10 Digital Acquisition Strategies

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Claspo Blog 10 Digital Acquisition Strategies

Have you heard about client acquisition? We think you had since it is not possible to omit this topic even when, in practice, many don't do that. Digital acquisition is happening via the internet; obviously, as many totally switched to online communication with the pandemic. It is not the restriction per se. It is the new way of life that we face. 

But still, the most successful leaders have found their way to build businesses and create superb products with a digital acquisition strategy. Everything they and you need for your business is right in front of you, so you just have to reach out and grab it, metaphorically, to speak. 

However, many still neglect the necessity of creating a strategy to promote the brand and achieve new customer acquisitions. This is rather a pointless move to spend money on digital campaigns without learning everything possible about your target audience and your capabilities, right? 

Let's see how you can dive into the client acquisition process without harming your business or budget. 

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What Is Digital Acquisition?

What is digital acquisition? Client acquisition is the process of finding and interacting with a new audience, which is carried out both online and offline to make them place an order on your website. Classic digital customer acquisition tactics include online social media campaigns, newsletters, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), display advertising, and search engine marketing.

Each person you reach can turn into a lead. And once you turn a person into a lead with the help of acquisition digital marketing, you'll see that person again and again as your loyal customer. It requires a top-notch strategy but is surely worth your every move.  

Customer acquisition online induces visitors to turn into your customers. Thus you need to know and use the strategy that will work best for your target audience and implement it. As we said before, it can be anything that can be a medium for your campaign: emails, pop-ups, social media marketing, etc. 

You need to check them once in a while and see the performance of your moves to fix them or change them if it is not working as expected. 

10 Digital Acquisition Strategies to Follow

There are plenty of digital customer acquisition strategies that you can follow, but you need to do it with a cold heart and steel mind. The most popular tactics are usually focused on email marketing, social media marketing, influence marketing, and SEO. These are just tools that you use to talk with your audience. And based on this, we must tell you that the key step to any marketing strategy is to learn your audience and customers as you learn yourself. If you can't predict the moves of your clients, you don't know them, and there are no guarantees that the strategy will work. 

When you know what your customers like, what they don't like, and their beliefs, dreams, and triggers, then you can pick the way you will interact with them and via which channel. 

1. Know Your Customer As You Know Yourself

You need to understand who you have to work with and who you sell to. To save the campaign budget and to spend your money wisely on development and promotion, you have to focus it on your target audience. As soon as you determine the needs of your customers and why they should interact with you, you'll understand how to use your budget wisely and which channels will work best. 

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The knowledge of the target audience helps to prepare a unique selling proposition that will make you more visible contrary to other companies in the market. It will also reduce advertising costs as you'll know where to look for clients. Such information will also increase loyalty if your content solves the users' needs.

2. Choose Relevant Channels

Customer acquisition online doesn't mean that you have to be present on each and every channel. You have to be present only there, where your target audience is. Sometimes it seems that you have to be present on every social media platform that is there, but that's not true. Just be there, where you need to be. We know that this is the idea we repeat over and over again, but this is extremely important. 

If done wrong, you'll lose your resources like time and money that you could invest in other channels and get the desired profit. Ambition is good, but not in this case. 

For example, if you want to promote your service-based business about art, you probably, won't have lots of success if you write plenty of blog posts. In this case, you should try to create small videos for visual-based platforms like Instagram or TikTok. 

If you struggle with picking the channels for promotion, ask your loyal users via the survey what channels they use the most. You can create it with the help of pop-up windows that we here at Claspo just adore. Or you can send out a small survey to customers' emails. 

3. Work On Your Content

Content is one of the most important things when it comes to client acquisition and more. It helps your audience to stick with your brand and keep coming back for more. It still shouldn't be content that you spit out like crazy without thinking about its quality, but a thorough text that solves issues of users, like this text, for example. 

Also, one of the biggest mistakes that many newcomers make is that they simply place the same content on all platforms. It is no surprise that each channel has either the same people or different people. In any case, it means that content should be different for a client acquisition process. If you have similar followers on several platforms, then why would they follow you everywhere if you post the same content? And if you have a different audience on different platforms, that means that they have different needs. For example, Instagram is a rather visual platform, whereas Facebook is about texts and senses. 

A team of creatives or content managers can help you solve these issues and achieve the best results in digital acquisition marketing. 

4. Strategic Variety

It's good if you post different content on different platforms, but you need to do more if you want to be successful with your digital acquisition strategy. Create different visuals for your information, place different information on a different platform, share different surveys, be interactive, and repost the latest news from your niche and industry. 

Ask your workers, even those who are not on the content creation or management team, what they think about your content and whether they have something to offer. Who knows, some of them might be the ones who have great ideas or skills to create some special posts from the specialist. 

5. Revise Old Content

One of the things that many marketers and content managers forget about during the creation of a customer acquisition plan is that there are some posts that already exist. We are sure you have old posts that are still relevant but need some addition and revision based on your strategy. 

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Update outdated information, place some new cases, refresh old statistics, and you are ready to post the content that is still relevant. 

6. Related Keywords

SEO is a super important and highly used tool when acquisition of digital marketing is on the table. This approach always brings results and boosts organic traffic with the help of related keywords. It is no secret that people use specific words to find specific items on the internet. You and your team should predict that and use those words in your content. This is how people and potential clients will find your business. 

Use not only specific words but also words that suggest a niche. For example, the keywords for this text are client acquisition, digital acquisition, online customer acquisition, etc. This means that you and other people who are interested in this topic will find this text that helps to upgrade the marketing of your business. You've typed in these words, right? 

7. Don’t Forget About Cross-marketing

You can find your partner with a similar audience but from another niche to work on your new customer acquisition. The final goal is to reach new people that share your values and have a need for your products or services with the help of a new person.

And it's not the only you who get an advantage of such action. The other person also dives into the client acquisition process. 

You can both promote the campaign, whether splitting the budget in half or running different ones and see which works best. 

8. Co-branding and Collaboration

This digital acquisition strategy works by the rules of the previous idea but requires additional work. In this case, you should not promote each other but create a mutual product, service, or project. So when you share a similar audience, you'll swap it, and each of you will have the audience of each other. Of course, don't forget that you shouldn't pair with your competitor. 

Be beneficial to each other and share your audience. 

9. Affiliate Programs

Sometimes you need others to succeed in your acquisition of digital marketing. And those others are the ones with a decent amount of followers who might be your target audience. 

Partner up with bloggers or famous people who do commercials on their blogs. They can promote your business for money or for your product or service. To make sure you get new clients exactly from that influencer, you should provide a unique referral link that will bring people to your website from the blogger's recommendation. Bedsides, the influencer also can get money from partnering with affiliate programs. 

Provide an influencer with a related script, integrating your product or service into his or her life. You should create a vision that the influencer user your items. 

10. Analyse Data

Getting and analyzing data is everything when it comes to client acquisition. You have to know what works for your business and what doesn't. Take notes on which channels work best and which don't work at all. Without this step, all your digital acquisition strategy is worth nothing as you don't do anything to fix campaigns that haven't worked. 


The best customer acquisition plan consists of deep information about your customers and thoughtful, creative, unique content that you create regularly. All your campaigns and content should be aligned with your brand, which includes tone of voice and visual guides. 

If done right, you'll get organic traffic and loyal followers as well as customers that will be ready to support your brand all the time.

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