16 Best Valentine's Day Pop-ups

16 Best Valentine's Day Pop-ups

19 January 26 January ~ 10 min read 1392 views
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Claspo Blog 16 Best Valentine's Day Pop-ups

Ah, Valentine's Day – where love fills the air, hearts grace every corner, and the joy of gifting warms our souls. Spending on Valentine’s gifts has been on a sweet rise, from $21.8 billion in 2021 to $25.9 billion in 2023. Meanwhile, 35% of shoppers prefer the online route for their love-filled purchases.

So, why not turn your online store into the go-to destination for all lovers? With Claspo widgets, it's a breeze. This article unveils the best Valentine's Day pop-ups to infuse a festive spirit into your website. Blend them seamlessly with your marketing strategy and shower your business with conversions like delicate rose petals. 

Collect Emails of Those Romantics

90% of consumers share their emails for discounts, regardless of the season. But, as Valentine's Day approaches, your offer to indulge loved ones without straining the budget will be especially welcome. As a result, shoppers save money, and you gain new leads in your mailing list. It's a win-win strategy that can be seamlessly executed with Claspo’s best Valentine's Day pop-ups.

1. Sweet Lollipops

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This classic pop-up has all the right ingredients for your Valentine's Day success: two input fields that show the highest conversion rate, a countdown timer that motivates hesitant, love-struck shoppers to purchase now, and a cute holiday design that amplifies the romantic vibes. 

2. Heart Gifts

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56% of shoppers purchase gifts for their loved ones between January 29 and February 5. That's why announcing your discounts in advance is a strategic move. Our Valentine's Day floating box helps you gather the email addresses of eager deal hunters. 

You can send gentle reminders about your upcoming discounts or sweeten the deal by dispatching exclusive promo codes. With this approach, you stay top-of-mind and enhance the chances of turning those leads into customers.

3. Marry Me

Use this template

This is one of the best Valentine's Day pop-ups to showcase your products. Images intensify the emotional connection with your audience and boost email signups by a whopping 63%! With the flexible Claspo editor, you can easily upload your desired image, add a link, or choose from our built-in photo stock.

4. Shining Love

Use this template

Due to its laconic and versatile design, this template is a perfect fit for many businesses. Still, you can easily tailor it to your site's overall design. With the user-friendly Claspo editor, tweaking colors and fonts, customizing input fields, and altering button appearances become a breeze. In just a few minutes, you can turn any basic template into your best Valentine's Day pop-up that aligns with your brand aesthetics. 

5. Little Cupid

Use this template

Play the role of Cupid for your site visitors and aim straight for their hearts with a holiday discount! Claspo allows you to set up a relative timer that starts ticking down for each shopper the moment your widget graces their screen. The result? You will reach more romantic souls with your limited-time offer and get more emails in your mailing list.

6. Heart Beat

Use this template

This is the best Valentine's Day pop-up template if you aim to infuse a festive vibe without overly elaborate designs on your website. Capitalizing on the timeless symbolism of hearts, it channels the essence of Valentine's Day. Besides, the strategic use of red adds an extra layer of urgency and motivates shoppers to make decisions swiftly.

Hold a Giveaway Among Lovers

Contest and giveaway forms have a 34% higher conversion rate. The logic behind it is sound: there's a distinct allure in winning a gift for a significant other instead of purchasing it at a discount. If holding a giveaway fits your holiday marketing strategy, our best Valentine's Day pop-ups will maximize participant engagement. Just remember the essential rules:

Valeriia Kozarezova, Head of Content:

“Place a Valentine's Day giveaway widget on your website well ahead of time. That way, you draw in a bigger crowd of participants and make sure the lucky winner gets their prize right on time for the big day of love. Oh, speaking of prizes, make sure it's something your audience would be super excited about. After all, the more enticing the prize, the more competition it'll spark.” 

7. With All My Heart

Use this template

You can place our floating box on the right or left side of the screen to announce your giveaway without causing browsing disruptions. If you give away gifts for couples, remind shoppers that their significant other can also take part. With this approach, they double their chances of winning, and you double leads in your mailing list.

8. Paradise Love

Use this template

It could be your best Valentine's Day pop-up if you are a neutral design fan. Infused with thematic pastel colors, it effortlessly grabs attention amidst everyday content, creating a delightful holiday atmosphere. It features an animated button that not only attracts focus but also serves as a motivation to click. With the Claspo editor, turning off the animation or tweaking its style is a breeze.

