7 Marketing Campaign Ideas for International Women’s Day + 5 Relevant Templates from Claspo

7 Marketing Campaign Ideas for International Women’s Day + 5 Relevant Templates from Claspo

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Claspo Blog 7 Marketing Campaign Ideas for International Women’s Day + 5 Relevant Templates from Claspo

International Women's Day (IWD) is fast approaching, and it’s a great opportunity for shoppers to purchase gifts for their friends, loved ones, or themselves. It’s also a brilliant opportunity for marketers and business owners to encourage shoppers to buy specifically from them while earning loyalty during this celebration. But to capitalize on this celebration, you must prepare a great marketing campaign in advance.

But what if you have no ideas for a great campaign? You can inspire yourself with something others have done before you and build on that! In this article, we will explore the best marketing campaigns for International Women’s Day and some pop-ups from Claspo that can help you attract attention to them.

7 Ideas for Women’s Day

Campaigns can be big or small, but regardless of their size, it’s the message that matters. Let’s look at some of the most impressive campaigns over the last few years.

1. Coca-Cola


In 2022, Coca-Cola launched a minimalistic campaign to elevate and empower women. The message “Where there is a woman, there is magic” is short, strong, and sweet. It’s an acknowledgment of the power of women. These posters use negative space to draw more attention to the symbolic imagery that reinforces the message. This campaign is the definitive example of “less is more.”

2. Adidas

With its “Watch Us Move” campaign, Adidas highlighted the importance of equality for all women—both in sports and in general. Your body type, race, or pre-defined beauty standard play no role in sports, so why should they in life?

Scott Dunlap, the CEO and General Manager of Adidas Runtastic, also showcased the fact that percentage-wise, fewer women are engaged in sports compared to men, “The Council of Europe reports that 45% of men play sports once a week, while only 37% of women do. Looking globally at the Adidas Running and Training apps, we see a similar gender gap, with women comprising 42% of the Adidas Running app and 33% of the Adidas Training app.”

He explains that the gap is not due to fewer women liking sports in general compared to men, as there are countries where more women than men participate in sports. Therefore, it is important to close the gender gap, and their campaign is targeted at helping women to “step forward and feel empowered to express themselves through sport.”

3. Here Here Market


Creating affirming messages to empower women is all well and good, but what good is a message without action? Here Here Market stepped up to support women-owned local businesses by sharing their products via their platform with special food baskets.

Instead of loud words, Here Here Market decided to show what women can actually bring to the table—in this case, quite literally.  And if you or the recipient of your gift basket liked a particular product, you can find all relevant information about their business on Here Here Market’s website, allowing you to go and buy your favorite products in person.

4. Nivea


You can’t go wrong with an old-school sale for Women’s Day, and many brands like Nivea know this. It’s a simple, if lazy, choice that requires minimal effort from the business, but it is a lovely gift to women on their day. What really sells this campaign is its message, “Indulge in self-care this Women’s Day.”

With Claspo, you can easily create a similar campaign in just a few clicks. You don’t need to know any code or have years of experience in design. Just log in, open the builder with a clean widget or pick a template from our International Women’s Day library section, write your message, add elements (optional), and integrate it into your website.

Claspo also features geotargeting and multi-language support, which is perfect for brands looking to engage the international audience on International Women’s Day.

5. Splendid


Splendid, a US apparel company, asked its customers to share their or their friends' accomplishments because studies show that women are less likely to share their successes. In exchange, the customers could win a $500 gift card at the store.

Sending emails to directly engage your customers is a great way to not only remind them about your store but also build meaningful relationships. Tackling an actual issue women face is a nice and caring gesture. Unlike many other IWD campaigns, it’s not directly commercially motivated, but anyone finding this email in their inbox is sure to feel appreciated by the brand.

The more emails you have in your contact list, the more successful your campaign will be. Claspo can help you gather more email addresses with its widgets. Offer something in return for their email addresses, and people will happily give it to you. You can also ask for additional information, like the user’s gender, to personalize the messages for IWD later.

6. Whistles


Whistles, a British fashion brand, also decided to give back on IWD. For every sale on March 8th, the company sent £1 to the Prince’s Trust’s #ChangeAGirlsLifeCampaign. The vast majority of people prefer companies to give to charity. For example, 81% of millennials say they prefer companies to be good corporate citizens. A campaign like this not only increases sales in the short term but also builds an image of a caring brand, indirectly contributing to future sales.



On average, women spend 35% more time on household chores and unpaid care than men. IKEA decided to highlight these issues for IWD with an interactive card game to foster discussion in households where they may be present. 

This campaign has no direct monetary incentive behind it, which adds even more perceived authenticity to it. However, this free online game attracted positive attention to IKEA and built trust with their customers, resulting in many indirect sales in the long term.

5 Women’s Day Templates from Claspo

Did you know that 72% of women prefer shopping online? So, if you run your business online, using website-exclusive tools like pop-ups will help you attract attention to your campaigns. These tools can help you convey your message to more people and engage more customers with your giveaways, charitable campaigns, sales, or other promo activities.

Claspo makes building pop-ups as easy as 1-2-3. You can easily build widgets from scratch or use one of the templates from our library. Here are X best templates from Claspo for International Women’s Day.

1. Run the World

Try this template

Coupons are a fantastic way to increase sales, and everyone loves them. For example, 88% of people in the US admit to having used a coupon or promo code. “Run the World” is a template explicitly configured to attract customers with promo codes that don’t ask for anything in exchange. Alternatively, you can configure them to only appear to visitors who come from specific email campaigns or ads.

2. Spring Flowers

Try this template

Did you know that over 80% of people in the US sign up for emails only to receive coupons? The “Spring Flowers” floating box template is specifically designed to capture those willing to exchange their email addresses for a discount.

3. Glamorous Look

Try this template

We’ve pre-configured this template for pre-orders, which can be a great way to serve your customers for IWD. They will know that their presents will come on time, and you will get their contact details in exchange for future marketing purposes.

4. Happy Unity

Try this template

Timers can more than double the conversion rate of a pop-up, so using them strategically can increase sales. “Happy Unity” combines the urgency of a timer with the celebration of IWD for a definitive pop-up for the occasion.

5. Tender Snowdrops

Try this template

Sometimes, you don’t want to give a promo code that works on all products and would prefer to offer only specific items. “Tender Snowdrops” is the perfect template for informing people about an ongoing International Women’s Day sale.


International Women’s Day celebrates womanhood. It was created to empower women and fight for their equality. Companies can become the drivers of positive change by employing various marketing campaigns like the ones we discussed in this article. 

If you plan on doing any promotional activities for IWD for your online business, consider using Claspo for top-notch widgets that attract visitors without annoying them. Our builder is as easy as pie; if you have an idea in mind, you can bang out a pop-up in less than five minutes. With built-in annoyance protection, Claspo’s widgets never overlap and don’t impair viewers’ experiences.

International Women’s Day is an important event on many marketers’ calendars. Want to know more about marketing for prominent holidays? Check out our marketing calendar and learn how and when to prepare for all major events of the year.

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