6 Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas to Increase Your Sales

6 Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas to Increase Your Sales

30 November 2022 23 December 2022 ~ 13 min read 2124 views
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Claspo Blog 6 Christmas Marketing Campaign Ideas to Increase Your Sales

The holidays are the perfect time to wow your customers with your Christmas marketing. If you need more inspiration to create an effective content marketing strategy for the holidays or fresh tips for your content marketing strategy, enjoy the most creative and practical examples of Christmas marketing campaign ideas. Let’s figure out how marketing campaigns become iconic and why some of them remain in the memory of millions of users. Unique Christmas videos are reviewed annually, and fans quote advertising texts. 

Table of Contents

  1. 6 Marketing Ideas For Christmas
  2. Marketing Tools to Help You Realize All Your Ideas
  3. Make Your Christmas Marketing Campaign Festive

6 Marketing Ideas For Christmas

1. New Year's decoration

You can use all ideas at once or choose the option that you like best for your Christmas marketing:

1. Add Christmas symbols to the logo

A good option for those who want to spend less time and are afraid to go too far with Christmas decorations.

2. Create a Christmas landing page

It could be a real Christmas masterpiece with gift options, holiday content, and cozy winter designs. For example, you can post photos of products in a Christmas interior or launch a falling snowball on the site.

3. Make a Christmas cover for social networks 

Active visitors to your pages will appreciate the new design.

4. Add a Christmas banner to the slider on the site

In addition to the aesthetic function, this option is also helpful. In the banner, you can talk about holiday discounts and offer to choose gifts for Christmas.

Make an outstanding Christmas marketing campaign by launching high-converting Christmas Popup Templates on your website with Claspo! 

2. Useful content

There may need to be more than advertising and discounts. Think about what you will send out helpful to subscribers and post on social networks. There are many options for Christmas marketing. Choose what best suits your area and decide where you will take the resources to prepare the selected materials.

Content options for Christmas:

1. Gift guide

Perhaps the most popular option, as it benefits customers and helps the company sell more. The guide can be issued in the form of a blog article, posts on social networks, or a section on the website. The main thing is to help users quickly find what they need among your products (depending on interests, age, gender, budget, etc.). Among other things, the guide is an excellent way to attract organic traffic. You can supplement the guide with an interactive form (quiz). The visitor answers a few questions and immediately receives suitable gifts.

2. Checklists

Christmas is a period of burning deadlines both in the search for gifts and at work. Your readers will need a checklist to help them remember important things, including choosing a gift on your site. Such marketing ideas for Christmas are much more interesting than direct advertising.

3. Instructions and tips

How to prepare for the holiday, choose a Christmas outfit, get rid of unnecessary things at home, and quickly and beautifully decorate the house - any topic you can connect with your business area will do.

4. Horoscopes

They are read even by those who do not believe in them. The main thing is to make it interesting and humorous.

5. Results of the year from the point of view of the client

If you have customer statistics, you can arrange it beautifully and send a link in an email. Tell us how much a particular person ordered from you, how much he spent, how many hours in the service, and what results he achieved.

3. Special Service

Before Christmas, most people think about what to give to relatives, friends, and colleagues. But the difficulties continue: you still need to beautifully pack the gift, sign the card and hand it all to the recipient. It's good when the company offers to take on at least some of these concerns. A product complemented by useful services is much more valuable. In addition, it can be used in advertising as an additional advantage.

 What to offer when for the Christmas marketing campaign:

1. Festive packaging

Only some people love and know how to wrap gifts. Offer to package your product nicely, and you'll get more customers to order.

2. Free postcard

If you can charge an additional fee for packaging, it is better to offer a postcard as a bonus. Let the buyer write the text himself to make the congratulation genuinely personal. If he orders goods for himself, put a postcard without warning. The surprise will be even more pleasant if the card is supplemented with a Christmas souvenir.

3. A small gift

You can offer a gift for a purchase of a certain amount or add a gift to the order without warning. Everyone loves pleasant surprises. A gift without Christmas advertising ideas will not attract additional customers but will help strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Pro Tip

Prepare gift certificates online. It is only sometimes possible to present a gift in person, and delivery may not be in time. Then the winners are the stores that have online certificates.

