How to Get Customer Feedback: 4 Ways

How to Get Customer Feedback: 4 Ways

30 March 2022 23 January ~ 6 min read 8776 views
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Claspo Blog How to Get Customer Feedback: 4 Ways

Many companies strive to be more customer-focused, so reviews play an essential role. Collecting feedback from customers, even if negative, is at the heart of improving products and services.

If customer experience is really bad, they often don't report that the products don't meet expectations, but never use the company's services again. And this, you see, is a high price for the absence of negative feedback. Ask customers for their reviews immediately after the purchase if you want to upgrade your business. It is more profitable for companies to receive negative feedback and improve the service than not to receive feedback at all.

If you don’t get high-quality feedback, you won't be able to create brand loyalty. So let's explore some ways to get customer feedback.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Get Started with Gathering Customer Feedback?
  2. 4 Methods How to Get Customer Feedback
  3. Collect Feedback to Make the Product Beneficial

Why Get Started with Gathering Customer Feedback?

Use any data you’ve received after getting feedback to improve your services or your product. If you have a product idea, you try to find out what the potential audience thinks about this idea and what the potential users generally need. If you’re developing a product and want to improve it, you also have to learn what users think.

Improvements don't always have to be in the form of a response to negative feedback. Customers may like a certain feature or service that only your company provides. In any case, you can use this data to improve the quality and promote the company's advantages in the market.

People trust people. Many potential customers look at online product and service reviews before purchasing. That is why, it is better to create a whole review section, which everyone can access. Potential and existing customers will not have to look for more information online.

This is convenient for both the client and the business owner because it can be controlled. So, for example, after receiving a negative review, you can contact the client, find out the reasons for their dissatisfaction and solve the problem. Accordingly, his review may change after the company's response when they realize that their situation was carefully considered.

Let them know if you collect feedback from customers to strategize your product/business as a whole. Many will be glad to know that their voices are heard and used for the company's benefit.

But why not go further and offer discounts or loyalty points to those who take the time to leave a review? This will help build a loyal community of customers and users who are ready to provide you with quality data.

4 Methods How to Get Customer Feedback

How to get customer feedback online? There are many ways to collect customer reviews. A good process starts with finding ways that are most convenient for the client and that do not take too much time. Here are some of the most effective.


Surveys are a classic way to collect feedback that is not intrusive for the client when properly drafted. A well-written survey works for you and allows you to find out if customers are satisfied with the quality of the service/services provided.

The easiest way to collect feedback is to use the customer's preferred communication channels. These can be surveys by phone, messenger chat, SMS, or email. Short surveys tend to have higher completion rates. According to SurveyMonkey, if there are ten questions or fewer in a survey, the fill rate is 89%, and drops to 79% if there are 40 or more questions.

However, do not forget about the advantages of telephone surveys, because talking to customers is much more convenient than writing or choosing answers by reading the question. It is also convenient to connect voice assistants to such surveys, which will be able to call all customers and ask the necessary questions without taking much time. Voice assistants make the process of receiving feedback convenient and efficient because robots are freely integrated into the company's CRM system. They can synthesize and recognize speech.


Surveys Example.png

Public Surveys

Here customers can answer the proposed questions, and the statistics will be available to any user who has logged into the site/application. These surveys are easy to complete as they are multiple-choice questions. There's no need to type, only clicks, and this makes it easy for customers to leave feedback.

Also, such surveys often provide the opportunity to remain anonymous or leave any personal data if users want it. Accordingly, customer confidence is usually higher in such reviews because it allows one to see what real people think about a product or service.

Public Surveys Example.png

Feedback Button

This feedback tool will come in handy for gathering information quickly. "Clickable buttons" usually pop up at the end of the service. These buttons can be emoticons, stars, or just a point scale on which the client notes their satisfaction.

Since the survey can be completed with one click, a large number of people participate in this. Obviously, such an approach is convenient for the client since you can evaluate the service without explaining the reasons, but sometimes this is not convenient for the business because it is difficult to understand what did not suit the client when they do not directly report it.


Feedback Button Example.png

Check What People Write on Social Media

You can always check what is going here and there to see what people are saying about your business. You can search by your name and see hashtags or tags if people left them. Usually, they do.

Collect Feedback to Make the Product Beneficial

Collecting feedback from customers, both negative and positive, is an integral part of the company's business processes. All feedback is valuable and can play a significant role in the further development of your products or brand. To develop faster and stay ahead of the competition, you need to listen to the most important thing you have — your customers.

Setting up feedback channels for customer development activities takes time, but the result is definitely worth the effort. This helps make the product valuable to users, achieve company goals, and help save development time and money.

Today we have discussed why surveys are an important aspect of the company's work. If you have already decided that you need such a service to increase customer loyalty to the brand, we are ready to support you in this endeavor and suggest how using voice assistants, you can write a script and launch surveys in a matter of hours.

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