Small Business Saturday 2023: 25 Outstanding Ideas for Successful Campaign

Small Business Saturday 2023: 25 Outstanding Ideas for Successful Campaign

13 October 2022 10 days ago ~ 11 min read 4557 views
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Claspo Blog Small Business Saturday 2023: 25 Outstanding Ideas for Successful Campaign

During the Small Business Saturday sale, all people are invited to visit a business in their neighborhood to highlight the unique contribution of these companies to the communities.

How to effectively prepare for this day to get the maximum benefit? Get inspired with targeted Small Business Saturday ideas to prepare you for that big day and beyond.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Small Business Saturday?
  2. When Is Small Business Saturday 2023?
  3. 25 Small Business Saturday Ideas for 2023
  4. Inspire Your Clients to Support Local Businesses this year!

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday sale is an annual event that invites communities to shop at local small businesses the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

As of August 2020, a total of 163,735 U.S. businesses on Yelp were reported as closed, with 97,966 reported as permanently closed due to the pandemic. Meanwhile, if every American family spent just $10 more locally every month instead of at a big box or national chain, more than $9.3 billion would go directly back to local economies. Our hospitals, fire departments, schools, and other essentials of community life depend on a strong tax base.

When Is Small Business Saturday 2023?

The Small Business Saturday day 2023 is November 25. Over the past 12 years, consumers reported spending an estimated $163 billion at small businesses on Small Business Saturday since American Express started the movement in 2010.

25 Small Business Saturday Ideas for 2023

1. Clearly indicate your participation

Start talking about Small Business Saturday well in advance of the event online and offline. Tweet about the day, update your website, and don't wait to tell your customers about your store. To arouse enthusiasm and curiosity, think of a teaser of the products and give a glimpse of the discounts and special offers that will be offered for the occasion.

Pro Tip


Involve your subscribers. Use questions in social networks to ask them what deals or products they'd like to see on Small Business Say day 2023.

2. Use hashtags

Adding targeted hashtags to your posts can help you reach more people and capture the attention of new customers. #SmallBusinessSaturday will be a popular hashtag worldwide on both scheduled dates.

In North America, the official hashtag is #ShopSmall, and many businesses will use #ShopSmallSaturday. In the UK, the official hashtag is #SmallBizSatUK. You can also use other hashtags throughout Small Business Day 2023, like #ShopLocal.

3. Use pop-ups

Your small business can present a professional online appearance with a large selection of tools accessible for lead generation. Pop-up templates can meet your goals, whether your company wants to grow its social media following, increase newsletter subscriptions, or discover more about its customers.

4. Simplify online shopping

Simplify the life of your customers who want to buy your products online. Draw attention to your website, e-commerce options, in-app shopping, or the ability to order by phone. Also, place links in your social networks to the product and any eye-catching special offers, such as free shipping or a free gift.

Convert Visitors Into Buyers With Small Business Saturday Pop-Ups

5. Schedule in-store promotions or events

Offering limited-time promotions in-store and online helps create momentum and an authentic local vibe. For example, you can offer a special discount for the first 20 purchases in-store or announce a gift.

6. Share your commitment to the community

One of the strengths of small businesses is the sense of community they can nurture. Small Business Saturday sale is the perfect time to reminisce about how long your company has been around, share your early history, and talk about how proud you are of being part of the local heritage.

Pro Tip


Share your attachment by supporting other small enterprises. Post, for example, about the local restaurants and coffee houses you prefer, and like and comment on other people's publications.

7. Consider Crowdfunding Campaigns

If you've created a crowdfunding campaign, be sure to state this very prominently (and regularly), so your loyal customers can support you. Gift cards and subscriptions are also great gift ideas.

8. Develop partnerships to extend your reach

To maximize your impact, look for partnership opportunities with other companies, bloggers, and influencers. Other local shops, your Chamber of Commerce, or the city may have initiatives that will facilitate contact.

9. Update all your contact information

Do a quick check of your website to ensure all contact information and hours of operation are up to date and accurate for each location of your business. You should post Google questions and answers about your participation in Small Business Saturday and respond to any recent reviews that mention Small Business Saturday.

10. Run a PR campaign through the media

Write an essay about the history of your company if it has a fascinating backstory or deep ties to the neighborhood. You might mention any special Small Business Saturday deals or request the media to come in and conduct consumer interviews on that day.

How to promote Small Business Saturday in another way? Writing an opinion piece on the significance of this day is another strategy to Highlight the importance of small companies to the economy and the community while praising hardworking business owners. You can make a strong impression as a dedicated part of your community, and customers and business owners will not just appreciate it.

11.  Run limited-time offers

Limited-time offers encourage buyers to act fast around Small Business Saturday sale. Pop-ups will help you with this. You will be well on your road to better client engagement after your company successfully integrates website widget templates.

12. Turn on notifications

Incorporate brief statistics into requests for review campaigns, encouraging respondents to express their informed opinions on why they choose to buy locally with you.

