10 Best Order Confirmation Emails Examples for Your Inspiration

10 Best Order Confirmation Emails Examples for Your Inspiration

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Claspo Blog 10 Best Order Confirmation Emails Examples for Your Inspiration

Order confirmation emails are often seen as a standard among different kinds of emails. Undoubtedly, most entrepreneurs think: “What is noteworthy about sending a customer the order details?” However, despite any reservations, order confirmation emails achieve a 70% open rate.

In fact, a purchase confirmation message is not only a letter that consists of the order details. It's a way to get customers interested in what else you have to offer without being too pushy. What’s more, you can display compelling content in this message and other “catches” that will suggest a reader stick to your brand.

In this article, we will show you the best order confirmation emails and provide tips on making them captivating.

What Is an Order Confirmation Email?

A purchase confirmation email is the email sellers send to customers to validate their purchase. This simple message includes the order's date and details, transaction confirmation, and delivery information.

For customers, such emails are solid proof they can relieve all their fears and wait calmly for the product to arrive. And that is a great chance for merchants to build their relationships with customers and turn them into regular ones.

Order Confirmation Email Examples

To boost your creativity, we have prepared templates of order confirmation emails so you can learn from the best. Dive into the diversity of ideas and come up with your own!

1. Amazon

Who but a giant in the field of e-commerce knows better how to confirm a purchase? In the example of a purchase confirmation letter by Amazon, the clients can find all the necessary information. The "View or manage orders" button stands out the most and grabs attention. It gives them the ability to review what they have ordered and make sure everything is correct.

It is also worth mentioning that Amazon provides a “Recommended for you” section based on the buyer’s searches and preferences. This is where you can place your offerings, which will not seem like sales.

As for the shipping, the only thing included is the arrival date. However, Amazon also sends a separate email with shipping details.

2. iHerb

An example of a minimalistic and well-planned order confirmation email is the one iHerb sends to its customers. At first glance, it builds a visual connection with the content. There is no unnecessary information that would create a mess. The order of the pages is logical, with the customer's ordered items displayed first, followed by the total price and shipping information.

What is exceptional about this order confirmation template is that it rewards a client for purchasing from iHerb. They list bonuses customers will gain if they decide to place other orders. And indeed, the choice of an online store to buy from next time will lean towards iHerb as it benefits customers.

3. Deliveroo

What news do customers eagerly anticipate when they’re as hungry as a wolf? Right, this is a purchase confirmation email. And even if you are delivering food, you can boost your clients’ satisfaction using email marketing.

In the template by Deliveroo, the design and order confirmation details look very user-friendly. The most important part here is the option to track an order. And you might be impressed, but a real-time tracking instrument increases customers' overall impression, loyalty, and trust in the brand. This function is also applicable to online retailers.

4. Best Buy

Pretty run-of-the-mill but yet capturing the order confirmation message electronics retailer Best Buy sends to its buyers. Besides containing purchase details, it also has a personal touch — an email from Best Buy's Vice president. Even though it's a generic email, the personalized touch makes you feel like a valued customer.

The purchase confirmation message from Best Buy offers so many options for customers. And the vital one is its proposition to help. A great range of buyers may need help or just have doubts. And instead of going to the main website and looking for troubleshooting ideas, this information is in the right place — order confirmation email.


5. PrettyLittleThing

The PrettyLittleThing’s order confirmation email example combines exceptional taste and creativity. When looking at such a message, the first thought that comes to mind is about aesthetic pleasure. After providing general information regarding the order, the company also displays an FAQ section with the essential questions answered. Also, PrettyLittleThing offers to create a wishlist that can boost sales as customers already keep what they would like to order in one place.

A part of this purchase confirmation email that stands out from other ones is inviting a client to follow the brand on social media. Such a move undoubtedly grows the brand’s recognition and awareness.


6. Ulta Beauty

Beauty retailer Ulta Beauty has approached sending an order confirmation email with a special touch. Instead of placing shipping information conventionally, they have created a graphic representation of the delivery process. Every stage of the journey is displayed on the line, and depending on its completion, it shows as a checkmark.

