How to Increase Mobile Conversion Rate: 10 Proven Advices

How to Increase Mobile Conversion Rate: 10 Proven Advices

26 May 2022 19 April ~ 9 min read 4499 views
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Claspo Blog How to Increase Mobile Conversion Rate: 10 Proven Advices

Mobile conversion optimization is not the future but the present. So we hope you have worked on your mobile conversion and know the basics. But there are still many business owners who don't know what to do with their websites. Or they have a specialist who is not that much of a specialist. That is also ok, but you have to understand what makes high website mobile conversion. 

Table of Contents

1. What Is Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization?

2. Why Is It Important to Optimize Mobile Conversions?

3. 10 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate on Mobile

4. Start Your Mobile Campaign Now

What Is Mobile Conversion Rate Optimization?

According to Statista, more than 50% of people use mobile phones to look up information, buy products, purchase services, download stuff, and use apps. And here's the question for you. Do you consider mobile users as a part of your phone conversion strategy?

Mobile conversion rates optimization is the improvement process of your macro-conversions which is your primary goal. Basically, a macro-conversion is anything you want to track: purchases, downloads, registrations, calls, lead generating, etc. And when you optimize your mobile-friendly website, you can include more people who use mobile phones in your strategy and goals.

Why Is It Important to Optimize Mobile Conversions?

Most people are more likely to use their smartphones to purchase specific things or look for particular services. It is very convenient as people can shop on the go without interrupting their routine. Most websites and stores have optimized pages or even apps for the best user experience.

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Note that many people don't use Wi-Fi when they are on the go. And if they use their cellular data, you should make sure that the website loads fast. The more the user waits for the page to appear, the fewer chances they will purchase anything. So it is your number one task to optimize your mobile website. After this, you can start with mobile conversion optimization.

10 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate on Mobile

Mobile phones are not something to be put behind. They are the tools that will bring you conversions, purchases, and money. To create a superb optimized website, you need to follow several pieces of advice that might help build your business.

Advice 1. Take Time to Create a Design for Mobile

The first thing you have to do is make sure your design is perfect and smooth for every person of your target audience. The design should exactly correspond to your content, so we recommend you make a website design from scratch. This will allow you to be more flexible and make a site that will work flawlessly for your clients.

Make sure to understand the UI/UX basics to work with the designer. The basic rule is that it has to load quickly and be easy to understand. Make sure to use images that can be easily shown, so the user doesn't need to wait for them for an eternity.

Don't forget that the mobile screens are smaller than the desktop screens. People use their fingers to click on things and not a mouse or a touchpad. This means that you have to pay attention to the size of the buttons and fields. That should be accessible with the finger touch. All the button and field text should be easy to read even from the smallest screen.

The designers usually test all their work on different devices, so make sure to do that. Try to check it yourself and just understand whether it is convenient to use your website on both iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

The biggest advice here is to try to walk a mile in your client's shoes. This will give you answers to all your questions.

Advice 2. Be Simple

We, here at Claspo, believe that simplicity is the key. And it's not just something we like aesthetically. Simplicity plays a significant role when it comes to mobile conversion rates. Each website, ad, campaign, strategy should have one particular goal that you try to achieve with available tools. If you want people to understand the one thing that is most important in your business, and distinguishes you, just be simple. It includes visuals, buttons, texts, etc. It doesn't mean that they have to be short and have zero aesthetics, but each unit should be part of your big idea.

Besides, there is a technical benefit of such an approach as well. If you create a simple website with good visuals, the load time will improve, which means people won't wait for a long time to see your products.

Advice 3. Recommend Products

Your website is your office where you know everything. And it's your duty to improve the shopping experience of your clients. You know best what items are similar to the ones that people check or consider popular. Feel free to advise them of similar or additional products and services. Relevant products grab the user's attention as much as the initial product. It might be even the one that the client desired the most, which will lead to the immediate purchase.

Advice 4. Use Pop Up Offers

A triggered campaign can increase clients' engagement and lead to the desired website mobile conversion. The pop up window that appears at a specific time or after a specific action is most likely to get the attention of the visitor.

