Valentine's Day Marketing: 14 ideas

Valentine's Day Marketing: 14 ideas

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Claspo Blog Valentine's Day Marketing: 14 ideas

Marketing ideas for Valentine's Day are often the most productive and efficient. This day has long been considered not only the holiday of love but also the holiday of marketers. According to the American Retail Federation, total consumer spending related to it is expected to reach $26 billion in 2024. 

Ready to take advantage of this opportunity? Then, keep reading and learn about interesting holiday marketing ideas.

14 Marketing Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Before we get started, there are two crucial Valentine's Day marketing tips to consider. First, even the best ideas may not work if they don't match your target audience's needs, interests, and characteristics. Second, effective marketing is about consistency, so your chosen idea must fit into your overall strategy. Keeping this in mind, you can safely go to our fantastic and diverse guide with Valentine's Day marketing ideas.

1. Offer Discounts to Lovers

Yes, we start our Valentine's Day marketing guide with this simple idea. But there is a good reason for that! The cost of gifts for this holiday is a deciding factor for 49% of consumers. Therefore, your offer to buy a gift for loved ones at a reasonable price can be very appropriate. Give instant discounts or offer them to buyers under certain conditions:

  • For sharing their contact details,
  • For reaching a minimum order amount,
  • For becoming a member of your loyalty program,
  • For tagging your business account on social media.

These and many other ideas can easily be implemented with Claspo widgets. In addition to Valentine's Day-themed templates, Claspo offers smart display rules and targeting options to maximize your marketing efforts.

Want to show a discount widget only to new visitors? Easy! Or maybe to those who navigated to the site from a specific ad campaign? No problem. Does the visitor want to leave without buying? So stop them using a widget that appears in the last seconds before exiting.


2. Create a Gift Guide

A McKinsey survey found that 47% of shoppers need holiday gift ideas because they find it challenging to find something meaningful and memorable, even for their loved ones. And many of them look to e-commerce websites for inspiration.

Help them! Create a detailed guide with gifts from different product categories of your store. This guide can categorize gifts by interest, personality type, price, and even zodiac sign! The main thing is that you simplify the task for gift-seekers and increase their chances of buying from you.

You can make this guide public. For example, on your blog, a separate landing page, or a Claspo slider. A slider is a type of pop-up window that allows you to display unlimited images as a slideshow. Accordingly, each slide is a separate gift idea.

Another good Valentine's Day marketing idea is to email all gift hunters a guide. Here, Claspo also comes to the rescue. Create a widget that offers a guide in exchange for an email address and place it on the homepage. This way, buyers get gift ideas, and you get new leads.

3. Promote Self-Love 

2023 data from the Pew Research Center shows that 3 in 10 Americans are single. Meanwhile, only half are open to dating and committed relationships, and the rest choose to be without a partner. What does this mean for you? By creating a Valentine's Day marketing campaign for singles, you can reach a large audience segment and increase your sales.

There are many ideas for such campaigns for almost any business area:

  • Food delivery/restaurant - offer to order the most delicious single-person meal kit at a discount or reserve a table for one and receive their favorite cocktail and an exclusive dessert from the chef as a gift,
  • Skin & body care cosmetics store - combine your bestsellers in holiday sets and invite customers to dedicate Valentine's Day to self-care rituals,
  • Online courses and training platform - offer an invite to a master class or webinar on February 14. This way, you drive sales, help singles make exciting plans for the day, and gather people with common interests at your event (who knows, you may become their Cupid).

4. Showcase the User-Generated Content

Another tip for Valentine's Day marketing campaigns is to focus on user-generated content (UGC). For example, you can invite your audience in advance to share photos or videos with their love stories (to themselves, their partners, or your brand), plans for this holiday, or just greetings and post this content on different communication channels. The good news is that 72% of consumers are willing to accept a brand's offer to use their content.

UGC has a number of benefits for your business. 62% of consumers prefer websites, ads, and social media posts featuring real customers' images. Also, by placing such content on your website, you can increase conversions by 29%, the number of returning visitors by 20%, and the time spent on the site by 90%!

Claspo widgets are an easy way to decorate your website with UGC. You can add images and even YouTube channel videos about your customers and place them on different pages. If your widget calls to action, website visitors are likelier to click on the cherished button because UGC increases the click-through rate by 5 times!

5. Change the Package

Remember that this is a magical holiday, almost equal to Christmas. Decorate the package with bright elements such as images of hearts, flowers, angels of red, silver, and gold colors, glitter, or foil. By using this Valentine's Day marketing idea, you will provide an unforgettable shopping experience and increase customer loyalty.