The personal message addressed to a customer also includes a note about rewards. Undoubtedly, gratifying bonuses will play a decisive role in further purchases from this retailer. 


7. Refreshments

Regarding originality, the Refreshments’ order confirmation email template can be a great example. Instead of using standard phrases like “Your order has been confirmed”, they created a captivating header turning all attention to the letter. This message ensures the shopper everything is under control during the transaction.

The section “What to Expect” also benefits clients as it guarantees the order goes through all the stages seamlessly. A big plus for this company is that they provide an email address where customers can direct questions.


8. MeUndies

An order confirmation email by MeUndies indeed “blows the mind”, as they claim in the message. First, from a deliberate palette, and second, from the flexibility and options available to customers.

The email mainly focuses on the money-back guarantee and how it works. Certainly, it is pretty crucial to make sure every i is dotted and every t is crossed when it comes to getting your money back.

Additionally, the business encourages its customers to continue supporting the brand by following it on social media after purchasing.


9. Macy’s

Macy’s provides a considerable amount of information with all the points covered. Customers will not have to visit their website, as every aspect of the shopping process is described in the email. 

By exploring the letter, a buyer will see the order information, including its current status, help topics, new offerings, and an invitation to the events. Also, it points directly to the discount section plus free shipping, which no one will miss.

10. Sephora

Sephora’s purchase confirmation letter looks like a real invitation to the ball. It is minimalistic yet lovely. The most important point here is that the retailer thanks its customer for placing an order. These simple words, beyond doubt, will cheer up every lady who receives such a message.

The email doesn't contain specific purchase details but does include links to the order number and date. The description of the purchased items is sent in a separate email.


How to Improve Your Order Confirmation Emails?

The information in the purchase confirmation letter is pretty general and thus can not be played with. However, different techniques don’t only refer to the text part of the email. We have developed several steps that could help you polish up your practices for sending order confirmation emails.

Step 1. Send It at the Proper Time

Time is of the essence when it comes to final purchases. Accordingly, an immediate confirmation of the order's fulfillment is required.

Imagine a customer who has come through a long route: from looking at your website, finding the right product, considering your company among others, and finally deciding to give it a try. They are waiting to loosen up a bit. And the purchase email confirmation delivered at the proper time can help overcome fears and doubts.

The fact that there was even a bit of time when clients were worrying about the completeness of the purchase will not turn out in your favor.

The best way to send the email with the order details is to add automation to the process. You will not need to get up through the night and send it manually. 

Step 2. Make the Subject Line Captivating

Although the order confirmation email is not promotional, you can play with the subject line. Here are some examples of noticeable subject lines:

  • Good news! You are in the team!
  • Thank you for your order #1111.
  • Your purchase is almost at your door!
  • Thank you for joining us!
  • We have successfully received your order #2222.

A tiny bit of creativity will never be excessive. 

Step 3. Cover All the Vital Information

Ensure to include all the needed information so the clients don’t have to turn to your website in case you missed something essential. Every order confirmation letter should cover the following points:

  1. Client’s name. A personalized touch always makes customers feel valued.
  2. Shipping address. To confirm where the purchased items will be sent.
  3. Order details. This should include the order number, items ordered, and a description of each item.
  4. Price breakdown. A clear explanation of costs, including any taxes and conversion fees, if applicable.
  5. Approximate date of delivery. This gives customers an idea of when they can expect to receive their order.
  6. Payment method. A confirmation of how the purchase was paid for (credit card, PayPal, etc.).
  7. Contact details. Information on how they can reach out to your support team for any queries or concerns.

Some retailers divide the order confirmation email into two messages: one with the order details and the other with the shipping details. You can do so, but indicate in the first email that customers should expect another one with further information.

Step 4. Add More of Your Products

Since purchase confirmation messages have a high open rate, this is a perfect opportunity to sell more of your products. You can include in your letter a section “Recommended for you” where you would place offerings based on users’ searches and likes.

