10 Best AI Marketing Tools

10 Best AI Marketing Tools

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Claspo Blog 10 Best AI Marketing Tools

According to IBM, 35% of big businesses have already integrated AI marketing tools into their business processes, and another 30% are experimenting with them and assessing their effectiveness. Those already leveraging these new technologies are saving at least 30% of their working time; this figure reaches an impressive 50-75% in some industries! 

Now, imagine how artificial intelligence will affect your business. It will give you an impetus for scaling, reducing costs, and dealing with weak points where previously you relied heavily on the competence of irreplaceable employees. Are you interested? Then, keep reading to discover the best AI-based marketer tools available here and now.

10 TOP AI Tools for Marketing

The following are the best AI tools for digital marketing that can significantly increase your productivity.

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the most popular generative model in the world. According to Exploding Topics, it has over 180 million users, 100 million of whom access the web service every week. Many people consider ChatGPT just an interesting toy that can be used to chat online, testing the possibilities of artificial intelligence. And they do it in vain! The service can be quite useful in the following business areas:

  • Text content generation. It can write articles, make unique rewrites, search for information and check facts, select sources of statistics, etc.
  • Image generation. A paid subscription also includes the DALL-E 3 generative model. It is somewhat inferior to its competitors, but it can be used to generate simple art.
  • Business process automation. ChatGPT can write scripts and macros in popular programming languages. It will help you automate the calculation of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, accounting, and information collection for regular reports.
  • Customer support. A business subscription provides access to the API and enables you to create your own knowledge base for artificial intelligence learning. This allows you to develop chatbots that take into account the company’s voice tone and the features of its products.
  • Search engine optimization. For now, AI will not replace an experienced SEO specialist. However, it can select platforms for placing backlinks, quickly analyze competitors, and even cluster key queries by forming a semantic core.


The service is available to everyone. A free subscription includes unlimited use of the previous generation GPT-3.5 model. For access to the new version, image generation functions, and the ability to customize your own chatbots, you will have to pay $20 per month.

2. Adobe Photoshop

The world's most popular graphic editor has received artificial intelligence support. Now, it can perform the following tasks:

  • Create images from scratch using text prompts. Unlike DALL-E, the program creates quite realistic photos and makes fewer mistakes, such as deformed letters in the text and extra fingers on hands.
  • Expanding existing images. For example, you can take a real photo as a basis, select an area outside of it, give a hint about its content, or simply click the Generate automatically button. This way, you can add a background or simply increase the image area in a few seconds without having to do any routing work.
  • Remove unwanted objects. To remove certain objects in the image, you just need to circle around their contours (or select them with a special tool) and click the appropriate button. Based on the prompts, you can replace the deleted object with a background or an image drawn.


Adobe Photoshop is one of the best AI tools for digital marketing in 2024. The introduction of artificial intelligence has significantly simplified the work in this application. Now, you don't need to learn drawing techniques and digital graphics principles - it is enough to be able to select the necessary areas and write tips.

A subscription to the program costs $22.99 per month, and a full Adobe Creative Cloud package with other intelligent tools costs $35.99 per month.

3. Surfer SEO

Search engine optimization in its current form is rather complex, with complicated and confusing rules. And this did not suit the developers of this service. By using artificial intelligence, they provided users with the following features:

  • Content audit. The program analyzes all web pages by website domain, compares them with competitors, and determines the current level of optimization. In just a few minutes, you can see the resource's main problems and make a task list for the near future.
  • Outline generation. Based on a given topic or field of activity, Surfer will select and cluster keywords, add LSI terms to them, and write an attractive headline and informative subheadings.
  • Quality assessment. The service will check the ready article for uniqueness and spamming and identify other problems that may cause search engine sanctions. The program will help correct mistakes and prepare the material for publication.


One of Surfer's advantages is its large number of integrations. It can be connected to WordPress and other popular CMSs. If necessary, you can connect Jasper AI to automate not only checking but also writing articles. The full list of integrations includes almost 100 applications.

