10 New Year Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Sales in 2023

10 New Year Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Sales in 2023

12 December 2022 13 December 2022 ~ 7 min read 3809 views
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Claspo Blog 10 New Year Marketing Ideas to Increase Your Sales in 2023

The New Year is an excellent newsworthy occasion, and many companies use it to increase their product sales. Preparing for New Year marketing campaigns can take weeks or even months. It requires careful preparation: developing a strategy and choosing channels and ways to influence the consumer.

The New Year is a time of gifts, positive emotions, and smiles, so brand trust will increase if a business manages to give it to its customers. And trust in the brand has a positive effect on sales in the future. We collected New Year marketing ideas that will inspire and tell you what to do.

Table of Contents

  1. When Should I Start My New Year Marketing Campaign?
  2. 10 New Year Marketing Ideas
  3. 5 More Tips for Your New Year Marketing Campaigns
  4. How to Create Brilliant New Year Ads

When Should I Start My New Year Marketing Campaign?

A third of users stock up on New Year's gifts until mid-December. But most people shop between December 21st and 30th. These days, the number of searches on Google, such as "gifts for the New Year" and "what to give for the New Year", is increasing tenfold. The peak interest in this topic falls on the 25th, 26th, and 27th. This means that it is for these days that businesses need to plan as much marketing activity as possible.

The week following Christmas is the optimum time to implement your New Year marketing ideas. December 25 is an excellent day to start because it gives people time to unwind after Christmas celebrations and shopping. Additionally, it gives time before the New Year's Eve festivities start. Additionally, you must be careful to avoid premature discontinuing your New Year ads. Run them for at least the first week of January. As interest starts to wane at that point, you might still want to run the New Year marketing campaigns but scale them back a little.

10 New Year Marketing Ideas

1st Idea. New Year's quiz

The idea of the quiz is always the same - to pass the tests to get the final big prize. In the process, the player can collect snowflakes/Christmas balls/mistletoe leaves and exchange them for small gifts. Or receive gifts for each completed task.


Keep the mechanics simple, and avoid getting people to list the names of all of Santa's reindeer and elves. Users won't do it. New Year's Eve hustle and bustle at work are already exhausting, so entertain them.

2nd Idea. A bag with presents

The New Year campaign is a time of generosity and kindness! So be generous and kind - prepare a whole bag of cool gifts for your customers. For example, when ordering any product on your site, give away cute, valuable extras.


Don't cheat users, and don't try to raffle off something you already give away for free. Some participants in the action may not notice this. But there will be an attentive person who will figure out the deception.

3rd Idea. Write a letter to your future self

These New Year ads will not give you sales but will provide viral coverage and user love. Getting emails from last year's version of yourself is incredibly valuable! It's nice to remember what you dreamed about a year ago, what goals you set, and what qualities you wanted to develop in yourself. But it is even more pleasant if everything written has been put into practice. And if you fail, you can again write a letter to yourself.


If you promised to send a letter in a year, remember to do it!

4th Idea. Write a letter to Santa Claus

There is hardly a person who did not write a letter to Santa Claus in childhood. Childhood is long gone, but the desire to ask for something secret has not disappeared. Let users feel free to tell you what they have achieved this year and what they expect from the next. And you will feel like a magician, read all the letters and give valuable something in return.


If you started such a New Year campaign, be prepared to answer every letter with a soul. Users will immediately see through the stereotype and understand that Santa Claus is not honest!

5th Idea. Benefits Package

We offer to collect all the most “delicious” products or services in one offer and give a discount on them. Customers will not resist such a “bag of sweets.”


Before holding such a New Year advertisement, you need to analyze all the company's services: understand which are popular and rarely ordered.

6th Idea. Descending Discounts

The mechanics are straightforward: daily discounts on a specific service are melting. For example, on Monday, a customer can order a product with a 20% discount; by Sunday, the discount will decrease to only 7%. You can also use a countdown timer.


Be sure to cover the entire process of “disappearing” discounts on the page so that the client does not even think they can postpone the purchase for later. 

