Average Bounce Rates by Industry: Statistics for Websites and Emails in 2023

Average Bounce Rates by Industry: Statistics for Websites and Emails in 2023

27 October 2023 03 November 2023 ~ 8 min read 4081 views
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Claspo Blog Average Bounce Rates by Industry: Statistics for Websites and Emails in 2023

Website and email bounce rates are important metrics for marketers and business owners. They allow you to evaluate your digital strategy's overall success and identify areas for improvement. But how do you know when these improvements are really needed? A simple and proven way is to study bounce rate benchmarks by industry to understand what exactly is considered the norm now. In this article, you will find all the necessary information.

General Bounce Rate Statistics


First, you must know that all websites and email campaigns have a specific bounce rate. So, this metric shouldn't scare you when it appears in Google Analytics or your ESP. Your task is to regularly monitor and analyze it to understand whether it deviates from the accepted standards (that is, benchmarks). To simplify your task, we have collected the 2023 email and website statistics bounce rate for you:

  • 26% - 40% is the bounce rate that websites should strive for. If Google Analytics shows you this range, you can be sure your website already outperforms most competitors. However, this benchmark is still elusive.
  • Although the industry standard bounce rate can vary significantly (as you'll see below), 41% - 55% is still an average for most websites. 
  • According to current bounce rate statistics, 70% or more is the first alarm bell. Still, there is no reason to panic if your website is dedicated to blogs, news, or events. Users often visit such websites to obtain specific information quickly. Once they find it, they leave.
  • If your bounce rate exceeds 90%, this goes beyond industry standard website bounce rates and may actually indicate specific problems such as poor quality of your content, slow page loading speeds, and so on.
  • The bounce rate of 2% today is considered ideal for automated and triggered email campaigns, regardless of industry.
  • Once your email bounce rate falls between 2% and 5%, it's a cause for concern.
  • And if your email bounce rate exceeds 5%, it signals problems with your current mailing list or your methods of building it.

Statistics On Bounce Rate By Industry


While the above statistics are valuable, they still provide a more superficial understanding of acceptable bounce rates. Meanwhile, the average website bounce rate by industry allows you to compare this metric with that of potential, indirect, or direct competitors.


Bounce rate averages industry







Business and Finance








Real estate


As you can see, the website bounce rate by industry can differ more than two times. The structure of websites may explain this difference in some way. So, real estate websites often include many property pages; users should explore at least a few to compare options. In contrast, travel sites may offer travel reviews collected on one page. Thus, once users receive the information they are looking for, there is no much sense in moving to other pages.

Regardless of your industry benchmark bounce rate, you can influence the behavior of visitors and motivate them to stay on your website longer. A detailed list of proven tips awaits you in our other article. But the easiest way is to offer relevant and compelling information using Claspo pop-ups. For example, if travelers came to your site just to read a hotel review, the pop-up could contain text like, “Great choice! There are several similar hotels nearby,” and redirect them to appropriate pages. Another example is that shoppers found your ecommerce platform using the search query “sports shoes.” When they enter the homepage, they can see a pop-up with your special offer on sports shoes and easily go to the product page. With Claspo pop-ups, you can comply with the industry standard bounce rate and even show better results!

Make your website truly engaging with Claspo pop-ups

“We are used to focusing on industry bounce rate benchmarks, but in fact, these benchmarks themselves are far from the norm. Think about it: you spend time and money attracting quality traffic to your website, but on average, 50% of it leaves within seconds. Just count the losses and think about how long businesses can exist with such losses. A common problem across all industries is that companies are too obsessed with driving traffic through ads and keywords but pay too little attention to the content that converts. If we think through the content strategy and user journey before luring the visitors to the site, frightening bounce rates of 50%-70% will no longer be the so-called norm.” 

Nikita Korchevskyi, CEO of Claspo.

Industry Bounce Rates for Email


Email benchmark bounce rate by industry is often based on reports from different email service providers. To determine it, they study and analyze the sent campaigns of their customers. In this regard, the email bounce rate as an industry standard may differ depending on the considered ESP report. However, most of them confirm that email bounce rates in the real world significantly exceed the stated norms. Take, for example, the current report for 2023 from Constant Contact:


Average email bounce rate

Legal Services


Manufacturing and Distribution


Real Estate


Personal Care


Administrative and Business Support


Health and Wellness




Financial Services




Travel and Tourism


Based on this report, email bounce rates are worrying across all industries. The reasons for such alarming indicators may differ and may not always depend on you.