4. Gift Baskets

Prepare ready-made food kits so that the person can collect the gift himself. It can be both sets of physical goods and services. You can print beautiful postcards with your company logo and include them with every order. You can always come up with an inexpensive bonus that the client will be pleased to receive.

4. Holiday entertainment

Christmas is when you are drawn to do something interesting, play, and have fun, gaining strength for the coming 12 months. Many brands are well aware of the audience's desires and launch Christmas marketing campaigns on social networks, on the website, or on the mailing list before the holidays.

1. Games on the site and social networks

The final version depends on your resources and imagination. If you have a multi-page site, you can hide gifts all over your site and ask visitors to find them. A more complex option is to come up with and make an online game. In addition, you can prepare different tasks and give gifts for their implementation.

2. Advent calendar

A popular way to entertain visitors and motivate them to visit the site more often. An advent calendar is a page with windows-days, each of which hides a gift, exciting content, or holiday wishes. Every day, another window opens, and so on until December 31.


3. Contests and drawings of prizes

The easiest way to attract buyers on Christmas is to arrange a drawing of prizes among those who bought in December or offer to win a gift now. A more complex mechanic is to announce a competition for the best Christmas photo with a product or a poem with the company's name.

4. Holiday test

Come up with an attractive Christmas quiz. It’s good if these are not just questions about Christmas but tasks related to your business. For example, you can create a test where you offer to guess famous characters from their letters to Santa Claus. For correct answers, you can offer a discount or a gift.

5. Organize a Christmas fair

Organize or participate in a Christmas market with other local businesses. Such Christmas advertising ideas will help you increase holiday sales.

Give your customers a shopping experience by creating Christmas activities and entertaining them. Hire local musicians or Christmas choirs to sing Christmas songs. Invite local artisans to demonstrate how to make Christmas decorations for your home.

You can even host a small Christmas party for your clients. Hosting a holiday party is one of the best Christmas promotion ideas for building strong customer relationships. You can show appreciation to your customers by having fun and building brand awareness.

5. Use an Ugly Sweater

The ugly sweater is a joke name for a cute symbol of Christmas, which has recently become an international meme. And every year, its popularity is growing. Large companies from the USA, Canada, England, and several other European countries have mastered the production of their ugly sweaters for Christmas. The latter quickly gained popularity and became a collector's item.

So in 2018 and 2019, Microsoft released its versions of the ugly sweater. They were dedicated to the operating systems Windows 95 and WinXP. Sweaters could not be bought, they were presented to employees, journalists, and bloggers. Later, pullovers appeared at auctions and cost incredible money.

In 2020, the already traditional sweaters from Microsoft began to depict popular programs. In 2021, Microsoft released its ugly sweater based on its Minesweeper game. Seeing the popularity of clothing in the same year, the company did not make sweaters exclusive. Now anyone can purchase their own Microsoft ugly sweater for $75. True, it is more challenging to do. In a couple of hours from the moment of sale, users bought out half of the assortment. By the end of the day, all available sweaters had been purchased.

Texas-based liquor maker, Tito's Handmade Vodka, has released a new bottle clad in an "ugly" sweater. The manufacturer launched a limited edition of bottles for sale. Moreover, in an exclusive format. The alcoholic drink was available for purchase only in Cannes (France). The brand plans to expand sales to a number of international airports in different countries.

6. Use video content

Video is one of the leading digital marketing trends of recent years and is still at the peak of popularity. Communication with the client must be practical and involving, and it is necessary to influence all the human senses. Interactive content copes with this task perfectly: we hear, see and immerse ourselves in the plot of the video, and we are left with impressions from the information received. If you are up to date and want new customers, add video content to your strategy. It is desirable to make videos small, up to 1 minute.

The main secret of the success of marketing ideas for Christmas is to come up with a magical story about family values. It's good if she is a little sad at the beginning, but always with a happy ending. Most Christmas videos emphasize the importance of spending more time with loved ones and supporting others, even if they are not like you.

For example, the German supermarket chain EDEKA invites us to think about what is more essential: time spent with children or New Year's fuss.

At the same time, Apple's Christmas marketing campaign in 2013 with a similar message caused a heated discussion in the community.