20% of shoppers list free gift wrapping as their top brand expectation this Valentine's Day. And that makes sense. If their order already arrives in a beautiful wrapper, they don't have to waste time packing it themselves. In addition, some buyers arrange delivery to the address of a loved one, and, of course, they want this surprise to look festive and bring maximum positive emotions to the recipient.

You can go even further and add a greeting card. Since Valentine's Day cards are in demand among 40% of consumers, such a bonus can be very appropriate. But if it is a surprise for someone special, be sure to specify the recipient's name when confirming the order to personalize the card.

6. Run a "Buy 1 Get 1" (BOGO) Promotion

Even the name of this promotion sounds like a perfect business marketing idea for Valentine's Day, as this holiday is associated with couples. Besides, research has shown that buying one unit and getting a second one as a gift attracts more customers than a regular discount. Therefore, regardless of your business field, you can adopt this idea:

  • For jewelry stores, BOGO can become a real hit. About 6 million people get engaged on Valentine's Day, and your special offer can ease the financial burden for the wedding ring buyer.
  • If your business is based on subscriptions, offer users a unique promo code that activates one free subscription month after purchasing the 1st month. Meanwhile, indicate that they can either use this promo code themselves or give it as a gift to someone.
  • If you sell clothes and know that many of your target audience have children, invite them to put together a family look. That is, for example, buying a jacket for yourself and receiving a mini version of this jacket for your child as a gift. Given that children are more likely to receive Valentine's Day gifts than spouses, this marketing ploy can work very well.

7. Remind That the Holiday is Coming

While 56% of shoppers start their holiday shopping between January 29th and February 5th, the rest procrastinate and put off buying gifts for loved ones until the last few days. In this regard, appealing to urgency and fear of missing out can be a great business marketing idea for Valentine's Day.

With Claspo, you can add a countdown timer to your widget and show your website visitors your special holiday offer will not last forever. If you set up a relative timer, the countdown will start for each shopper individually as soon as your widget appears to them.

Still, if your discounts don't have a hard time limit, a widget with a timer can remind shoppers how much time is left until Valentine's Day and encourage them to hurry up with their gift selection. And if you add photos of happy customers who have already managed to please their loved ones (see point 4 above), even the most indecisive buyers will move on to placing an order.

Use this template

8. Organize a Galentine’s Day

Galentine's Day is celebrated on February 13 and is dedicated to friendship between women. It was invented by the writers of the Parks and Recreation series, and today, it is becoming mainstream. For example, in the UK, 68% of women celebrate it. Contrary to the Galentine Day stereotype, it is not only for single ladies but for everyone who wants to give attention and time to their friends (of any gender, really). So, reach out to that audience segment with your pre-Valentine's Day marketing campaign!

  • An online store can present a collection that includes matching bracelets, outfits, or accessories,
  • A fitness club may allow members to bring a friend to a group class or gym for free on Galentine's Day.
  • App owners can create a unique promo code for an extended trial period and invite their users to share it with their friends for three days.

With Claspo, it is possible to specify your campaign's start and end date. Your Galentine's Day pop-up window may automatically disappear after February 13 and give way to the next one dedicated to Valentine's Day.

9. Specify the Delivery Date on the Website

52% of shoppers expect to receive holiday gifts within 2-4 days after placing an order. And 34% expect expedited shipping from brands before Valentine's Day to play it safe.

Therefore, great marketing for Valentine's Day is to specify the delivery dates on your website and add a deadline for placing orders to ensure the package arrives on time. For example: "Make an order by February 8, and it will be there by February 12!" or "Guaranteed delivery in 3 days! Have time to please your loved ones." This way, you reassure customers and motivate them to act faster.

Claspo widgets are great for informing shoppers about your delivery dates. You can place them on the homepage and show them a few seconds after the shopper enters the site. Another smart move is to set them up to be shown if the shopper is inactive on the page for a long time or intends to leave the site. In these cases, a widget featuring an on-time delivery guarantee can dispel their doubts and return them to the gift selection and checkout process.

10. Create a Limited-Edition Product

This Valentine's Day marketing idea isn't for everyone, as it takes time and investment to make it happen. But the results can be impressive.

2 out of 5 Gen Z and Millennials buy limited-edition products from brands, and a third are willing to pay more for them. In addition, by promoting such products, brands can appeal to the audience's sense of scarcity, which increases sales. So, if you have the resources at your disposal, try to come up with an exclusive product that will attract your audience. Here are some ideas:

  • Limited edition red or pink lipstick shades with romantic names,
  • Customizable jewelry pieces featuring heart motifs or initials of loved ones,
  • Heart-shaped wireless chargers or phone cases with a romantic design,
  • Virtual reality experiences specially designed for couples, such as romantic getaways or adventures,
  • Individual travel itineraries to romantic places, considering couples' wishes.

