Pop-Up Ads Definition, Examples, And Benefits

Pop-Up Ads Definition, Examples, And Benefits

21 November 2022 23 February 2023 ~ 11 min read 5049 views
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Claspo Blog Pop-Up Ads Definition, Examples, And Benefits

Pop-up ads are specific messages shown to a user while they are browsing. Advertisement pop-up usually appears over the content of a website. It’s designed to grab users’ attention. A well-thought-out pop-up organically fits into the site's functionality, adding information.

Pop-ups are a valuable marketing tool when used correctly: their conversion can reach 40%. Pop-up advertisements on the site showed the best click-through rate compared to other types of advertising - about 2%. Let’s talk about conversion pop-up forms that require users to perform some action. What are pop-up ads that engage customers?

Table of Contents

  1. Pop-Up Ads Definition
  2. Why You Should Use Pop-Up Ads
  3. Pop-Up Advertisement Examples
  4. What Is a Pop-Up Ad that Makes Customers Buy from You?

Pop-Up Ads Definition

A pop-up ad is an interface element displayed on top of a web page. It suddenly appears on click or without the user's request. Pop-up advertisements can become a handy asset for your marketing strategy when used wisely. And vice versa, one false move may mean total dissatisfaction and losing the trust of your potential and existing customers.

Why You Should Use Pop-Up Ads

We will talk about conversion pop-up forms that require users to perform some action. This can be a newsletter subscription, a call order, or filling out an application.

Conversion popups allow you to:

1. To draw the client's attention and grow engagement

A tiny percentage of users will thoroughly explore your site. Therefore, they will ignore some of the content. The pop ups advertisement grabs the visitor's attention and shows them essential information. For example, talks about a current promotion or offers a discount on a purchase.

2. Increase conversion

You can set the time when the advertisement pop up appears, its display rules, and the content. For example, a user is viewing a product page. When the viewing duration reaches a predetermined time, a window will pop up with an offer to buy a product at a reduced price.

3. Segment the audience that sees the popup

For example, in an advertisement pop up, the user is offered to subscribe to the online store's newsletter. At the same time, customers have the opportunity to choose a mailing list with goods.

4. To improve user experience

You can offer users the most relevant advertising of goods, services, and promotional offers.

Pop-Up Advertisement Examples

The two main pop-up types are hello-board and page-stop.

1. Hello board covers part of the screen. It can appear anywhere on the page and does not block the site's functionality. It also does not interfere with viewing and use. You can quickly close it.

Hello board pop-up ad example

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2. Page-stop. It’s an advertisement pop up placed in the center of the screen or covers most of the page. Visitors cannot skip it until they perform the target action or force close the window.

Hello boards are less annoying than page stops because they are less intrusive and can be ignored. But page stops are considered more effective because they force users to stop and read the information.

Page-stop pop-up ad example

Pop up advertisement is used for different purposes:

1. Greeting

This pop-up ad is used to encourage customers to make their first purchase. You can add an offer for users to subscribe to notifications on your web page to get all essential news and promotions. It can be displayed when the resource is opened if the visitor has yet to enable notifications. You should also add a discount on an order or a bonus for subscribing to a newsletter.

Greeting pop-up ad example

2. Email subscription

With this form, you can invite the client to become a permanent recipient of the email newsletter. But, at the same time, it is crucial to show what benefit the user will receive after constantly receiving your letters.

Email subscription pop-up ad example

3. Registration on the site

Pop-up ads will help your guests to create a personal account on the web resource for more convenient purchase management. The form will be opened only for those who have yet to register.

Registration pop-up ad example

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4. Subscription to social networks

Such advertisement pop up will provide you with a stable flow of targeted users to various social accounts. This will have a very positive effect on the growth of the audience in the communities of your company.

Subscription to social networks pop-up ad example

5. Informing about discounts and promotions

This kind of information in an advertisement pop up increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and draws attention to marketing activities.

The form can be shown both at the initial entrance to the site and at the second one. In the first case, it motivates the user to make the first order at a discount, and in the second case, it increases the base of your regular customers.

Promo pop-up ad example

6. Getting feedback

It will help you get feedback from customers and build audience loyalty. In exchange for a feedback, users can be offered a bonus.

Feedback pop-up ad example

7. Request a callback

Advertisement pop up will provide communication between customers and your sales managers. It can call the user back within a few minutes or at a convenient time. To do this, the visitor must be prompted to select a date and time for calling back from the site. 

Callback pop-up ad example

8. Conducting a survey

With the help of the advertisement pop up you can collect relevant questions from users. And they can be used to generate content on a web resource, work out objections, and form the pains and needs of the target audience. Also, questions from visitors will help to implement an individual approach to each of them and competently lead to the sale.

Survey pop-up ad example

9. Filling out the application

Advertisement pop-ups will help collect page visitor contacts for a sales manager. Then he will be able to clarify the order details and find out the preferences and requirements of a potential client. But the main task of the form is to generate warm leads.

Filling out an application pop-up ad example

10. Customer retention

This form returns the visitor to the site when he decides to close the page. It can offer free checklists, manuals, discount promotional codes for products from the catalog, or other goodies that will be useful to users.

To receive a bonus, users need to enter an email address. So the form is used, including for lead generation.

Customer retention pop-up ad example

11. Embedded form (data collection)

Like a form with a button, an advertisement pop up does not interfere with the user. It fits into the design organically but simultaneously leads to the actions you need on the site.

Embedded pop-up ad example

What Is a Pop-Up Ad that Makes Customers Buy from You?

What are pop-ups? It's a window that appears on top of the website's viewport at a specific time.

Popups are used for the following purposes:

  • increase in the number of subscribers and customers;
  • increase in conversion;
  • advertising of goods, services, and promotional offers;
  • keeping users on the site;
  • increased viewing depth and dwell time.

If you choose the right popup for the purpose, it will benefit your business.

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