10 Best Website Personalization Tools

10 Best Website Personalization Tools

05 September 2023 14 September 2023 ~ 10 min read 4103 views
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Claspo Blog 10 Best Website Personalization Tools

In a highly competitive environment, the use of traditional marketing tools becomes a necessary minimum to operate in the market rather than a competitive advantage. It is very difficult to manipulate prices and attract attention by the quality of service. All sorts of aggregators and review sites allow monitoring thousands of offers, selecting the best. Therefore, today the fight for customers moves to a new plane - its main tool becomes an individual approach to each consumer. For this purpose, website personalization tools are used, we will talk about them in more detail.

How to Choose Website Personalization Software

With a clear marketing plan in hand, you can easily choose website personalization tools with the required set of features. For example, one company wants to increase conversion rates and is going to give visitors a discount that will entice them to buy here and now. Another expects to increase the average check and plans to offer extra products to those added to the cart. 

An important factor will be easy integration. To ensure the app works effectively, a link to the CRM is needed as the CRM stores all customer data. A great advantage will be the availability of a ready-made solution to connect to popular platforms. If it is not available, you will have to use an "adapter" in the form of integration programs or a self-developed gateway. This will complicate the customization process, making it more time-consuming and expensive.

It is also worth considering whether a company will be able to operate website personalization software on its own or whether it will need qualified assistance. Not all developers provide training, technical support and administration services. Quite often users have to understand everything on their own, relying on a concise manual.

Website Personalization Tools: 10 Best Options

We have selected applications based on the above criteria. . All tools of our review have a wide range of functions and can be easily connected to CRM and integrated into existing sites. In addition, their developers provide high-quality technical support, promptly answering users' questions. So, let's tell you more about the best website personalization software.

1. Claspo

Features: service for creating pop-up windows. It offers many ready-made templates and a simple widget builder without programming. If you contact the company's representatives, you can also order development of turnkey interactive elements.



  • ready-to-use solutions for connecting to most popular CRM и CMS;
  • ability to fine-tune pop-up display scenarios depending on traffic source, frequency of visits, session duration and other parameters;
  • in-house analytics service, allowing to calculate the efficiency of each element and the profitability of marketing campaigns;
  • regular updates of the application, frequent extension of the widgets list;
  • high-quality technical support. 

Pricing: from $10 per month, the cost depends on the number of sites, widgets and displays. There is a free version with a link to the developer's website.

Want to increase your success chances? Use pop-ups to draw customers' attettion to your sale and simplify their path to conversions

2. Yieldify

Features: comprehensive website personalization software. Helps you create user profiles, segment your target audience and develop customized marketing campaigns. Generates leads, writes emails, creates landing pages, and adds interactive elements.



  • easy-to-use graphical interface allows you to work with minimal programming skills;
  • stores user data for up to 365 days, whereas most browsers store user data for 7-30 days;
  • complies with current cybersecurity norms and privacy regulations.

Pricing: prices are set individually. A demo version must be booked to calculate the subscription price. The developer specifies that the application is primarily aimed at large businesses with large marketing budgets.

3. Personyze

Features: an account marketing platform that allows you to develop advertising campaigns for each user individually. It uses more than 70 attributes to segment the target audience, which makes its work very accurate and efficient. It includes modules for generating dynamic landing pages and emails, as well as ready-to-use widgets to increase user engagement.



  • the ability to create push messages for websites and mobile apps to notify about important events in a customer lifecycle;
  • availability of A/B-testing tools to test hypotheses in real conditions and evaluate the effectiveness of innovations;
  • voluminous knowledge base on the site, high-quality technical support, a lot of training videos.

Pricing: from $250 per month. There is a free version with simplified technical support and the limit of 5000 views per month.

4. VWO

Features: a specialized service for A/B testing of various elements of marketing campaigns. Suitable for website effectiveness analysis, mobile applications and SaaS solutions. Allows you to use quantitative data to improve user interface, increase conversion rates and generate more leads. 



  • use of Google's cloud platform guarantees high speed of experiments and calculations;
  • availability of real-time decision-making tools to continuously improve the site's interface;
  • ability to download data from third-party services and export information in the form of spreadsheets in popular formats.

