7 Brilliant Quiz Funnel Creations: Your Guide with Examples

7 Brilliant Quiz Funnel Creations: Your Guide with Examples

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Claspo Blog 7 Brilliant Quiz Funnel Creations: Your Guide with Examples

Assume you want to collect more valuable data from your visitors but realize that adding extra input forms may reduce your conversion rate.  

Is this to say that generating more leads and having more data are mutually exclusive? No, not always.

A quiz funnel allows you to acquire essential information about your consumers in an engaging way. You will not only create leads and gather email addresses but also learn about your future clients' preferences, worries, and habits. A quiz funnel is widely used to drive users to goods that meet their needs.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about a quiz funnel, show you sales funnel examples, and explain how to use it to generate more quality leads for your company.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is a Marketing Funnel?
  2. What Is a Quiz Funnel?
  3. Benefits of a Quiz Marketing Funnel
  4. How to Create a Marketing Quiz Funnel?
  5. 7 Successful Quiz Funnel Examples You Can Try
  6. Unlock the Power of Quizzes With Quiz Funnels

What Is a Marketing Funnel?

Before we go into quiz funnels, first, you need to know what a marketing funnel is.

Marketing funnels’ purpose is to guide potential customers through the customer purchasing experience, from the moment they become curious about your product or service to the time they decide to purchase. 

The funnel filters out all potential consumers as they go through the purchasing path. Thus, if 100 people visit your website, it indicates that only some of them will become your clients. 

Notice how that corresponds to the structure of a funnel? The more people you put at the top of your funnel (the broader your awareness), the more people tend to make it to the bottom.

Remember, your aim here is to eventually create a sale, which you achieve by sending them a series of marketing emails after they are on your list of potential customers.

What Is a Quiz Funnel?

A quiz funnel is a marketing approach that employs quizzes to connect and interact with prospective customers, gather leads, and route them through a sales funnel. It is intended to entertain and connect with users while capturing vital information about their preferences, requirements, and pain areas.

A quiz funnel differs from a regular marketing funnel in several ways. Rather than offering a free PDF or video at the beginning of the funnel, you would direct customers to a quiz. This quiz would require individuals to answer questions and provide their contact information to see the results.

Marketing funnel strategies

The marketing funnel functions as a whole. This implies that for the journey to be successful, each segment should function flawlessly. Many things help to decrease friction in their marketing funnel. As an example:

  • Awareness. Branded content techniques entice consumers and make them open to further encounters.
  • Consideration. Supporters of your brand and social proof help buyers compare you to the competition.
  • Conversion. A streamlined purchase procedure decreases purchasing risk.
  • Loyalty. A loyalty program that includes frequent discounts, email conversations, and social media keeps customers coming back.
  • Advocacy. Receptive members of your loyalty program help to support your future marketing funnels.

A quiz funnel also allows you to display customized results and material based on how your visitor answers specific questions.

You can also use a quiz to segment your leads based on their scores. This means they'll receive personalized emails after the quiz that are useful and unique to them.

Benefits of a Quiz Marketing Funnel

Including an online quiz marketing funnel in your conversion funnel has various advantages.

Lower cost per lead

Quizzes are more interesting and entertaining than traditional marketing forms. Thus, more people complete them. This results in higher conversion rates than the standard marketing form, where they enter their name and email address and then wait for the lead magnet to arrive in their inbox.

Segment effectively

The information you gather includes people's needs, concerns, and preferences. With all of this, you will be able to examine what your potential clients want, allowing you to innovate and enhance your product lines before even beginning to pitch to every single subscriber on your list. This will result in increased conversion rates because you will be able to rapidly determine what they want.

You become more valued in your customers’ eyes since you can offer them what they want without pressuring them to! This makes marketing to them easier and more enjoyable, which immediately translates to increased sales, money, and, eventually, growth for your company.

Improve your service to your ideal prospects

With all of the data at your disposal, you can focus on the "right" individuals and provide them with what they want and require. You can devote your attention, money, and time to doing everything possible for those who are genuinely interested in your product/service. People will become loyal fans if you offer them what they desire.

Increases interest in your sales

Through connection with your potential consumer, you can provide them with a rapid and cost-effective approach to engage with your company. It personalizes the encounter by allowing you to provide your potential customer with a product recommendation that immediately connects with them because you already have the information. This will most likely thrill the customer and give them the "high" they need to buy from you sooner rather than later! This will almost certainly increase our sales conversion.