However, the first and most important thing you can do is to abandon purchased email lists forever. First, this method of obtaining data violates user privacy. Equally important, these lists often include spam traps - email addresses that actual recipients do not use. By sending emails to such addresses, you risk increasing your bounce rate and being labeled a spammer.

The fairest and most effective alternative is to collect emails through subscription forms on your website. In this case, subscribing to your newsletter is a voluntary choice of prospects, and therefore, they provide their valid email addresses.

Claspo offers a variety of ready-made templates for collecting email addresses, each of which can be easily customized to suit your needs.

See all templates

In our editor, you can add a consent checkbox or data processing component to your pop-up. This way, you remain honest with your audience, comply with GDPR requirements, and protect yourself from increased email bounce rates in the future.


With you in mind, Claspo also corrects misspellings of all popular email domains before they are added to your mailing list. This way, all interested prospects receive your newsletters, and the deliverability of your emails improves.

Use Claspo pop-ups to build a reliable mailing list quickly

How to Improve Bounce Rate with Claspo


Although website bounce rates by industry differ, several common problems still cause visitors to leave immediately. The good news is that Claspo can help you deal with some of them, no matter your industry:

Irrelevant Content

Promoting your website creates certain expectations among your audience about what content they can find there. If these expectations do not match reality, visitors bounce. In particular, 61% of visitors leave a website if they do not find the product or information they are interested in within 5 seconds. With Claspo's UTM parameters, you can deliver a personalized message depending on what brought visitors to your site. Let's look at a few examples.

  • You announce the release of a new product on your Facebook account. By specifying Facebook as UTM media in your pop-up settings, you can show it only to those visitors who came to the site from this social media. This pop-up can quickly redirect them to a new product page or invite them to pre-order.
  • You promote your website with Google Ads using the keyword "free guide for marketers." When setting up your pop-up, specify the keyword as a UTM term, display it to those visitors who came to the site through a particular PPC ad, and invite them to read this guide or receive it in exchange for their contact information.

In both cases, customers receive the promised content as soon as they click on your website. They don't have to waste time searching for the information they came to you for. As a result, there is no point in them bouncing because you met their expectations and did not just lure them to the site.


Unengaging Experience

Regardless of why the audience came to your website initially, your goal is to engage and retain them. Claspo allows you to do this in different ways:

  • You can show them a pop-up with your welcome offer, be it a discount on their first purchase or a gift for signing up in the first seconds on the site. In addition to keeping their attention, it also encourages them to buy. In particular, 80% are ready to buy from a brand that is new to them if it has a favorable offer.
  • You can take visitors on a journey through different website pages using redirect pop-ups. For example, if they came to a particular blog article, a pop-up could offer them a look at similar content and take them to the right pages.
  • Alternatively, you can set up your pop-up to display to visitors who intend to leave your website. If your last-second offer is attractive, it can improve not just your bounce rate but also your conversions by up to 10%.

All this is possible thanks to Claspo's advanced display rules. Find out how much time visitors spend on the site before bouncing and show your pop-up during this period. You can also place your pop-ups only on pages with the highest bounce rate to prevent premature exit. Finally, you can easily turn any of your pop-ups into an exit-intent pop-up with just one click in the settings.


Other Problems that Increase Bounce Rate

Factors that negatively impact your website's bounce rate also include slow page loading speeds and poor mobile optimization. According to statistics, 47% of visitors bounce if a website loads longer than two seconds, and more than 70% choose only mobile-friendly websites.

If one of the above points is your concern, Claspo gets it covered. First of all, our pop-ups are responsive to the mobile version, and you can always test their appearance and functionality on a mobile screen before publishing. In addition, pop-up scripts show a performance level of 100 on Google PageSpeed Insights, which means embedding them into your website will not in any way worsen its loading speed!


Lower your bounce rate ASAP with Claspo pop-ups

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