Testimonial Request Letter: 9 Examples + Useful Tips

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Claspo Blog Testimonial Request Letter: 9 Examples + Useful Tips

How to ask for a testimonial via email? Not a single person who shops online wants to buy a "cat in a bag." They are well aware of how many scammers and unscrupulous sellers may encounter. Therefore, people will check the social evidence to see if they can trust the store (Facebook and Instagram are the most popular platforms for feedback). Customer feedback is the most powerful tool that engages new people and turns them into loyal customers.

Much has been said about the importance of getting testimonials from clients. It is a direct indication that you can meet your customers' needs. But how to make a person leave feedback on a product or a service?

This article will look at the collecting feedback mechanics and share effective testimonial request examples.

Table of Contents

1. Why Collect Customer Testimonials?

2. How to Ask For a Testimonial?

3. Testimonial Request Examples

4. Conclusion

Why Collect Customer Testimonials?

You know that asking for testimonials is a powerful and necessary marketing practice. You've looked up the reviews yourself. Do you remember when you searched for a review of a new blender before buying it? And we are sure you haven't bought one if there were no reviews. That's the most interesting content for your customer on your website. 

Also, people enjoy reading personal recommendations, and they usually believe other people online when it comes to reviews. This should be a powerful starting point for you to start getting testimonials. It is one of the best ways to boost your sales. 

Let's see what exactly you should ask for and what a precious testimonial is. After learning to ask for a testimonial, you'll notice how your business skyrockets with your sales rates. And don't forget to have fun!

How to Ask For a Testimonial?

The first thing you should learn is how to ask clients for testimonials, so here are some methods we like in Claspo.


There are plenty of different methods on how to request a testimonial. As we say here, at Claspo, there are classic ways and creative ways that each company creates itself. 


You can reach your customers via their emails. We are sure you get such information while people fill-infill-in the purchase form. So, create a testimonial email where your customer can leave a review and send it to you, answering your email. Yes, there is an option for that. In this case, you should work on your testimonial request letter so the user can provide you with honest feedback. And don't be afraid of any kind of feedback as the bad ones are important as well — they give you an opportunity to grow and develop your business.


There is always a chance that your customers have lots and lots of unopened emails just waiting in their inboxes. The simple alternative to that might be a short message. It works the same since you ask people for their phone numbers when they enter personal information before the purchase. You can send a tiny link that will lead your customer to the website where he or she can leave feedback. 

Review Section

When people look for other reviews, they will notice that they can leave one themselves. You can also guide them from the first page of your store or a website, using any tool you like: sidebars, pop-ups, links, etc. 

Face to Face

If you run an offline store, you can ask for a review yourself. Many people enjoy talking to other people, which can help you find out what your customers think about you. Such communication is not only about getting feedback but also about creating loyal customers. A great example of such face-to-face talk is coffee shops, where people can tell baristas about their favorite coffee and their thoughts while befriending them. 

Want to Get More Customer Feedback?

Receipt QR

Place a QR code on your receipts so that every time the user buys something from you, he or she can use the receipt to leave feedback. The code should take customers to the page where they can leave a review. You can place such code anywhere you know people will see it after the purchase — packaging, stickers, etc. 

Social Media

Most people use social media to talk about their experiences, including life, shopping, eating, hanging out, etc., And business marketing teams highlight the necessity to create social pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. You can create a strategy that will include asking for a testimonial via social media.


Strategy is essential when it comes to anything business-related. The more you plan everything, the more you shape the final result, and the better stats you'll get. Let's check what's important for the superb testimonial request letter strategy. 


As you learn everything about your customer, you'll find out when exactly they have enough time to fill in the testimonial. This will allow you to send the testimonial request at the right time. Notice that if you run a service that will instantly change your customer's life, say cleaning services, it's better to ask for feedback right after you finish the task. And if you sell products that people have to use for some time to understand all pros and cons, then it's better to ask for a testimonial a bit later, let's say after one month. 

Encourage them to leave the testimonial

You know how many testimonial emails you have. And most of them will be deleted unopened as you won't find the reason to answer or to even read them. That's where you can get an opportunity to get ahead of your opponents. Offer your customers a gift if they fill in the testimonial. It shouldn't be something big or expensive, but a simple 5$ discount or a free shipping code will do its job. 

Make it easy

The process of leaving a testimonial should be as easy as possible. Don't create a long path to reach the page where the customer can leave the testimonial. Make your website design-friendly so people won't need to guess where to click to leave the review. No one will spend lots of time searching for the necessary page to say that your product is good. 