Pricing: from $308 per month. A free version with a limited number of features is available for sites visited by up to 50 thousand users per month.

5. OptiMonk

Features: a universal website personalization software, capable of guiding a user at all stages - from the first visit to a repeated purchase. Allows you to work with integrated widgets, pop-ups and other interactive elements. Offers many features, including product recommendations and smart tags for maximum content personalization. 



  • generative artificial intelligence allows you to customize the page for each user on the fly - a visitor sees unique content designed just for him;
  • built-in editor works on the drag-n-drop principle - it can be used without programming skills;
  • analytics function that calculates the real profit from connecting each element. 

Pricing: from $39 per month. There is a free version with branded widgets and a limit on the number of views.

6. Klaviyo

Features: an application that enables personalization across multiple channels, including websites, chats, messengers, SMS and email. Provides real-time customer segmentation tools. Enables accurate forecast of visitor behavior thanks to the built-in data science module.



  • easy connection - out-of-the-box solutions available for 200 different applications, including CRM, integration services and content management systems;
  • ability to add an unlimited number of rules to each scenario, which allows you to work with each user individually rather than with broad segments;
  • intuitive analytics service interface - you can quickly create reports and presentations to demonstrate the results of your work.

Pricing: from $45 per month for email, from $60 for multi-channel promotion. A free version is available with a limit of 500 emails per month.

7. Coveo

Features: one of the best website personalization software in the ecommerce segment. Allows you to make personalized recommendations with a minimum amount of information. Selects products based on behavioral characteristics and browsing history. Helps to personalize customer experience even without prior authorization.



  • non-branded API is ideal for marketing agencies looking to adopt this powerful tool;
  • availability of ready-made components to improve the user interface that can be plugged in without writing code;
  • built-in analytics service with a convenient environment for A/B testing and multivariate tests.

Pricing: prices are set individually depending on the customer's needs and site traffic. Coveo tariff plans are for medium and large businesses.

8. Netcore UNBXD

Features: a product recommendation service based on artificial intelligence. Evaluates more than 200 parameters in real time - from the source of traffic to the depth of site exploration, from the frequency of clicks to the product categories viewed. Instantly selects the right products, increasing conversion rates and average check amount.



  • supports over 200 platforms, including popular content management systems for ecommerce and marketplaces;
  • allows to create personalized messages in 40 different communication channels, considering all user preferences;
  • user-friendly visual editor interface, which makes it possible to develop interactive elements with zero programming knowledge.

Pricing: available upon request. UNBXD offers a wide range of pricing plans to suit both small and large businesses.

9. Dynamic Yield

Features: dynamic website personalization tool. Adapts content on the fly, considering both starting characteristics and a user behavior. Uses artificial intelligence to segment the customer base and select interactive elements. 



  • links multiple communication channels into a single system, e.g. sends a push message in a mobile app when ordering on a website;
  • involves testing at every step of personalization to help maximize efficiency;
  • offers many ready-made interactive elements that increase user engagement.

Pricing: available on request. The service is focused on large businesses - among its clients are such international corporations as McDonalds and Sephora.

10. Barilliance

Features: website personalization software for ecommerce websites. Creates a positive shopping experience in online stores using product recommendations. Collects useful information, allowing you to precisely describe each user's preferences.



  • built-in artificial intelligence that evaluates the effectiveness of each decision and finds a way to improve the user interface;
  • ability to integrate different channels, including offline shopping;
  • convenient A/B testing tool that allows you to test new hypotheses within minutes.

Pricing: from $250 per month. Prices are set individually for each client depending on the scale of operations.

Website Personalization Software: How Claspo Can Help You

Subscribing to Claspo is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to personalize content on a website. You can use it to increase conversion rates, average check and other key indicators in minutes. Pop-ups allow you to keep customers, generate customized offers for them, and quickly collect data for segmentation.

Claspo is easily integrated into popular software platforms. In addition, it offers a visual widget builder. You can use this tool with zero programming knowledge - all you need is a marketing plan. 

Try Claspo for free to appreciate all the advantages of this convenient tool! The built-in analytics service will help you calculate the real effect of implementing interactive widgets!

Want to increase your success chances? Use pop-ups to draw customers' attettion to your sale and simplify their path to conversions

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