8 Marketing Promotion Ideas You Should Try

8 Marketing Promotion Ideas You Should Try

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Claspo Blog 8 Marketing Promotion Ideas You Should Try

Successful marketing promotion ideas are a serious weapon for your business in the competitive market.  Today, consumers are overwhelmed with choices.  Thousands of brands are vying for their attention with high-quality products and services using various promotional techniques. That's why we've collected ideas for marketing campaigns with proven effectiveness that will help you find a place in the hearts of consumers and on their shopping lists.

8 Ideas for Marketing Campaigns

The beauty of the campaign marketing ideas on this list is that they work for almost any business industry. The main thing is to use them wisely, considering your target audience's characteristics and overall strategy. Set clear goals, determine the scope of available resources, set time frames, use an analytics system to evaluate results - and go forward!

1. Website widgets (pop-ups)

According to Virtue Market Research, the growth of online shopping has created a great demand for the use of pop-ups, which, notably, bring impressive results:

  • Up to 40% increase in website conversions
  • Up to 70% boost in online store sales

So, using Claspo widgets on your website belongs on our list of marketing promotion ideas. They perfectly complement any strategy:

  • Focused on lead generation? Collect email addresses and phone numbers of potential customers right on your website.
  • Want to increase sales? Arm yourself with widgets to promote your special offers or bestsellers.
  • Worried about abandoned carts? An exit-intent widget may appear at the last second before leaving, reminding visitors of the benefits of completing the purchase. According to Virtue Market Research, such a solution can reduce the bounce rate on a website by 55%.


There are many widget types; you can pick the ones that correspond with your goals. With Claspo's affordable pricing plans, businesses of all sizes can use widgets to enhance marketing strategies without breaking the bank. With our extensive library of templates and automatic display rule settings, you can implement this idea today without any knowledge, skills, or headaches.

Try Claspo’s free plan and get the first results for your business

2. Content marketing

In essence, content is the basis of all digital marketing campaign ideas, as this broad concept includes any information created and distributed by a business to build communication with a target audience. So, it's no wonder 90% of companies focus on content strategy in their marketing efforts.

Content marketing works well for inbound sales when consumers go to a company themselves, knowing it can give them what they need and solve their problems. This "knowledge" is formed thanks to quality content. 70% of consumers would rather read an article about a company than see another ad, and 62% want to check at least 3-7 materials about a brand before talking to the sales department.

The good news is that you can use content marketing for different purposes and implement your strategy on various communication channels. For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, follow the example of 79% of marketers and pay attention to blog growth. With a competent SEO strategy and meaningful posts, the target audience will find your site looking in search engines for answers to their questions.

And if you want to convert as many leads as possible into buyers, get inspired by email marketing campaign ideas and distribute content in your newsletters, as a third of marketers do. Claspo easily integrates with many ESPs, so all contact data collected through our pop-ups is automatically transferred to the chosen platform to build further communication with leads.

The other good news is that content marketing is 62% cheaper than other marketing channels and can convert about 6x more leads. So, it is one of the best marketing promotion ideas small businesses can use.


3. User-generated content

You don't have to create all the content yourself. Instead, you can (and even should) enlist the help of your audience. 93% of marketers say that user-generated content (UGC) inspires more trust than what brands produce themselves. And 72% of buyers confirm this.

User-generated content includes:

  • Written reviews
  • Video reviews (unboxing)
  • Personal recommendations
  • "Before and after" experience
  • Mentions of the brand in the context of everyday life

The advantage of such content is that you can distribute it on different communication channels and get impressive results:

  • Using UGC is one of the best ideas for advertising campaigns because such ads show a 4 times higher click-through rate. Moreover, this solution reduces the cost per click by about 2 times!
  • By segmenting your audience based on personal characteristics, needs, and consumer journey stages in your ESP service, you can send personalized UGC to each segment. For example, a video where your client shares their problem (which is familiar to the prospect) and how to solve it (with the help of your brand) can be very handy in the awareness stage. Such ideas for email marketing campaigns can increase revenue by 760%!
  • By adding UGC to your website, you have every chance to increase conversions by 29% and the number of repeat visits by 20%. Claspo can help you with this. Use our slider to display photos or text testimonials of your customers as a slideshow. And if you store UGC videos on your YouTube channel, add them to your widgets and show them right on your site!

You can ask customers to create UGC immediately after placing an order for a discount on their next purchase, run a contest for the best photo or video, or motivate them with extra points in a loyalty program. The main thing is to let your customers be heard (or seen). It encourages 64% of buyers to create UGC again and again.

4. Involving influencers

According to HubSpot, more than 30% of social media users find new products thanks to influencers. And Shopify's statistics show that the average ROI of advertising on blogs, streams, and podcasts is 412%. These are very serious numbers - it’s so impressive that 80% of American companies budget for partnerships with influencers. 

Today, such marketing campaign ideas are available to everyone, including small businesses. Micro and nano-influencers classes are gradually forming on social media, with audiences of tens of thousands and thousands of followers, respectively. They cost less to advertise, but you still get:

  • a sponsored post with a warning about advertising
  • native integration, such as a mention in a stream
  • personal recommendations
  • a detailed product review
  • product comparison, highlighting the advantages of your sample 


In these campaigns, it is important to select influencers with relevant interests. For example, a young streamer will better promote gaming computer peripherals, while an experienced expert who gives online lectures would be better at promoting financial and insurance services.