11. Provide Gift Cards

46% of consumers receive Valentine's Day gifts they don't like. Oops, how embarrassing. Help your customers avoid awkward situations and offer them gift cards for your goods or services for their loved ones so they can choose the best gifts themselves.

Creating several versions of the gift card for different amounts is a good idea. This way, you can attract buyers with various budgets. Another good idea is to set a deadline for using the card because when there is no deadline for a task, we tend to put it off or not do it at all. And the third good idea is to promote gift cards on your website using Claspo widgets.

In addition to drawing attention to your offer, they can collect contact details to send the card, include a promo code to receive it, and quickly redirect buyers to the checkout page. Solid pluses, right?

12. Focus on Love for Animals

Don't underestimate the love your prospects and customers have for their pets, as 32% of consumers buy gifts for their furry friends during this holiday. So why not use this in your business marketing ideas for Valentine's Day?

If your business is related to pet products or services, everything is clear - gifts, discounts, and special packages for Valentine's Day will do the trick. It is another thing if your products have nothing to do with animals. Still, analytics have shown that most of your target audience representatives are pet owners or are actively interested in animals. There is room for creativity:

  • Restaurants or deliveries can offer a special menu for a pet when ordering for a certain amount or when booking a table early,
  • Spas or hotels may allow free pet accommodation to customers who purchase a service or book a room on Valentine's Day,
  • A beauty salon can collaborate with a grooming service and invite customers and their furry friends to enjoy simultaneous treatments at an equally pleasant price on this special day.
  • Any business can partner with a charity organization and announce that part of the proceeds from Valentine's Day sales will help animals that are homeless or abandoned by cruel owners. Such a Valentine's Day marketing campaign will significantly increase your brand loyalty.

13. Add a Surprise Gift to the Orders

Pleasant surprises and unexpected gifts bring several advantages to brands. Aside from the practical side, surprise and delight marketing is a great way to show your love and appreciation to your customers. Your gift should fit your goals, strategy, positioning, and budget, but here are some universal ideas:

  • Promotional merchandise marked with your logo or slogan. It can be anything, but remember that products with practical benefits are stored longer and are used more often, which means that your brand name is more frequently seen. 82% of consumers admit that such gifts contribute to a positive attitude towards the brand.
  • Free samples and samplers. That's exactly what 26% of shoppers want from businesses for Valentine's Day. Use this opportunity to delight them and introduce them to cool products from your assortment.
  • Chocolate and other sweets. We couldn't help but mention this gift in our Valentine's Day marketing guide, as it's a must-buy for 57% of romantics. Imagine how happy they will be when they receive such a pleasant bonus from you! By the way, sweets can also be branded. The main thing is to ensure they are securely packed and will not spoil during delivery.

14. Give Love and Encourage the Audience to Do the Same

Today, Valentine's Day is perceived by most people as a purely commercial holiday used by big businesses to increase profits. But you can change the game and put charity at the heart of your Valentine's Day marketing campaign.

Make a deal with a charitable organization and donate some of your profits to good causes. Focus on an issue that really matters to you and share your contribution and success in solving it with the audience. It is a way to declare yourself as a socially responsible brand and win the favor of consumers, as 85% of them choose and trust companies that strive to make this world a better place.

Your Valentine's Day marketing campaign can also motivate shoppers to join a noble cause. Start simply with a widget on your website that prompts them to donate to the organization you partner with and redirects to their page. Or create a loyalty program where your audience receives points for their donations and can exchange those points for gifts and discounts in your store. This is the cycle of love and goodness in the world.

This socially responsible marketing will only work if you stay true to your values and don't time your charity around the holidays. The audience's loyalty, the gratitude of those you help, and the joy of good deeds will perfectly compensate for all your efforts.

Use this template

Prepare Your Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns with Claspo

In this guide, we have collected ideas of varying complexity to implement. But all of them need preparation in one way or another. You should analyze your strategy and audience characteristics to understand which ideas make sense for your business. You also need to consider which communication channels to use, which message to broadcast, and which design to choose.

It is quite a time-consuming process, but there is great news. Claspo makes it easy to promote any idea on your website. Even if you came up with a fantastic promotion or offer a few days before the holiday, you can create a widget in minutes, add it to your website without a developer's help, and watch your holiday conversions grow.
More great news: Claspo's concern for your business results is limitless! That is why we have prepared a Holiday Marketing Calendar for the whole year for you. It will help you plan your campaigns, have time to implement even the boldest ideas, and get the most out of them. As a bonus, we've rounded up our best holiday widget templates to simplify your life even more. So follow the calendar, register with Claspo, and open new opportunities for your business!

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