21 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools That You Can’t Ignore

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Claspo Blog 21 Conversion Rate Optimization Tools That You Can’t Ignore

Do you think that you know everything about conversion rate optimization? We've already written about the necessary steps of conversion optimization, and now it's time to move further. The next thing you should learn about to generate more conversions is to learn about CRO tools. They will provide you with the opportunity to get insight into your website and understand your users better. 

Let's check 21 conversion rate optimization tools to bring your game to the next level. 

Each CRO tool collects the necessary information about your website and your visitors. It will help you understand how customers use your website, which will be in hand when changing your design or strategy to upgrade CRO conversion rate optimization. 

Table of Contents

1. How to Choose the Right CRO Tools?

2. Types of CRO Tools

3. List of Top 21 CRO Tools

4. Conclusion

How to Choose the Right CRO Tools?

So you work with data that visitors leave on your website, and thus you must pay extra attention that all your conversion rate tools meet the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is a regulation that ensures the protection of the personal data and rights of European residents.  


When you use several conversion tools, you need to pay attention that all of them are integrated with each other. In another case, you might encounter data duplication, confusion, and other inconveniences and uncertainties. You can use or open APIs to build such integrations that will help you to conduct your research. 


When integrating free CRO tools, you need to be sure that each of them is secure and safe to use. To ensure safety and meet all the necessary requirements, you can use single sign-on and multi-step logins. Check each and every of your CRO tools, so they meet these requirements and have the mentioned features. 

A multi-user friendly dashboard

When picking a conversion optimization tool, check if it has a friendly integrated dashboard. You should be able to map your experiments, tests, and all possible activities easily. It also comes in handy if you work with another team that has to have access to the dashboard as well. 

Types of CRO Tools

Top conversion rate optimization tools can be easily divided into three categories: 

  • Web analytics conversion optimization tools
  • Behavior analytics conversion tools 
  • CRO monitoring tools (testing tools) 

Web analytics conversion optimization tools help you understand the state of your website and will show you what is happening. It is important to know the current state of your website as, without such knowledge, you won't have ideas for further improvements. 

Such tools help get numerical and quantitative data on each of your visitors. After working with web analytics tools, you'll have bounce rate metrics, sessions metrics, session duration metrics, common drop-off (exit pages) metrics, etc. The last metric will help you understand the path users take on your website and where exactly they decide to leave your website. This will help you adjust your funnel and bring rates and sales to a new level. 

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Behavior analytics conversion tools help to understand the behavior of your users. Even if it seems impossible to get into people's minds, these tools might give you a glimpse of their decision-making process.  

These tools help you get qualitative data on users that will show you how they make decisions while spending time on your website. While using them, you'll find out why customers abandon carts, are users able to find what they are looking for, why, and when they are exiting your page. Finding out the answers to these questions will allow you to make the decision to upgrade your website game. 

CRO monitoring tools (testing tools) help to measure and compare changes that were made to your website. This will show you the best variant of your testing process. Based on this information, you can decide which version you can leave and which you can delete. 

List of Top 21 CRO Tools

Here is a list of the best CRO tools that might be in hand. Pick the ones that fit you the most based on their characteristics or price, and develop your website to get more conversions. 

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most known CRO tools on the internet. It tracks site traffic and all the activities that users do on your website, like duration of the session, bounce rate, pages per session visited, etc. You can additionally find out the user's location, page performance, and conversion rate. This tool is free, but you can get a premium version for deeper digs. 

2. Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics gathers data from several channels that you have, i.e., website, emails, apps, etc. This tool is mostly used to understand the user flow and check KPIs and conversion rates. Adobe Analytics provides business owners with visually-appealing reports, so every member of your crew understands the metrics and results of your website's performance.

3. Heap Analytics

Heap Analytics is a tool to get qualitative data to get visitor interactions with your website and content like clicks, submits, transactions, etc. With such a tool, you can see which marketing channels work the best, making users act in the desired way. Besides, the dashboard is easy to use for every marketing specialist, even the ones with no experience. 

4. Hotjar

Hotjar is one of the conversion tools that help to understand the behavior and feedback of your users. Besides, it helps improve UX and increase the conversion rate as well as conversions themselves. This tool is good for seeing the pain points of your audience and understanding the customers' experience. Basically, you'll see where users don't understand what you want from them, different bugs, confusing design, etc. 

5. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a heatmap. Besides that, it is also a testing tool that will help you get and understand the obtained visual data. Later you can test the changes that you've made due to the Crazy Egg tool. This software is good for observing how users behave on your website.

6. FullStory

This CRO tool is an analytics tool that helps you measure interactions that users perform on your website, apps, and any channel you use for marketing purposes. FullStory has heatmaps, bug tracking, sessions data, etc. This will help you to understand your customer and upgrade your business. 

7. Google Optimize

This testing platform is a part of the Google software that you can integrate into Google Analytics. It works best for A/B testing, split testing, and multivariate testing.

8. VWO Testing

This software is a visual editor and A/B testing tool for your website. With the help of this tool, you can conduct A/B testing and check how users will react to the changes. At the end of the testing process, you can surely state which variant of your test will bring you conversions and work best.

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9. Instapage

The Instapage tool looks like a landing page builder that helps with personalization and focuses on behavioral targeting. This tool is great if you have several target audiences and need to have specific pages for each of these audiences. It works like magic as you create dynamic content depending on your users' preferences and their data.

10. Mixpanel

Mixpanel will help you see which user performed what actions on your website. In addition to tracking visitor behavior, you can also access certain basic insights to see which website's visitors have entered your sales funnel, bounced off, etc.

Mixpanel also provides an additional second data channel to compare numbers with Google because you should never rely on one device for all analytics data.

11. UsabilityHub

This CRO tool eliminates speculation about design decisions by experimenting with real consumers. In other words, it is a tool for collecting feedback, which provides you with answers to the real consumers and makes the necessary design decisions.

The UsabilityHub has many features, including a design survey tool, a first-click test, a five-second test, and a configuration test to identify useful user information.

12. Intercom

In addition to the consumer behavior research tools listed above, your CRO tools also should include Intercom. This tool helps bring a lot of valuable information as it allows to analyze chat logs, call logs, and customer support chats. It can help you see the areas with issues that need to be fixed. These ideas will also be helpful in preparing testing ideas for your CRO program.

13. Userpeek

This conversion optimization tool helps you understand how users interact with your website. It allows you to test your site for ideas, guesses, and prototypes and to demonstrate the performance of existing site resources with real users with minimal effort and budget. The tool can give you a clear idea of ​​which direction to go during the A/B testing.

14. Test Hypothesis Creator

This free CRO tool with a 7-step test hypothesis creator allows you to create a hypothesis by answering questions in the form of simple fields. We recommend you use one more tool when forming a hypothesis since you should validate it once more.

15. TestLodge

TestLodge is a test management tool to manage different requirements, test plans/cases/runs, and related reports. A friendly interface allows you to manage relevant A/B testing plans/requirements/cases. This tool is cloud-based software which means that you can use it from any place in the world. 

16. TestRail

TestRail is one of the leading software tools for testing and test management. It allows for managing and tracking hypotheses and test results. TestRail's interface is web-based, so it is easy to create test cases and manage them together with other specialists from your team. You also get real-time test results in the form of emails or notifications.

17. A/B Test Duration Calculator

This convenient CRO tool A/B test duration calculator helps understand the duration of the test to get a meaningful result. This tool will provide you with detailed information on testing, optimization, UI/UX, etc. The A/B test calculator eliminates the possibility of making minor changes to the test that may show negative results.

18. A/B Test Significance Calculator

A/B test significance calculator is a simple calculator that indicates that the A/B test shows statistically significant results.

19. Sample Size Calculator

The sample size calculator helps calculate the sample size that you need to consider during the A/B testing to get significant results.

20. Split Test Duration Calculator

Look closer at this tool if you are planning to run a split test. It provides you with data on the current conversion rate and estimated growth, the number of tested variants, the average daily traffic, and the number of tests you have to rely on.

21. The Five-Second Test

The five-second test tool is designed to get insights into users' behavior. It is based on the idea that five seconds are enough for a user to interact with the design and content to be impressed by the brand. This tool is rather an addition to your go-to CRO tools stack but a very interesting and helpful one.


The market for conversion rate optimization tools is sensitive to the need of the business in the development of sites. The above services allow you to adjust your web resource without special skills to increase CRO. For some of the above-mentioned tools, you'll have to pay, but some remain free. It means that in any case, you can build your own free or paid toolkit for your desired performance. 

With these tools, you'll achieve your goals and will upgrade your business. If you feel that you've run into some issues, feel free to contact Claspo.

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