Top 10 Easter Pop-ups from Claspo

Top 10 Easter Pop-ups from Claspo

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Claspo Blog Top 10 Easter Pop-ups from Claspo

Easter is a time of cherished traditions, prominently featuring the joy of giving gifts to loved ones. In 2024, spending for the Easter holiday is expected to reach $22.4 billion, with a third of shoppers turning to online stores.

So, if you have special offers, don't tuck them away like hidden Easter eggs. Instead, showcase them front and center on your website, enticing shoppers to choose your store for their gift-hunting adventure. 

How do you make your offers stand out? Claspo is your ally here. This article will guide you through our top Easter pop-ups. Despite different marketing goals, they are all designed to boost holiday cheer and conversion rates.

Egg-cellent Email Hunts

Gifts remain an essential part of Easter spending, though consumers' budgets have dipped from last year. What's the takeaway for retailers? Enticing discounts can be a great way to gather shoppers’ emails, like collecting Easter eggs in a basket. Claspo's Easter-themed pop-ups boost your holiday lead-generation efforts, making your strategy as vibrant as the season itself.

1. White Rabbits

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Catchy headline? Check. Clear call to action? Absolutely. Bright button? You got it. It seems like the full recipe for success, but this Easter pop-up template adds a little extra spice with an opt-out button. It cleverly shows visitors that by clicking it, they're not just closing the pop-up—they're saying no to saving money. It makes them pause and think twice. By making the opt-out option less appealing, you could see your conversion rates soar by up to 14%. 

2. Spring Sunshine

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This minimalist and adaptable design perfectly suits those who want to embrace the spirit of spring without an explosion of Easter bunnies and eggs. Yet, if you're looking to infuse your pop-up campaign with a touch more brand personality, fear not! With Claspo's intuitive editor, swapping out images and colors to align with your company's branding and vibe is a breeze. 

3. Flower Kaleidoscope

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55% of retail sales happen in the final three weeks before Easter. That's when shoppers are eagerly checking items off their lists. Claspo's Easter floating box with a countdown timer is a friendly nudge that the holiday is just around the corner and the perfect moment to snag discounts in exchange for their emails. 

Retailers, note: there's no time for dallying on your end, either! Jumpstart your Easter sale announcements early. It's a win-win: you gather more leads, and these leads get ample time to take advantage of your special offers. Want to kick off your holiday campaigns right on schedule?  

4. Cheerful Rabbits

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Your Easter pop-up can collect more than just emails. A recent survey reveals that shoppers are open to sharing their phone numbers, names, interests related to your brand, and even social values—all in exchange for personalized communication and extra perks.

Thankfully, Claspo makes it a breeze to add custom input fields to your pop-up and gather all sorts of valuable information. The trick lies in finding that sweet spot: enough fields to convert shoppers into leads without overwhelming them. And here, Claspo's A/B testing comes to the rescue. Run it correctly and smartly, and you'll unlock valuable insights to fine-tune your lead generation strategy.

5. Bunny with Gifts 

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Why hand out gifts for subscribing when you can offer visitors a chance to win them in a giveaway? This approach can significantly boost your sales funnel, with giveaways potentially skyrocketing your email leads by 700% and attracting 34% of new customers.

When customizing your Easter giveaway widget, showcasing the prizes via images is a great idea. This visualization helps visitors grasp what's at stake, understand the value they could gain, and even envision themselves as the lucky winners. This powerful motivator turns your giveaway into a magnet for participation and leads.

Bunny’s Basket of Sales

Discounts and promotions are the heart of Easter sales. Interestingly, 55% of people who don't even celebrate Easter are keen on snagging holiday deals. That's where Claspo's Easter pop-ups come into play. They don't just broadcast your discounts; they guide visitors straight to the special pages to grab these offers. What's the big win here? It makes their journey to checkout smoother and quicker. 

6. Easter Sunday

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This pop-up sports a minimalist Easter design, putting the spotlight squarely on the discount—and there's a clever reason behind it. Studies reveal that the font size used for discounts and sale prices can significantly influence how shoppers perceive your offer's value. In other words, even a modest discount looks much more tempting when spelled out in a bold, large font.

So, if slashing prices in half isn't in your playbook, this savvy design trick can still amp up customer engagement and egg-celerate your sales.

7. Colorful Eggs

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While charming Easter eggs capture the festive vibe, a countdown timer taps into the ever-powerful fear of missing out (FOMO). This widget is an excellent choice for those limited-time offers in your Easter marketing strategy.

Reinforce this template with Claspo's relative timer. It allows you to set the tightest deadlines for your deals without worrying about visitors skipping them. The relative timer kicks off the countdown for each visitor when they encounter your widget. And it vanishes only for those who didn't snag the offer in time. Just imagine: you can run Easter 2-hour flash sales for weeks, reaching a broad audience and nudging every visitor to act swiftly.

8. Pink Ears

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Who says you need a half-screen widget to catch eyes on your sale? Certainly not us! Our sleek floating bar hones in on your message, staying by visitors' side as they scroll. How do you make it even more attention-grabbing? Choose a color scheme that stands out against your website's palette and bold your discount for extra emphasis. Crafting this in the Claspo editor is quicker than finding an Easter egg in a small garden.

Unwrap Savings with Promo Codes

Adding a promo code to your Easter widget comes with plenty of perks. First, it entices 85% of consumers to make a purchase. Plus, they can easily snatch up your offer—just a quick copy and paste from the widget to checkout. Lastly, when you sprinkle a unique promo code into your pop-up campaign, you can easily track how many sales were hatched directly from your widget.

9. Spring Festival 

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Don't let the snug size of the floating bar mislead you—it effortlessly houses a headline, an engaging description complete with a call to action, a countdown timer, and the promo code itself. And about those promo codes...

With Claspo, there's no need to scatter them like Easter eggs. Instead, you can finely target your widget to specific slices of your audience, be it first-time visitors, folks directed from a particular email campaign, or those who discovered your store through precise search engine keywords. This way, your Easter marketing strategy becomes more personalized and cohesive while your messages resonate deeply with each segment.

10. Bunny With Tulips

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Bunnies, eggs, and tulips—this trio brings a delightful touch to your website, transforming it with a festive air. Even if you opt for a softer color palette or skip mentioning "Easter" explicitly, the vibe remains undeniably celebratory.

The coolest thing, though, lies in Claspo's flexibility: during the editing phase, you can effortlessly switch between a floating bar, a pop-up, or a full-screen widget. After all, who hasn't had a change of heart or a burst of new ideas mid-creation? 

Turn Any Template into a Cute Easter Pop-Up

Think your options are confined just to the above Easter-themed widgets? Think again! The only possible boundary is your imagination. With Claspo, you can infuse any template with the Easter spirit in mere minutes. And we're not just tossing words around—our video is proof. 

From Claspo with Warmth

Through this article, you saw that our conversion-focused pop-ups can carry the sweet and warm spirit of Easter. As sales peak in the final three weeks before Easter, now is the perfect moment to craft your themed pop-up and refine your holiday strategy. Fortunately, Claspo's 700+ premade templates, user-friendly editor, and clear widget embedding instructions make this process swift and straightforward.

So, don’t wait! Shoppers might already be perusing your site searching for the perfect gifts. If you haven’t started converting them into leads and customers - let's fix it!

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