With Claspo, you can show personalized widgets to the audience segment that your influencer brought to your site.

For example, when promoting your product, they can talk about your special offer for new customers and provide a website link containing a unique UTM tag, such as utm_campaign=influencer20%off. Just specify this tag when configuring the widget display rules. As a result, it will appear only for the right audience segment, remind them of your offer, and quickly redirect them to the appropriate page to take advantage of it.

5. Referral program

Influencers are cool and helpful, but their reviews and testimonials are no substitute for referrals from the inner circle, the heart of a referral program. Let's take a look at the current statistics:

  • 92% of people prefer recommendations from family and friends more than any form of advertising
  • 49% say that they learn about a new brand mainly from a close circle
  • The purchase probability after a friend's recommendation increases by 4 times.

Creating a referral program can be one of the best marketing promotion ideas for small businesses. It does not require a lot of expenses but still brings excellent results, including but not limited to a 5X increase in conversion rate and sales.

The essence of this program is simple - each participant receives a unique code or link, which they share with their social circle. With special software, you track the purchases made using this code or link and give the participant a bonus for each. By the way, about bonuses! The most popular of them are:

  • Money reward
  • Gift cards
  • Percentage discounts
  • Extended subscription terms
  • Loyalty program points

When choosing this marketing idea for promotions, make sure that the referral program bonuses match the interests and expectations of your audience. Only in this case will they have enough incentive to recommend your brand.

6. Cause marketing

Another of the best marketing campaign ideas to promote your brand is through partnerships—specifically cause marketing. In this case, the company cooperates with a non-profit organization focused on solving a social or environmental problem.

During this partnership, the charitable organization receives financial and informational support from the company, and the latter improves its image and gains the audience's trust, subsequently positively affecting sales. As statistics show, 84% of Zoomers believe that their chosen brands should contribute to solving socially significant problems, and 70% of millennials are more likely to buy from such brands.

There are many ideas for marketing campaigns aimed at good causes:

  • Donate a % of every sale to a partner charity.
  • Hold a Buy 1, Get 1 promo and invite the audience to give the second unit to charity.
  • Organize an online or offline event dedicated to a chosen issue to raise awareness.
  • Announce bonuses to all those who join the charity.
  • Place a widget that calls for donations and redirects the audience to the landing page or website of the organization to learn about the cause.

Use this Template

7. Holiday campaigns

Holidays always go hand in hand with gift spending, which plays into the hands of businesses. Statista reports that the period from October to December, with Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, can bring retailers up to 35% of their total annual sales.

But you should not write off other holidays. For example, according to the National Retail Federation, consumers increase their spending each year on Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, the Super Bowl, and Easter.

What does it mean to you? Consumers have many reasons to spend, and it's your job to motivate them to spend money on your business. Use creative ideas for marketing campaigns and time them around the holidays. For example:

  • A home accessories store can create a home decorating guide for a particular holiday, thus providing customers with cool ideas while promoting their products.
  • Mobile apps may offer extended trial periods for those who sign up during the holiday season or access to exclusive features during the holidays.
  • Culinary courses can create a series of workshops dedicated to festive dishes from different countries and use these as ideas for email marketing campaigns - each subsequent newsletter announces a new workshop and invites prospects and customers to get acquainted with a new culinary tradition at a pleasant price.

The main thing is to prepare your campaigns in advance to give buyers time to familiarize themselves with your offers, allocate your resources wisely, and stay ahead of your competitors. And here, Claspo comes to the rescue. Our Marketing Holiday Calendar includes 2024 big and small events, as well as tips on when and how to launch your next campaign. Use it as a reminder and a cheat sheet to build timely communication with your audience and always be one step ahead.

8. Promotional products

These products are marked with your slogan, logo, or QR code, which you provide to your customers for free. Distribute them on thematic events or give them as a gift for a purchase or subscription. This marketing promotion idea will help your brand be remembered and build audience loyalty:

  • 78% of consumers believe that promotional products are a great way to stand out among other brands.
  • 82% admit they have better connected to the brand after receiving their promotional products.

Promotional products are a broad concept that can include any perks up to a branded pen. But make sure that the product has a benefit and value that motivates the audience to use it in everyday life. Here are some examples depending on the industry:

  • Travel and hospitality: portable chargers for phones
  • Health and wellness: stress balls or aromatherapy candles
  • Tech gadgets: customized stickers that can be placed on various gadgets
  • SaaS: e-books or whitepapers on topics related to your industry or gift cards, redeemable for subscription upgrades or add-ons

Ideas for marketing campaigns: how Claspo can help

Using Claspo widgets is already a great marketing idea, as they can cleverly fit into the customer's journey on the website and thus influence the behavior of visitors. But they can also complement and reinforce other marketing campaign ideas from this list:

  • Developing your blog as part of content marketing? Place a widget on your homepage and invite your audience to check out your new helpful content. Or add widgets to blog article pages and offer readers more interesting insights directly to their email.
  • Have you created a referral program? Let the widget promote its benefits, attract more members, and collect their contact details to send a unique code.
  • Stopped at promotional products? Trust your widget to tell (or even show) what your consumers can get for signing up or buying. Or conduct a survey and find out which branded bonus will be precious to them.

There are many ideas. And all of them can be easily implemented with Claspo. Our ready-to-use templates, intuitive editor, and display rules configured for a positive user experience will help you create an effective widget in minutes. Improve your marketing strategy with Claspo.

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