Subscriptions to Surfer SEO start from $89 per month.

4. Klaviyo

With Klaviyo, you can create a centralized marketing hub that will allow you to work in one application. The service for managing multichannel communications can:

  • Generate headlines, calls to action, and sales offers using artificial intelligence. Special app settings make these text elements as natural, convincing, and effective as possible.
  • Automatically segment the target audience. AI is able to see non-obvious connections. It will group customers according to the features that allow maximum conversions in each segment.
  • Create informative customer profiles. The program stores demographic, socioeconomic, and behavioral characteristics. It also allows you to create custom database fields, such as the number of points in a loyalty program, the last products viewed, the most favorable delivery method, etc.


Another cool thing is that Klaviyo easily integrates with Claspo to strengthen your marketing strategy. Just imagine:

  • Claspo pop-ups collect the contact details of site visitors and automatically transfer them to Klaviyo to send email and SMS campaigns and push notifications.
  • Add custom input fields to your Claspo widget to get more information about your leads and make your Klaviyo campaigns more personalized.
  • After sending highly targeted campaigns to the segments Klaviyo has created, configure your Claspo widgets to be shown only to users who came to your website from those campaigns.
  • Have you collected valuable customer reviews with Klaviyo? Show them on your website through the Claspo slider to win the trust of new buyers!

Using Claspo, you have every chance to increase the conversion rate by 2 times on average. Integrating Claspo with Klaviyo will ensure a consistent and personalized omnichannel experience for your audience, further improving your business results.

Klaviyo has a free version with a limited number of contacts. You'll have to pay $45 per month for the email marketing module and $60 per month for full access to the app.

5. Chatfuel

You can find many ready-made chatbots on the Internet, even for free. But Chatfuel offers something more - the ability to create your own virtual assistant. You just need to provide access to information on your website, catalog, or knowledge base, and it will form the right communication tactics, choose the right voice tone, and find an individual approach to customers. These are the main functions of this top AI marketing tool:

  • Customer support is available via live chat on the website. It can be automatically connected to popular CMS or integrated into self-hosted resources using simple scripts.
  • Communication can be done through popular messengers and social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The most exciting thing is that Chatfuel is the official partner of Meta, so you can get a checkmark next to the name of your company's bot, which will enhance its reputation.
  • Cold and hot sales. The program is capable of sending commercial offers, processing leads, and transferring ready customers to the company's employees. It significantly increases the conversion rate while reducing the workload on the call center.


The subscription fee for social media bots is $14.39 per month for the first 300 conversations and $0.03 for each subsequent one. For WhatsApp, it is $29.49 and $0.02, respectively.

6. Albert.ai

The previous generation of applications only partially automated marketing, simplifying some routine processes. Albert is different from them in that it can analyze the effectiveness of advertising, build hypotheses, test them experimentally, and use the results to optimize campaigns. The system consists of the following modules:

  • Planning - selecting media, message structure, keywords, and advertising topics;
  • Building - selecting the target audience, setting budget limits, creating groups of advertising messages within campaigns;
  • Optimization - increasing the effectiveness of advertising by cost, click-through rate, coverage, traffic, or other parameters;
  • Reporting - comparing current indicators with the initial ones, determining the efficiency of artificial intelligence.


The developer claims that its AI tool for digital marketing can replace professionals with 200 different skills across 20 specialties. Moreover, it works around the clock and is completely autonomous, not requiring a manager's attention.

The cost of subscribing to this digital advertising optimization lab is set individually. The authors suggest contacting them to get a personalized quote.

7. Browse AI

Crawlers are irreplaceable assistants to marketers. They search for information based on specific queries and store it in files or databases. Browse AI belongs to this class of applications but has several significant differences:

  • It has more settings. For example, it can collect reviews with a minimum rating (which will help improve products) or find only positive product reviews to expand the outreach database.
  • It is able to monitor ratings, prices, and other quantitative parameters. This allows you to control the market situation and adapt to it in real time.
  • It can imitate the behavior of a real person and bypass CAPTCHAs, which prevents search engines and website security systems from blocking the crawler.