7th Idea. New year advent calendar

Advent calendars have the same principle: you open a window and receive a gift of the day every day. In the calendar, in addition to gifts, you can add a wish for every day and a special offer: a discount, a service as a gift, or the ability to order 3 products for the price of one.


Be responsible when choosing gifts for users so they are motivated to visit the page daily.

8th Idea. Drawing of gifts for the New Year

Arrange a giveaway among customers who have purchased goods/services for a certain amount. Each participant will be assigned a serial number, and then you can choose the lucky ones using a random number generator.


So that the rest of the participant does not feel offended, take care of guaranteed gifts for each order. Adding a pop-up on your website will also help attract users' attention. Choose from various New Year popup templates and test the most suitable for your industry.

9th Idea. Wheel of Fortune

Creating New Year ads without intellectual effort is required: spin the roulette wheel and get gifts. This is how the Wheel is best implemented on your site: in the only field, you need to enter your email and click the “spin the wheel” button. The roulette wheel will stop and give out a gift in a second. If the present suits you, it can be activated. If not, continue to try your luck.


The "bad luck" box should never fall out. Just imagine how lucky your customers will feel!

10th Idea. Еntertainment test

Such New Years' marketing ideas give massive viral coverage because they are willingly shared on social networks. For the New Year theme, you can come up with many themes:

  • Guess the New Year's movie with emoticons.
  • How well do you know Christmas songs?
  • How much money will you spend for New Year?
  • Which country is excellent for you to celebrate the New Year?


You can offer your services/products when the results drop out.

5 More Tips for Your New Year Marketing Campaigns

1. Dosed supply of information

Long reads gradually lose their effectiveness in attracting and retaining the audience's attention, although they are still well received by parsers. Content specialists are increasingly dividing large materials into several parts. The principle of the series works here when the series ends at the most exciting place, and you are looking forward to the next one.

2. A lot is not good

If earlier high activity on the site was equally effective for working with clients and interacting with search engines, now more attention is paid to the quality of content than quantity. Therefore, you can avoid bombarding your customers with emails and Facebook posts, especially since it can be as annoying as intrusive advertising. Better work on high-quality, unique, engaging, and valuable New Year marketing ideas.

3. Set up retargeting

The most grateful audience is your current customers - they sometimes need to be reminded of your existence. Retargeting will cope with this task 100%. There are at least 3 ways to bring "old friends" back to your site:

  • retargeting on google;
  • social media retargeting;
  • email marketing to the customer base.

4. Say no to crossposting

The publication of the same material on different sites is already perceived as bad manners. As a rule, each social network is a unique audience with interests and requests. And what is attractive to Facebook users may only sometimes be of interest to the Twitter audience, and vice versa. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare New Year promotion ideas separately for each site, considering its features.

5. Connect with your audience on social media

Interactivity is the backbone of the modern Internet. Anyone can comment, post, and share any publication and thus distribute information on the World Wide Web. Comments and response posts from actual users are a great source of unique content for your online business. You can specifically introduce unique talk triggers for this purpose, provoking readers to communicate.

How to Create Brilliant New Year Ads

Become a good magician for your clients and immerse them in a fairy tale with the help of unusual New Year Ads. It can be a quest, a letter to Santa Claus or yourself in the future, a virtual Christmas tree decoration, or an Advent calendar to give users a small present and a lot of kind words every day.
Clients are children at heart, they love to play and get rewarded for their efforts. By launching a New Year campaign on the site, you not only cheer up users but also relax on purchases - they immediately want lovers of the discount.

But even if it doesn’t come to the order, there are still pluses:

  • improve the behavioral factors of your resource - as the time spent on the site increases;
  • increase the viral coverage - if you need a promotional page about communities in social networks;
  • make users fall in love with you - after a couple of excellent New Year marketing ideas, customers consider you a super-creative company, and each time they will return to your site in search of interesting content.
Create your New Year Campaign with Claspo!

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