Website Exit Surveys: How Do Website Exit Surveys Work?

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Claspo Blog Website Exit Surveys: How Do Website Exit Surveys Work?

When visitors enter your website, they search either for particular items or something to be inspired by. In the age of e-commerce, each person can find anything on the internet and get the best product for the best price by simply touching the screen or a keyboard. But it doesn’t mean that every person that stumbles across your website will buy something in a blink of an eye. People can leave your website every possible minute, and that’s where the website exit surveys can really help you retain them and get some precious answers to upgrade your business.

Among many issues that people might experience when using your online store, you need to understand which one is the one that made your target audience leave and search for better options. It can be either bad quality pictures, a lack of information, not a user-friendly interface, etc. You need to spot the most popular issues and solve them to bring more customers and let them shop with pleasure.

Of course, every marketing specialist and businessman wants their audience to convert. This is the goal of each online shop brand. But you can’t sit and expect people to simply buy things from your e-commerce store, right? And to use your budget right and bring people who are ready to purchase from you, your team should implement a website exit survey to spot the issue that stops customers from buying items from you.

Do you know what to do when visitors decide to leave your online store? Do you know why they’ve decided to leave? Do you provide them with all the necessary information about your product? Is your price relative to the current market? Use website exit surveys to find out what exactly you need to add to your website to convert.

Table of Contents

1. What Are Website Exit Surveys?

2. How Do Website Exit Surveys Work?

3. Exit Survey Questions

4. Creating Website Exit Survey

5. Conclusion

What Are Website Exit Surveys?

An exit survey is the type of survey you show visitors when they are about to leave your website. For example, you can make the survey pop up when a visitor moves their mouse cursor upwards and towards their browser toolbar. This is usually the moment that people leave your site.

At that time, you can ask your visitors why they are leaving. It’s very valuable to get information about why people leave your website and why they didn’t complete your website’s goal or a page-specific goal.

Read more about pop up surveys in our Pop-Up Surveys: Everything You Need to Know article.

How Do Website Exit Surveys Work?

Website exit surveys work quite simply. As soon as the visitors decide to leave the website, they move their mouse to the red button with the red cross in the left or right corner of the tab if they look for items via desktop.

If people use their mobile phones or tablets to shop, the website exit survey is triggered when the person presses the Back button or scrolls to access the URL bar.

This means that you have two options when to run a website exit survey: either when people use their laptops and desktops or their phones and tablets to find something on your website.

When asking both groups to answer your survey, you can get opinions of two kinds of visitors that frequently shop and search for the best items and services. It will be worthy feedback that can actually move your business and bring you more profit in the future.

Want to Create Your Own Pop-Up Surveys?

Each website exit survey is a top-notch tool to use every time you need to hear from those who leave your website. This will help to upgrade your products or services, provide people with additional value, and eventually get more profit.

Exit Survey Questions

Have you ever had website exit surveys? If you are just starting with these, you should think twice before asking everything you want to hear from your potential customers. We have examples of the questions that you might want to ask but remember that you should not have plenty of questions that will tie users to their seats for more than 2 minutes.

General Questions

Such questions might help you see what you need to change on your website. There can be plenty of different exit survey website questions depending on your niche.

1. Have you found what you’ve been looking for?


2. Have you enjoyed our service?


3. What would you change here if you could?


4. Do you mind describing your experience with us?


5. Have you found our information helpful?

This is just how you can start the conversation. But if you want to ask only one of the above-mentioned questions, feel free to do so.

Cart Abandonment Questions

To understand visitors that haven’t purchased from you but had something in their carts, you can ask them something like the following questions:

1. Can you describe what has stopped you from purchasing from us?


2. Do you have any questions before purchasing our items and services?


3. Do you have a concern about buying from us? Ask us a question, and we will help solve your issue.


4. What would concern you about finishing the purchase?


5. What stops you from buying the product or service?

You can add options for the most popular answers with time and leave an option Other where people can share their honest and personal opinion. You can read more about cart abandonment issues in our Abandoned Cart Recovery: Exploring the Ways to Charm a Customer in 2022 article.

Product Page

You can ask the following questions if the user leaves the product page.

1. What information about this product would you like to see?


2. Do you have a concern about buying this product?

If the user purchased an item, you could ask the following questions.

1. Are you satisfied with the checkout process?


2. What could be done differently for a better checkout process?

If you run a specific blog where you share information about your niche, services, etc., you can ask the following questions.

1. What kind of information do you find the most helpful?


2. What kind of information do you lack that stopped you from making the purchase?


3. Would you recommend our blog to your friends?

As there are several stages of a product purchase, you can place the website exit survey at each stage of this process.

UX Survey

You can ask the visitors not a specific question but rather ask them to describe their experience and feeling with your website. This is a crucial approach if you’ve recently changed your website’s design and now need to test how people see it and how they use it. Even though this approach doesn’t include particular questions, it is still a website exit survey that you can use in your practice.

Create a pop-up window with the help of Claspo after users visit a particular number of pages and you think they are ready to give you the desired feedback.

Creating Website Exit Survey

There are plenty of tools that you can use to create the pop-up exit survey. But if you want full-cycle support from the best marketing specialists who can help you pick questions or create your own, you can contact Claspo for such help. We can help you pick the right pop-up window, set the timing, pick questions, etc.

Use Website Exit Surveys to Improve Conversions

Many people can leave your website just because, but even more, they leave it because of a specific issue they can’t tolerate. You don’t have to guess. Just ask them directly what is wrong. This is how both you get the profit and visitors feel that you care and move forward, improving your business with their help.

As you can place a website exit survey pretty much on any page or at any time, you can work this question with your marketing team and specialists from Claspo.

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