For example, a review request might state that your company's sales contribute X amount of first responder funding and that you would appreciate the reviewer writing about the importance of supporting these services to them and the community. A body of reviews peppered with compelling statements from fully aware customers can help other buyers choose you over your competitors.

13. Personalize your thanks

Local business owners don't always know how to vary their "thank you" responses to positive reviews. Reduce repetition by including data in your answers. For example, a hypothetical response from the owner might read:

"I'm so glad you enjoyed your soft tacos, Lara! Your excellent review is much appreciated at this time because eating with us also means guaranteeing a 5% donation to our local food bank for every order. You are making a difference by helping us ensure everyone in the community has food on the table this winter. Thank you so much for caring about our city. We hope to see you soon!”

You can also attach a business receipt and a promo code for your products to the letter to remind customers of a pleasant shopping experience and motivate them to make new purchases.

14. Utilize Facebook Events

Among efficient Small Business Saturday ideas are Facebook Events. It's a good way to encourage people to attend and to get a ballpark headcount. You might have occupancy limits to adhere to that you’ll want to plan for.

15. Use offline marketing tools

Window displays, in-store signage, menus, brochures, direct mail, packaging, receipts, business cards, and many other real-world elements can convey educational statistics that will help locals choose you to support the local economy.

Use tangible assets – like storefronts seen by passers-by – to show how local philanthropy directly supports the community and could bring you loyal customers.

16. Broadcast your social position

Your brand should have strong opinions and take a public stand on important issues, building affinity with customers based on shared values. This way, you can become a role model and easily earn respect and loyalty of the audience.

Consider Danny Caine: teacher, poet, author, and owner of The Raven Bookstore in Lawrence, Kansas. Whether serving a locally acclaimed pie to visiting authors or donating to restore the neighborhood church - like so many independent business owners, Danny Caine gives back to his community.

But Danny Caine has taken community advocacy a step further than most local business owners. His letter to Jeff Bezos on the distinction between healthy competition and harmful disruption made some news. His self-published magazine, How to Resist Amazon and Why, has sold 10,000 copies and is now slated for official publication as a full book.

17. Use guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing employs creative strategies to increase sales or spark interest in a product or company. These techniques frequently entail low- or no-cost usage of more casual contacts or through viral social media messaging.
So, you should find a small business that will take on a small business guerrilla marketing campaign with you. Don't limit your search for Small Business Saturday sale partners to the most well-known establishments. Consider companies that appeal to your target market and share your beliefs. You may strengthen your brand story and broaden your audience in this way by taking advantage of the cooperation.

18. Send emails

Offer discounts to grow your email list. Then, stay in touch frequently with great discounts and specials. This will help you to develop brand loyalty.

19. Generate useful content

Make a splash with user-generated content for your company. Create a social media campaign or competition and invite your audience to participate.

Request a snapshot of their favorite item from your line or a video explaining why they adore your company. With their consent, share any content they produce. Your brand will gain popularity, you'll develop bonds with your most devoted clients, and you'll meet some new people.

See How Quick And Easy It Is To Make Your Own Pop-ups!

20. Be useful to your community

Saturday for small business is dedicated to the community, think about how you can help yours. Customers love it when companies contribute to the improvement of the local community.

Raise donations to purchase new sports equipment, plant a flower bed in your local park, or replenish the food bank. Choose what seems right for your brand.

21. Increase your advertising budget

You should spend money on advertising because it will assist potential clients to learn about your company before the Small Business Saturday sale. Additionally, you may employ location targeting with these advertising to target only the customers that are most important to your business.

22. Combine your products

Giving your entire store a 20% discount is as simple as taking a customer's credit card. Defy the desire. Shoppers will be out and about spending their money, and you want to draw in individuals who aren't just seeking a deal. Online or on the street, there is always someone less expensive. Find things instead that you can purchase as a package. Even if it's only a gift card to your retail location, that deal is far superior to a huge storewide discount because it encourages customers to return and use their gift cards there.

23. Purchase from other small companies

While soliciting money is acceptable, why not support other local companies?

24. Obtain your customers' names

Take advantage of this chance to invite visitors to your website or to like your Facebook page. Getting their names and social media handles is imperative because you must continue interacting with these customers even after the Small Business Saturday sale.

25. Generate and spread uplifting vibes

Share instances of kindness, good deeds carried out by customers, or perhaps a pleasant encounter you had with a customer the day before. This contributes to the development of a positive shopping environment. That is crucial when attempting to convert busy buyers into devoted patrons.

Inspire Your Clients to Support Local Businesses this year!

Small Business Saturday sale aims to highlight the key role played by small business owners in the economy. Small businesses are essential to the vitality and growth of the economy in all regions. They employ nearly 47% of the private sector workforce and create most new jobs.

Small businesses not only create the local and state tax base essential to civic life, but they also contribute 250% more than big brands to community causes. Buying from locals directly impacts the services and programs you care about, like first responders, food and housing security, children's resources, and animal welfare.

Once you have a strategy, use this event to broadcast your values, attract more clients and provide exceptional customer service.

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