Enable to Preorder Gifts for Loved Ones

As highlighted earlier, Valentine's Day shopping typically kicks off in the last week of January, fueled by the fear of missing out on timely gifts for loved ones. Give your shoppers peace of mind and let them pre-order the items they want.

Our best Valentine's Day pop-ups with a concise pre-order form can be strategically placed on the homepage to reach a larger audience or specific product pages to convert visitors with a keen interest in those items.

9. Sweet Love

Use this template

If SMS marketing is a key element of your strategy, this template is tailor-made for you. Claspo allows you to customize the input field to collect phone numbers with specific country codes. Moreover, you can display your widget exclusively in chosen countries, regions, or cities. Finally, feel free to add additional input fields to your layout in our drag-and-drop editor and acquire more customer insights.

10. Wings of Love

Use this template

The vibrant and fun design gently nudges shoppers to share their emails to pre-order their desired gifts. If there's a need for additional details, like a delivery address, the widget can smoothly redirect them to the right page. The customer holiday journey on your website is made a breeze with our best Valentine's Day pop-ups!

Guide Them to Special Sales ASAP

Cost is the decisive factor for 49% of shoppers when selecting Valentine's Day gifts. By showcasing your deals prominently on your website ahead of the big day, you can capture the hearts of those enchanted by Cupid's arrow.

The best Valentine's Day pop-ups by Claspo broadcast your discounts and guide shoppers to the relevant pages where they can seize the deals. This way, you keep their shopping journey straightforward and accelerate their path to the checkout page.

11. Love Time

Use this template

This template maintains a minimalistic design while packing all the essential elements: a compelling title, an offer description, and a prominent CTA button. If the default heart graphics don't quite hit the mark for you, use our built-in stock of photos to select more fitting images or upload visuals of your actual products that are part of the discounted offerings. 

12. Scarlet Petals

Use this template

The majority of the best pop-ups for Valentine's Day come in themed colors. Utilize them as they are, and your holiday deal will stand out amidst other content. Still, you can easily tweak the color scheme to align with your branding. The Claspo editor stores your branded assets, eliminating the need to design widgets from scratch every time and saving you valuable time.

13. Romantic Blur

Use this template

Your Valentine's Day deals don't need to take the most screen space to capture attention, and our floating bar proves it. Affixed neatly at the bottom or top of the screen, it accompanies shoppers as they scroll and reminds them to buy gifts for loved ones at a discount. Don't be fooled by its compact size – this widget skillfully houses your enticing offer and even a sales-boosting countdown timer.

Let Promo Codes Melt Their Hearts

Promo codes are a powerful incentive for both first-time and repeat purchases. The reason is simple – offering promo codes gives shoppers a clear call to action: "Here's your active discount; seize the opportunity hassle-free." Showcase promo codes directly on your website with Claspo's best Valentine's Day pop-ups and spark a surge in holiday sales!

14. Glossy Hearts

Use this template

Oh, the sweetness of these three-dimensional hearts captures Valentine's Day's cuteness and romance – they're practically begging to be touched. When shoppers see this adorable widget, they will feel that your shop is the perfect place to snag the most delightful gifts for those who truly belong in their hearts. 

15. Love Message

Use this template

As the floating bar stays with shoppers while they scroll, they won't miss your promo code or forget about your enticing offer. Yet, we at Claspo prioritize user experience as a key element in driving conversions. That's why you can set the widget to stop displaying if the shopper doesn't interact with it for a specified period or closes it.

16. Star Hearts

Use this template

As they say, "Love makes time pass," so it's no surprise that enamored shoppers can get lost in the joy of choosing the perfect gift. However, with our floating box featuring a countdown timer, you can gently bring them back to reality and remind them that your offer, unlike love, will not last forever.

Turn any Template into Your Best Valentine's Day Pop-up

Claspo is your go-to for ultimate customization! So you can easily infuse that festive vibe into any template you fancy. Check out our video guide on creating an adorable and heartwarming conversion tool in no time.

From Claspo With Love

In this article, we've unveiled our best Valentine's Day-themed widgets for different purposes. If you love more than just one (totally understandable!), why not use them to elevate your marketing strategy?

Target your widgets to the right audience, dictate when and where they appear, and ensure an impeccable user experience – Claspo automatically shields your widgets from simultaneous appearances and overlapping.

Remember that the holiday shopping frenzy starts at the end of January. So, don't wait! Spruce up your website with the best Valentine's Day pop-ups and capture the hearts of those adoring shoppers before your competitors do!

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