Customize the template 

It is important to create testimonial templates for different cases and different letters. You won't write the same testimonial request letters on social media and SMS. And you won't write an informal letter if you run a government-related service. Let's check how you write to your customers. 

9 Testimonial Request Examples

To get anything from anyone, you need to ask them with the right words. And the best part is that you don't have to come up with 100% new or unique requests to get the result. The main point is that each testimonial request should be easy to understand, written in suitable language, and timely. Yes, feel free to customize each of them, but don't forget about walking in your customer's shoes, so be clear. 

Example 1. General

Starting with general requests is a good choice. You can collect reviews for your website, Google, and Facebook pages. 

Be simple with your message!

Dear [name],


Thanks for choosing us! We would like to hear your impression of our [product name] that you've purchased not so long ago. This won't take longer than several minutes.
Please, visit this link [link] to leave a review. 

Example 2. Holidays

During holidays most business owners expect a rise in sales. People get products and services for gifts or anything else to treat themselves and their closest ones. You can also write down a discount code to win the customer over, but it's up to you completely. 

Hi [name],


Happy Holidays!


As we are constantly searching for perfect Christmas gifts, we want to spoil you with a discount code if you find several minutes to write your review on your last purchase at [company's name]. 


Thanks for being a loyal customer!


Have a fun, warming Christmas!


Much love,


[company's name]

Example 3. Formal

This option is the most suitable for businesses with a formal audience, providing specific goods or services, such as medical equipment or any hardware. You have to personalize such an email for sure as you write directly to a specific person who's bought your product for their job.

Dear [name], 


Thanks for being our long-term customer! We are really happy that you chose our brand time after time. It's an honor to work with you!


As you are one of our favorite customers, we want to ask you to share your review of our work and products so we can place them on our page. It doesn't matter in which form you want to share it: video, audio, text, or anything that fits your schedule. 


Please, feel free to ask anything or share any thoughts about our business!




[your name]

Example 4. Casual

Be casual if you can. People really love it as they feel your business as a person rather than a soulless machine to get into their pockets. But for this move, you need to know your target audience and learn what "casual" means to them.  

Sup, [name]


Thanks for sticking with us this month! Really appreciate that. 


We would like to hear your thoughts about our product and service. Are you satisfied with everything, or are there any downfalls? 


Please, take several minutes to help your favorite brand. And we promise to learn your review and see what we can do to be better!


See you around!


[company’s name]

Example 5. Generic

If customer service is not your cup of tea yet, you can go with a generic testimonial request letter like this.

Hello [name],


We hope you've enjoyed our [product] and our [service]. Are you ready to rate your purchase with a short review? You can write it down via this link [link], helping others to make their minds before the purchase. 



[company's name]

Example 6. After Purchase

You can write an email several days after the person bought the product. Such reviews are rather helpful in learning about your services, website, sales team, etc., rather than about the product itself. 

Dear [name],


Thanks for your choice! We would like to hear from you! Write your review here [link]


Waiting for your response,


[company's name]

Example 7. Social Media

This option is great for several reasons. One of which is that you don't have to ask for a testimonial at all! Many people on social media share their thoughts on different products and services, so you have to find people who've already done a review. 

And meanwhile, you can write to those who have a picture of your product but no review, asking them for their opinion. 

Hi [name],


We've noticed that you are using our [product]. Can you share your review with us? We would be very grateful!




[company's name]

Example 8. Return Offer

Offer interesting things to people who are loyal to your business. Offer a freebie, a discount, free shipping, etc. Just make sure they leave the structured review before handling the present. 

Hi [name]!


Thanks for staying with us! We would like to give you free shipping if you write down your testimonial about our product via this link [link]. 




[company's name]

Example 9. Coaching

In many cases, people don't know how to write a testimonial at all. When they have to write one, they don't know where to start and what to write. So you must learn them and describe what you want to get from them. You can write down the guide in the form of a list or the form of the questions. You can start with questions like: 

1. How has our solution helped your business?

2. What benefits do you notice when using our solution? 

3. What metrics have improved since you've started using our solution? 

And then place such questions or a list in a simple testimonial request letter like this: 

Hi [name],


Thank you for using our services! It's been a while since you've started using our solutions, and we would like to hear back from you! 


Please, share your experience with us. It will take several minutes to answer our questions below: 


[list of questions]


Thanks for staying with us!


[company's name]


When you start thinking about how to ask a client for a testimonial, you should start with simple things. Be sincere and clear about what you want from people. When done right, you will receive a review and gain a loyal customer. 

After sending the same emails for some time, see how you can adjust them and work on your strategy to make it better. 

Don't forget that you can always ask our professionals at Claspo for help. We can create a strategy for getting testimonials from clients and help you with letters. 

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