They won't make your user mad just because such campaigns appear when the user does something relatable, so the offer might be handy. For example, if the client checks several different related products, you can propose a bundle offer. Free shipping over the specific sum works well too.

Promote your offers, discounts, happy hours nicely, offering a client a personalized experience. And make sure that it is easy to use such a promo. The button with CTA should be big and noticeable as well as the rules of this discount. You can use our Claspo service to create pop ups for mobile devices so that users can get your notifications right before their eyes.

Advice 5. Offer Various Payment Methods

Statista states that about 80% of people abandoned their shopping carts in 2021 and moved on. We are sure each and every person has their own motivation to do that, but the number is still pretty high, so you should start doing something with it.

One of the possible cases is that people don't trust their banking data on your website. That's just how it goes. You can offer other methods rather than placing banking data by hand on your website like e-wallet payment — ApplePay, PayPal, etc. It is also faster and safer. And there won't be time for a person to think twice about the purchase as everything happens immediately.

What’s more, after the first purchase, your clients won't even need to re-enter their data which means their shopping will be easier and faster.

Advice 6. Remember About Privacy

Safety is a priority for many. And this is not only about banking data but also about personal data. You should guarantee your mobile users that everything they do on your website and any information that they share with you is safe.

You should secure your website with HTTPS and get an SSL certificate. Also, write down your testimonials where you state your rules about personal information. This will make people trust you and recommend your website to their friends and family.

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Advice 7. Work On Your CTA

The call to action button is the tool that makes your visitors purchase your products or services. It is one of the most crucial steps to increase the mobile conversion rate of your website. Depending on your goal, the CTA reflects the action that the user has to do: buy, download, sign-up, leave the message, etc.

Some people simply surf the Internet to find good deals, compare prices, or just to dream about new things for their houses, etc. But a strong CTA can turn that into an actual purchase where both of you win: the customer gets the desired product, and you get the money, rates, and possibly a new loyal client.

The perfect CTA is straightforward, easy to read and understand. It is placed in a visible spot and differs from regular texts and buttons.

Don't overuse CTAs but just use them where you need to. We also recommend creating a personalized CTA for every campaign. If you offer 60% off the product, place the text that says "Buy with a 60% off!" and not just "Buy".

Advice 8. Don’t Forget About SEO Optimization

One of the biggest reasons to create a mobile version of your website is that Google indexes such websites higher. It means that you have better chances to appear on the first pages of the search engine.

To do more, you should enrich your website with relative content and keywords that will help users find you. This also involves working on the meta tags and keywords that will help users find the products and services they need.

Such optimization will work greatly. If everything is done right, it will bring new customers to your door and retain old ones. If done wrong, you can invite the wrong audience who won't buy a thing from you. The wrong audience always results in low conversion rate mobile, so keep an eye on your mobile conversion optimization.

Try Google's testing tool to check the website's performance and learn how to eliminate issues.

Advice 9. Run Mobile Campaign

As we’ve mentioned earlier, many people use their mobile phones to search the Internet and get the desired goods. So you can offer mobile users campaigns that were made only for mobile. Meaning they won't be able to use or see them from their desktops. This will result in a higher number of mobile purchases as this is a great chance to get something desirable for a nice price.

You can also notify all desktop users that you have a limited-time mobile offer that they can also use if purchasing off their phones.

Advice 10. Retarget

The issue with mobile phones is that people are easily distracted from their screens. This means that they might close the website or just simply forget what they were looking at. You can remind them about your website and see if they will come back to finish the purchase.

As the research states, about 70% of users can be converted after retargeting. Make sure to create a strong, simple, and engaging campaign that will bring people who once were on your website. Don't miss out on your potential conversions.

Start Your Mobile Campaign Now

You can get lots of benefits after optimizing your mobile website, including the increase in mobile conversion rate. It is not the easiest work but surely incredibly important. Start with design and texts and grow your powers by working on different marketing campaigns, SEO optimization, and promotions. This is the key to the successful work of your business and the answer to your "how to increase mobile conversion rate" question.

If you don't want to do everything yourself, you can always ask Claspo for help, advice, or a full working cycle. Have fun building your online business, as it is a creative task that has no boundaries!

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