A free subscription provides 50 queries per month. The minimum cost of the full version is $48.75 for 2000 queries per month.

8. Brand24

Business reputation management has long been considered an area almost impossible to automate. But Brand24 developers have a different opinion. They have created one of the best AI tools for marketing that has the following features:

  • Real-time monitoring of brand mentions. The system analyzes social networks, blogs, forums, news platforms, and other websites. It does not only search for mentions but also determines their tone, allowing you to choose the best communication policy.
  • Sorting mentions by topic, source, number of comments in a thread, and other parameters makes the work of marketers and PR specialists easier.
  • Track social media trends by keywords, hashtags, and popular channels.


Subscriptions to Brand24 start from $99 per month.

9. Notion AI

Notion AI is a popular service for organizing workflows. It allows you to distribute tasks among company employees, define responsibilities, monitor performance, and much more. Recently, it has introduced its own artificial intelligence that can:

  • find the necessary information by simple queries such as "select all contextual advertising tasks for me in 2024"
  • automatically fill in tables based on a certain example
  • calculate estimated working hours and budgets
  • generate creative ideas for marketing campaigns
  • automate the writing of instructions and glossaries


The cost of a Notion subscription starts from $8 per seat for each workstation. You will have to pay the same amount for the ability to use artificial intelligence in the web service. 

10. Content at Scale

Our list of the best AI tools for marketing closes with a specialized application for writing blog posts. Yes, there are ChatGPT, Jasper, and other AI models for this purpose, but Content at Scale has several important advantages:

  • It specializes in long reads. It generates readable long articles that preserve a coherent thought and do not disturb the logical structure.
  • It bypasses most AI detectors. At least 70% of checks determine that its texts are written by a living person.
  • It easily adapts to the corporate style and tone of voice, saves the selected settings, and allows you to add to and scale existing drafts.


Subscription to the service for article generation starts at $49 per month, and for a full set of production tools - from $199 per month.

How Can Claspo Help

As you noticed above, Claspo already integrates with some AI-based tools, and rest assured, our list of integrations is constantly expanding. But Claspo's friendship with AI goes beyond integration.

Let's start with the most obvious - using AI tools can simplify the creation of pop-ups and increase their effectiveness. For example, with the right prompts to ChatGPT and Adobe Photoshop, you'll get compelling text and a catchy image that's easy to add to your widget in the Claspo editor.

You can go further! Build your marketing hypothesis with Albert.ai and validate it in practice with Claspo A/B testing. For example, you can test different offers, messaging, designs, and calls to action of your widgets to find out what resonates best with your audience.

Finally, use Surfer SEO and Content at Scale to create useful and valuable content for your target audience. Claspo widgets will help you convert as many readers as possible into leads and customers. Place them on your blog pages and invite your audience to receive more exclusive content straight to their inbox. Or! Add a widget to your product review or description article and offer a discount on your first purchase.

AI tools + Claspo are a great combo that will make your life easier while upping your marketing game. While choosing the right AI tool, try Claspo for free and get your first results!

Still Not A User Of Claspo?


What is an AI marketing tool?

AI tools for marketing are programs that can make decisions on their own, depending on current circumstances. This distinguishes artificial intelligence from previously generation applications that could only work according to a fixed algorithm. 

In which business areas are AI marketing tools used?

Almost all of them, including but not limited to targeting, contextual ads, SEO, branding, customer support, sales, quality content generation, market research, complaint handling, contract support, website audits, PR and reputation management, new product development, pricing, etc. In the next few years, we may see completely new business areas that would not exist without AI.

What are the key benefits of implementing AI tools in marketing strategy?

AI tools improve targeting and personalization, efficiency, and ROI by enabling marketers to deliver more relevant messages, optimize campaigns, and ultimately drive higher engagement and conversions.

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