play a crucial role in improving your store's visibility and engaging users. By implementing A/B testing methods, you can optimize your strategies while incorporating multimedia elements and showcasing proof can greatly enhance the overall shopping experience for customers. Each piece of advice requires planning and execution, but when done effectively, they can significantly boost your sales on Shopify.

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Flora Hile 2 months ago

Feeling good to finally have a good breakdown on how to increase sales on shopify. Sometimes I feel like I just don't know enough and it's cool that now I can read something practical and not theoretical. Now it's just about starting to use these great tips and improve my sales!!!

Catherine Muller 3 months ago

Just stumbled upon this Shopify sales guide because I been wandering how to get more sales on shopify. Last few months mine are decreasing but I found some good techniques on how to change it. These tips on popups integration and gathering info are genius. Now I'm motivated to work even more!

Ronald Vogt 3 months ago

This article must be a bookmark for anyone who wants to know how to make sales on Shopify! The advice on using popups for email collection, capturing visitor info, and running targeted campaigns is pure gold. Can't wait to try them!

Stephen Garner 4 months ago

I'm all about that guide on how to get more sales on Shopify, especially digging the tip about optimizing product listings. You gotta make those goodies shine like a diamond in the rough, right?

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