Create personal connections

Because you already know a lot about your subscribers before formally welcoming them to your mailing list, quiz funnels allow you to create personal connections with them! People will want to know more about what you're selling since you have already established a particular emotional connection.

Last but not least, quiz funnels allow you, as the business owner, to adjust your strategy according to your needs. This is because you can see the results immediately and make the appropriate modifications at any time.

How to Create a Marketing Quiz Funnel?

You can use this as a starting point to design a quiz funnel for your business now that you've grasped the multiple benefits of quiz funnels.

A quiz funnel is divided into five pieces:

  • Landing page;
  • Quiz questions;
  • Results;
  • Call to action;
  • Follow up.

No matter how technically great your quiz funnel is, it will not provide positive results without these. No traffic implies no one will respond to your quiz, which means no leads.

1. Landing page

The landing page for your quiz is critical since it is how you will persuade more people to take it. 

Your quiz landing page should have the following elements:

  • Use clear, enticing language and a prominent call-to-action button to entice your visitor.
  • Select high-quality images and include social proof to establish confidence.
  • Make a promise that informs your guest of the areas in which they are likely to improve.

Make sure your landing page meets all three of these criteria if you want more leads. Some quiz-creating platforms, such as ScoreApp, include quiz landing page templates that you can quickly alter without any code. Furthermore, every landing page checks for all of the conditions mentioned above.

2. Quiz questions

In the quiz funnel process, the second stage involves presenting a series of questions that leads must answer to obtain their personalized score. Here are some tips to help you begin:

  • Use a variety of queries. Pose a variety of straightforward and thought-provoking questions. This will keep your visitor interested in your quiz and sharp until the conclusion.
  • Use simple wording. Use basic language and eliminate jargon so that your guest can respond quickly and without becoming bored.
  • Ask any questions you have. Be mindful of how many questions you ask, and keep in mind that if the quiz is short (10–20 questions), more people will complete it.
  • Make it simple. Use multiple-choice questions that are simple to answer.

3. Results page

After completing the quiz, visitors can view their scores. Some quizzes software merely allow you to see "the score" while others give your lead a detailed analysis of their performance in important categories. Here are some tips for your results page:

  • Rather than simply "giving people their quiz score", explain why they scored that way and what it implies for them.
  • Show your leads an overview of their responses or themes so you may provide precise comments.
  • Give something of worth. Provide advice, coaching, and assistance so your leads may improve their score and get greater outcomes in the future.
  • A quiz funnel's results page is likely the finest material you could provide viewers.
  • If you can demonstrate to your leads that you care about them by utilizing a combination of personalized comments and precise suggestions, your audience will appreciate it!

4. CTA

Here are a few call-to-action ideas for you to consider:

  • Provide appropriate items, based on the ratings;
  • Request a call from leads;
  • Provide more useful material.

You already have a lot of information on your leads at this stage, so you can go into detail about the product you offer as a call to action. You can also offer alternative goods based on the scores assigned to your leads.

5. Following up on quiz leads

Follow up with leads as part of your quiz funnel to keep them warm and interested. One effective method is to implement an email sequence. When you have provided value to your leads, they will appreciate hearing from you. The items listed below are required to create an email sequence:

7 Successful Quiz Funnel Examples You Can Try

Let's take a look at how seven great e-commerce firms used quiz funnels to achieve the aims listed above.

1. Topshop

If you've ever wished for a personal style adviser, Topshop's personal style quiz will grant your wish. Topshop invites you to respond "yay" or "nay" to particular goods in addition to standard questions such as your age, favorite colors, budget, and size. 

Topshop not only gains insights into your individual style, but also utilizes this information to enhance future product recommendations, customized to your specific preferences. Topshop asks you to create an account to design your outfit and join their newsletter at the end of this highly graphic quiz.

Finally, Topshop builds a customized wardrobe under your name and categorizes product recommendations for your convenience. Furthermore, you can personalize your wardrobe by clicking the like and hate icons next to each purchase.

Consequently, you receive a virtual wardrobe updated regularly with tailored goods that are within your budget.


While some lead generation tests are entertaining and worth sharing with friends on Facebook, others might assist you in identifying difficulties.

