10 Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List in 2023

10 Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List in 2023

25 February 2022 21 March 2023 ~ 13 min read 4796 views
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Claspo Blog 10 Effective Ways to Grow Your Email List in 2023

Growing your email list is often considered a top priority for marketers. Every marketer asks themselves where they can get email addresses to send out the campaigns and other materials. 

The following ways will help you grow your subscriber base using different approaches:

  1. Create Unique Content
  2. Promote on Social Networks
  3. Create Videos
  4. Provide Bonus Content
  5. Conduct Webinars
  6. Conduct Giveaways
  7. Offer Coupons, Discounts, Free Shipping, etc.
  8. Ask for Feedback
  9. Partner up with Bloggers and Other Media Influencers
  10. Add Social Proof

Let’s see how to grow your email list with these tips.

Create Unique Content

It is crucial to create unique content if you want people to read your emails and stick with your brand, thus growing your email list. No one will keep reading or purchasing from someone who creates boring content. 

If you feel like you don’t have enough expertise in creating superb and interesting materials for your audience, you should hire a content creator. Such specialists learn everything about your audience, walk a mile in their shoes, and understand what exactly is important for them. And this information creates the feeling of deep understanding and connection between your brand and your audience.

Besides, your content creators and you have to follow current trends to understand what people are talking about nowadays. Make sure that your content is relative to your business. Don’t write about teeth hygiene if you sell foot cream.

Promote on Social Networks

Growing your email subscriber list, bond with your audience via social networks. We are talking about all kinds of networks, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Place your content and brand name everywhere where your audience can hang around.

With the right tools, you can create an audience that represents your brand without your actions. This is possible when you bond with them, showing that you share their beliefs and interests. It became easier with the appearance of social networks as you can post content any time you want, depending on what you have to say. Basically, you have a chair to talk about things that are important for your brand, looking for people who share your views.

Create Videos

Videos are a powerful tool if done right. You can create a dynamic campaign that will capture the attention of your audience from the first second to the last. It is an art itself to shoot such a video, so we recommend you to hire a professional team that will help you write the creative scenario and film the video as it will stand out from the rest of your competitors.

However, if you want to constantly create videos with different scenarios, you can hire a content creator who knows their way around TikTok, Reels or Shorts. Such videos are highly interactive and short, which means that most people will watch them until the end. But don’t forget about the basic rules of business videos, such as placing your logo and brand style that the user can see during most of the video. Show your strengths and focus on why the audience should pick you over your competitors.

Provide Bonus Content 

There’s nothing better than some bonus content that is available only for a small number of people. You can always create something special that is only accessible for your subscribers. And don’t be ashamed of talking about it constantly. Voice your intentions and show what you can offer to your loyal audience.

The content, however, should be superb indeed. Learn your audience and see what is important for them.

You can offer people to check the templates that will help them with their business if you run some kind of business-oriented service. The main idea here is to create content that is relative to your business.

Here you can ask for an email as a way to communicate with your customer. You can also additionally ask for permission to send extra materials that will be helpful for the customer. And, of course, it should be relative to your brand.


Bonus Content Pop Up Example.png

Conduct Webinars

Another powerful tool that will help you communicate with your audience on a particular topic. This is the perfect option for those who create info products such as educational schools, masterclasses, courses, etc.

Besides, you can find new like-minded people who will be ready to follow your brand around. This is extremely crucial as such people will be your ambassadors and share your mission and beliefs among their friends, family, co-workers, etc. A good status is always great as you get new followers without actually doing things.

Set the topic related to your services and products. Apart from getting the actual email address, you can build a funnel that will bring people to your brand who are willing to pay you money for your services or products.

Webinar Pop Up Example.png

Conduct Giveaways

People love free things. Anything, really. There is always someone who would like a free book or a free one-hour session with the person from your team. So you can conduct giveaways in exchange for their info for growing an email list.

Don’t hesitate to show your giveaway here and there. Lots of people love freebies, and even more, are ready to leave their emails. But make sure that your prize is something relative to your business. For example, if you run a vinyl store, then give away one of your vinyl. If you run a small marketing services business, then create a strategy for your winner.

It’s a great chance to acquaint your future customer with your products or services and get an email that will be the communication medium in the future. You don’t have to give away precious things that will cost you lots of money, but you can give something that doesn’t cost you much.

Giveaways Pop Up Example.png

Offer Coupons, Discounts, Free Shipping, and more

That’s another tool that can bring your new email leads in exchange for something free. You can always offer to subscribe to your list in exchange for a coupon, discount code, free shipping code, etc. This works like magic as people see the actual profit, and these items are worth enough, so the person leaves the email for you.

Make sure to offer worthy discounts or presents as 50 cents off will not bring you new people. But you can try different variants of such promotions to find the best that balances between your and customers’ profit.

Who wouldn’t leave the email to get a nice discount that will save up a coin? Besides, a coupon is an extra chance that the customer will come back to get something new. So don’t think twice about this approach as you get both an email and an extra order.

Offer Pop Up Example.png

Ask For Feedback

It is always human-like to ask for feedback. You can’t do everything great even if you think so. But an opinion from your follower and customer might help you be better, which will bring you new customers, in the future.

More than that, to get the feedback, you can ask the respondents to leave their emails as they leave their opinion. Notify them that they will get a special letter from you. Besides, you can add a freebie to cheer them up.

Also, make sure to work with the received feedback. If you just simply perform such a campaign to get emails and don’t change anything, people will notice it and will have less trust towards your brand.

Don’t forget to get an email address even when you ask to leave feedback. Never miss a chance to broaden your customers’ list. So, ask the user to rate the service and ask for their email, so you can contact them if necessary.

Partner up With Bloggers and Other Media Influencers

Provide your media friends with microphones that will help them talk about your brand, offering cool things that you will give to new customers. Bloggers and media influencers are part of new powerful marketing tools that show great results if you partner with a relative person. We recommend you to pick the person based on your brand and not on your personal liking.

If you sell books or run a prepaid book club, make sure to hire a book blogger and not a fitness model. The secret is that they have a huge audience based on their content. And if your content matches, you can be sure to get new subscribers and followers that will actually enjoy your product.

Add Social Proof

If you want to make people sign up for your newsletter, show them what other people think about your content. There is nothing that works best than good reviews. Of course, you have to work hard to earn such reviews, but it is totally worth it.

Ask people to write some words about your work and the content that you provide them via emails. Let them write anything they want, even if there’s something that shows you from not your favorite side. Let them say it. 

People, who see what exactly you give others and how happy they are about this, will subscribe to your newsletter and leave you their emails.

Be Sincere and Upfront with your Audience

There are plenty of ideas and ways on how to grow your email list. The only important thing is to be sincere with your readers, followers, and clients. As everyone talks about authenticity, people want the same from their favorite brands. This means that if you collect emails, notify people that you want to create a clients’ base that will help you provide them with interesting and beneficial content. It might include coupons, offers, free shipping, good content, news, or anything really that you won’t send to everyone on your website. Create a VIP club where your loyal clients purchase your goods or services constantly, or from time to time get valuable information just for being loyal.

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