17 Best Christmas Pop-up Templates from Claspo

17 Best Christmas Pop-up Templates from Claspo

26 December 2023 27 March ~ 10 min read 1629 views
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Claspo Blog 17 Best Christmas Pop-up Templates from Claspo

Christmas is right around the corner.  During this period, people all over the world will spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars. If you want to maximize your profits during the holiday season, website pop-ups can help. Websites with pop-ups are 4 times more likely to convert users than those without this tech, so it’s safe to say Christmas pop-ups are a must.

In this article, we’ve gathered the 17 best Christmas-themed pop-up templates for your website that are the most popular among Claspo users. Use them wisely and see your conversions grow.

Top Email Form Christmas Pop-ups

Christmas pop-up templates gathering emails can create many leads for future sales. With this in mind, let’s look at the email and newsletter pop-ups our team recommends.

1. Green Tale

Use this template

This festive pop-up helps you to promote giveaways while gathering emails for future use. You can collect contact info with this template to send a Christmas newsletter with giveaways and other promotions to ensure future engagement.

Giveaways are by far the most effective type of website content at converting, boasting a staggering 34% conversion rate. A pop-up that blocks all content and offers a chance to win prizes, like this one, is guaranteed to garner many leads.

2. Bright Forest

Use this template

Pop-ups with countdown timers more than double the conversion rate of websites. And this Christmas template for email gathering already has one pre-configured. Everybody loves discounts, so this Christmas website pop-up template will definitely help you expand your mailing list.

3. Magic is Coming

Use this template

If you want to promote your offer without eating all the precious screen space, this adorable little floating box might be your choice. It’s perfect for gathering data without taking up too much space. Also, this little website pop-up template says “Merry Christmas”. Doesn’t it just scream “adorable”?

4. Stylish Vibe

Use this template

This is a more artsy Christmas pop-up. It certainly has its own character, with a fancy font for its headline and timer and an ostentatious golden reindeer on its launcher. If you don’t like the chic and pomp of this template, you can easily edit it in Claspo’s intuitive editor to have a cozy and minimalistic pop-up with a pre-configured timer.

5. Taste of Winter

Use this template

This template is celebration-agnostic. Instead, it goes for a general festive winter vibe. Perfect for audiences that do not celebrate Christmas or for after-Christmas sales. This one also features a pre-configured timer.

6. Forest Holiday

Use this template

This Christmas floating bar template features a picture of two cute reindeer with pine trees and gift boxes. Its gentle mint background will fit businesses that want to induce a sense of calmness and relaxation, like a spa or a yoga studio.

7. Winter Magic

Use this template

If you’re looking for a way to gather emails for Christmas newsletters, this template with a floral theme can fit many websites. It’s another minimalistic pop-up template that will work for any business.

Best Informing Christmas Widget Templates

Unlike email widgets, informing pop-ups can give users an offer (they can’t refuse), tell them about an ongoing sale, and quickly redirect them to your promotion, making their journey shorter and more pleasant. 

And since they require fewer clicks and less commitment, they have a higher chance for immediate conversion. Some users are just browsing. Others are comparing different stores. A well-placed pop-up with a juicy deal might push them over from a simple guest to a paying customer.

Let’s have a look at the informing Christmas pop-ups our team chose.

1. Snowy Holiday

Use this template

This little floating box is all about gifting. The presents on this Christmas website pop-up template inspire customers to offer gifts to their family and friends, and a pre-configured timer for a healthy dose of FOMO encourages them to buy now.

2. Holiday Spruce

Use this template

Do you want to spruce up your Christmas sale? We can help you, literally, with this Christmas-themed floating box website template. 

It features a minimalistic, pleasant-to-the-eye design with a light festive tinge. Perfect for attracting your users’ attention and informing them about an ongoing sale or promotion without distracting them from browsing.

3. Red Berry

Use this template

Here is another berry good Christmas floating box website template with a nice and minimalistic design to promote your winter sale. It also features not one but two pre-configured jiggly launchers. They’re great for attracting attention and allow users to close the floating box and return to it whenever they feel like it.

4. Santa's Smile

Use this template

This Christmas-themed floating bar will surely bring smiles to your customers’ faces. It has everything you need in a good Christmas pop-up: information about a sale, a little timer, and Santa’s charming smile on the launcher. What more does a bar need to enthrall a customer?

5. Red Mood

Use this template

This floating bar Christmas pop-up template features a beautiful shot of a red toy and pine branch on a pastel red background. And if you’re not a fan of red or Christmas toys, you can easily change it to any solid color or picture from the built-in photo stock in our editor. 

6. Colorful Toys

Use this template

Invoke holiday cheer with this Christmas-themed floating box template. It features a load of toys and a configurable color scheme. This eye-catching box reminds customers that Christmas is the season of giving and your shop is the best place for purchasing gifts. 

Top Christmas Pop-ups for Other Goals

Email-gathering and informing pop-ups are the most popular. However, our users have done wonders by customizing templates intended for other use cases. That’s why we want to give you some more options to choose from.

1. Busy Santa

Use this template

Preorders are an excellent strategy for measuring the demand for your product and acquiring some initial sales. Plus, it ensures that preordering users are first in line for products they desperately want. 

This floating box is made specifically for that. If you want to give your customers something special these holidays, this Christmas-themed template will be perfect. 

2. X-mas

Use this template

This Christmas floating box template also collects preorders. This one is extra special, as it gathers not just emails but also phone numbers, letting you contact them via different channels. Plus, the dapper snowman is definitely a big seller for us.

3. Polar Bear

Use this template

Exit intent pop-ups are a mighty tool that can save more than 10% of your leaving customers. This Christmas pop-up can help your last-ditch efforts to retain the customer. You have to agree that nobody can refuse a cute-looking bear with presents. He is literally bearing presents.

4. Fluffy Spruce

Use this template

Here is another spruce Christmas pop-up template, this time for exit intent. It offers a last-minute discount. It’s a great way to hold your customers—over two-thirds of customers are willing to purchase something they weren’t planning to buy if they find a discount or coupon

Pair this with how powerful exit intent pop-ups are; you’re sure to get plenty of additional customers.

How to Turn Any Template into a Christmas-Themed Pop-Up

The beauty of Claspo templates is that they are easily customizable with our easy and intuitive editor. Here’s a short video for turning any template into a Christmas pop-up.

If you’re in a hurry, adapting our New Year and winter templates for Christmas celebrations is especially easy.


Choosing between different Christmas pop-up templates is a matter of personal preference and aligning with your company's style. There's no one-size-fits-all solution; it's all about finding what resonates with you and your audience.

If you want to grow your email list and foster long-lasting relationships with customers, Christmas pop-ups focused on gathering emails can be a fantastic addition. On the flip side, informative pop-ups are excellent for guiding buyers toward discounted products, especially when you're looking to swiftly sell your Christmas gifts.

And if these templates didn't quite hit the mark, don’t worry! We've got a treasure trove of Christmas-themed pop-ups waiting for you. Choose from our extensive collection of hundreds of templates and tailor them effortlessly with our user-friendly editor – no coding skills required!

As the holiday season brings a surge of online shoppers, Claspo's Christmas website pop-up templates are your secret weapon to attract visitors and convert them into leads and loyal customers. Let's turn those holiday visitors into lasting connections!

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