Apple released a Misunderstanding Christmas commercial promoting the iPhone 5s. The video's protagonist is a teenager, not looking up from his phone. He ignores how his family is having fun and does not participate in games and preparations for Christmas.

Throughout the video, the viewer is sure that all advertising is about how a teenager replaces communication with his family with "communication" with the phone. Only at the end of the video the teenager on the TV screen shows the video he shot, which captures all family members on these holidays.

Viewers were fascinated by the new video. But not everyone shared the delight of what they saw. Many critics pointed out that while the teenager was photographing and filming, he missed all those cute family moments shown later in his video. The teenager acted as an observer, not a participant.

“Apple has always been about people and living,” said Jonathan Salem Baskin, founder of consulting firm Baskin Associates. “This video is about technology, and it’s very depressing.” The expert called the ad frankly bad.

Some said Apple would do better if their ads said, "Put your iPhone away this holiday season and talk to your family and friends."

The use of phones at the family table is annoying for many. Some American restaurants have begun offering a five percent discount to those willing to give up their mobile devices and sit all the time talking to people in reality.

Despite criticism, "Misunderstanding" won Apple a Creative Arts Emmy Award for Most Outstanding Advertising in 2014.

Twenty years ago, Starbucks decided to sell drinks from September to January in special celebratory cups. The first packages were not even the traditional Christmas red, but purple, but they were different from those in which drinks were served the rest of the year.

Two years later, Starbucks Christmas cups were the color of caramel apples. The arrival of holiday packaging also meant a new Christmas menu that could only be sampled for a few months. Every year the company presents a new design of glasses.

In 2015, the coffee shop chain used only a red background and its logo, which caused a flurry of discontent. Starbucks has been accused of removing Christmas images from holiday packaging, ostensibly to be politically correct.

A trend has appeared on Twitter under the hashtag #ItsJustACup. Starbucks cups were discussed on social media and talk shows, and even US President Donald Trump commented on the issue.

The Christmas marketing campaign in 2015 made a splash. In the 13 weeks leading up to Christmas, the company earned almost 12% more than the previous year. The Starbucks coffee shop chain has earned billions of dollars by creating a minimalistic and simple design.

In 2011, eBay partnered with Toys for Tots to launch a "Give a Toy" promotion around the holidays. Interactive holiday stores were installed in San Francisco and New York City, displaying the most popular toys, from teddy bears to trains. Their cost ranged from $2 to $25.

Passers-by who wanted to donate had to download the eBay app on their phone, with which they could scan the display price tags.

After confirming the choice, the toy came to life thanks to passers-by. In addition, it was possible to participate in the promotion on the eBay website and the company's official Facebook page. For each donated toy, eBay listed one dollar.

Marketing Tools to Help You Realize All Your Ideas

1. Look what your competitors are doing

Take companies from your industry as well as from a related industry. Study their Christmas marketing ideas and advertising over the past few years. If some option is repeated, then it was successful. It may be worth taking note of this idea and adapting it to your liking.

2. Don't think about sales; think about relationships

Selling as much as possible on Christmas is an important task, but it is much more critical that the “holiday” customers are satisfied and come back to you more than once in the new year. Therefore, do not forget to keep promises and support customers after the purchase.

3. Come up with a comprehensive campaign

The more exciting offers, games, and gifts you prepare for Christmas, the more customers you will attract.

4. Use humor

If you feel the strength to joke, do not be shy. Such advertising always stands out against the backdrop of cozy family stories.

Make Your Christmas Marketing Campaign Festive

Famous brands are constantly coming up with creative Christmas marketing ideas to successfully promote their products and capture the attention of potential customers. Why don't you try this method too?

The best Christmas advertising creates a festive mood. Most brands join the tradition. The plot of your Christmas marketing should primarily have an emotional component. It can be a 15-second video or a story about Santa's journey. The main thing is to use the idea of a holiday. You need to create an advertisement about the new year, inscribing your brand as an attribute of the upcoming winter period.

It doesn't matter what kind of Christmas marketing ideas you're aiming for, the most important thing is to focus on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content so that your customers have fun and you have a profit!

This article showed you some cool new ways and search strategies that you can use to delight your readers and followers with great content and attract new audiences.

Create Your Christmas Marketing Campaign With Claspo!

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