For example, if you have skin problems, you could take a survey that directs you to the best personal care items. Knowing this, OUAI offers you to complete a questionnaire called "Hair Consult" on their webpage.

You'll notice two CTA buttons between your findings and appropriate product recommendations: "Save My Results" and "Add Regimen to Bag".

3. Fabletics

Many businesses leave curiosity gaps or promise ideas as a reward for taking their tests. Some other firms employ special incentives to generate more leads using quizzes.

If you're new to Fabletics, they'll introduce you to a special deal, "2 leggings for $24", which you can claim by clicking "Get started". When you click the button, a six-step survey appears, in which you are asked about your workout preferences, body type, size information, and other details.

Fabletics, predictably, asks for your email address in the end, emphasizing that "your exclusive offer is one click away".

With this approach, Fabletics segments its new leads and hopes to convert some of them into clients. 

4. Sephora

Sephora's quiz funnel assists users in locating solutions to their hair issues.

Customers might quickly become confused and overwhelmed since the store provides a diverse range of hair care items. The step-by-step quiz funnel assists in narrowing down all of those alternatives and locating the best items for them.

5. Function of Beauty 

The quiz funnel at Function of Beauty takes a somewhat different approach to hair care than Sephora's. They interview clients about their hair objectives rather than quiz takers about their hair problems.

Visitors can choose from a variety of alternatives here. This open-ended approach may result in product suggestions that tackle numerous problems at once or in the creation of a bundle including multiple goods.

6. Rare Beauty 

Rare Beauty asks quiz participants about their skin tone to deliver more accurate product suggestions. The quiz is straightforward and elegantly constructed, using images to assist the audience in answering the questions.

The quiz features expertly crafted questions to help users uncover their unique skin traits. They can choose options that best reflect their skin tone, texture, and other features and go through the quiz in no time.

The system then utilizes the gathered data to recommend the perfect Rare Beauty items based on various factors, including skin tone, skin type, and personal preferences. In this way, users get tailored product suggestions that are perfectly suited for them.

This method delivers customized product suggestions, boosting the satisfaction of the shopping experience. The interactive, user-friendly quiz reflects the core principles of Rare Beauty: personalized attention, inclusivity, and groundbreaking approaches to online shopping.

7. Cup and Leaf

Assuming every visitor of your website understands what to purchase or how to utilize your items is a fatal mistake.

To prevent this major oversight, you should advise your visitors on your site as best as possible and assist them in making more educated purchasing decisions. You can achieve that aim by integrating onsite content with lead-generation quizzes.

When you visit the Cup and Leaf site, you are not assaulted with annoying popups. Instead, the corporation employs a teaser to pique your interest without interfering with your reading or buying experience.

The survey window appears after seven seconds on the website or after clicking the teaser:

Cup and Leaf asks whether you're seeking the ideal tea and offers you to complete a brief quiz to discover your new favorite tastes.

You input your email address without thinking after completing six questions about your taste and committing to discovering the proper tea.

Ultimately, Cup and Leaf not only finds you the greatest fit but also offers you a discount on your first order:

In addition to enhancing your buying experience, Cup and Leaf surprises you with a discount coupon. Cup and Leaf's understanding of your preferences allows them to effectively retarget you through tailored email campaigns and targeted website popups.

Unlock the Power of Quizzes With Quiz Funnels

You are now fully prepared to create your quiz marketing funnel. We discussed a marketing funnel, how it differs from a quiz funnel, and why you should utilize one. 

Creating a successful quiz marketing funnel is not difficult when you have the correct quiz funnel software. You must first analyze your target audience to build a relevant and interesting quiz that gives an amusing experience.

Next, decide where you want to include the quiz in your funnel. The quiz, as interactive content, can play an important part in your content marketing plan, whether it's to capture leads, segment your audience, or promote items.

One of the most common mistakes is failing to see the value of utilizing a quiz as a funnel to categorize visitors. Using the data gathered, you can properly identify your audience and adapt your marketing efforts.

Quizzes are also effective and inexpensive. They are a fun and interactive way to communicate with your audience while collecting crucial data.

After you've created your quiz, it's time to put it out there and closely monitor its success. Keep an eye on metrics like bounce rate and conversion rate to see if there are any bottlenecks in the funnel.

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