In such a case, your promotion will not look like a sale. If you add an appropriate section of your product recommendations, it will not overwhelm buyers. For quicker decisions, add an option to add the offers right into the basket and purchase them directly from the email.

Step 5. Provide Bonuses

No one can stand getting something for free or with a discount. And there is a great practice you can use in your order confirmation letter — a reward program. The ideas on how to honor your client are diverse: you can provide a discount for the next order, invite customers to give feedback and reward them with discounts, or offer free shipping for upcoming purchases.

Keep in mind that it is usually more cost-efficient to retain current customers than to acquire new ones. Providing rewards or incentives in your order confirmation emails is an effective way to foster customer loyalty, encourage repeat purchases, and ultimately, enhance your overall sales and customer satisfaction.

Step 6. Offer Support

If you want your customers to be calm, support them. Whether they experience issues, wonder where to find appropriate information, or have other questions, an order email confirmation is the most suitable place to remind users about such an option.

To improve the overall client experience, we recommend creating different types of support. There should be an email to contact the support team, a live chat for quick solutions, a phone number, and video calls. Surely, you can provide some channels for connecting customers with support agents, but providing help efficiently will have a positive impact.

Step 7. Make It Compatible with Mobile Phones

Since more than 91,9% of users read emails from their smartphones, your task is to generate a mobile-friendly email. Nothing is more frustrating than seeing a button and being unable to click on it. It can surely increase customer dissatisfaction.

Also, you should feel the edge on how much information to provide. Ensure it doesn’t take several minutes for a client to take a quick glance.

Step 8. Add a Personal Touch

In some examples of order confirmation messages we discussed above, you can find personal greetings from the vice president or letters tailored to every user. Such personalization makes customers think they are unique, which will positively affect their choice of an online retailer for their next purchases.

Thanking a customer or making compliments for placing an order will not be extra. Phrases like “Thank you, gorgeous, for your trust” or “You are worth it!” sound encouraging.

Every communication with a customer, including order confirmation emails, is an opportunity to further build your relationship and reinforce your brand image. Personalizing these communications helps to cultivate a positive and memorable experience for your customers, increasing the likelihood of their continued patronage.

Last Words

An order confirmation email is the logical conclusion of the purchasing process. Together with providing general information for a client, it can serve as a boost for sales. In the draft of your message, you can built-in special offers that can lead a client to place more orders.

When composing a purchase confirmation email, ensure you include the following information: order details, price and final amount, shipping address and delivery date, payment method, and your contact to reach out to. You are free to experiment with wording and design, so the message stands out from the competition. 

Order Confirmation FAQs

Are the order confirmation emails important?

After clients pay for an order, they await proof that will leave their fears behind and make sure everything is in check. And this is the primary purpose of an order confirmation email. So yes, sending such messages right after the purchase can solve many doubts in the client's mind. 

When to send a purchase confirmation letter? 

Immediately after the purchase has been made. It can play a decisive role if you send it sometime after the order is submitted or after it has been done. But tracking every customer and sending every email manually is unnecessary. For that purpose, you can set up automated email delivery.

Can I make sales by encouraging customers in an order confirmation email?

Undoubtedly, you will increase the sales rate by providing offers in your order confirmation email. You can add more products in the “Recommended for you” section, and it will not look too pushy. Also, inviting clients to follow you on social media will play a role. Popping up in the news feed will surely increase your brand's recognition and awareness.

How to properly create an order confirmation message?

The main goal of sending an order confirmation email is to guarantee a client that their order is on its way. Thus, the main information should relate to the order and the buyer’s information. As great add-ons, you can use place tracking, order review, and canceling functions. But retailers also use a reward program that can include 10% off for the next order or other bonuses to boost client satisfaction.

What makes a good purchase confirmation letter?

An ideal order confirmation email assists customers with their inquiries and simultaneously helps you, the retailer, enhance your audience engagement rate. If you offer your clients bonuses, rewards, and a connection on social media, you can be sure some of them will return!

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