Claspo has launched on Product Hunt!

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Claspo Blog Claspo has launched on Product Hunt!

We have great news! Today, our widget builder has launched on Product Hunt!



Product Hunt is an online community that features new and innovative products every day. This platform allows teams to publicize their projects and receive feedback from early adopters, technology enthusiasts, and investors. Users can find and vote for products they like.

For us, launching on Product Hunt is an important development step, as it is an opportunity to share our product with a large audience, get early feedback and gain popularity in the market.

In addition, we have developed widgets specially for the launch on Product Hunt, which can make projects more visible on the platform!

Banner blog.png

Your opinion, loyalty, interest in the project is the greatest motivation for us! Therefore, we would like to invite you to support Claspo and share your honest feedback about the service.

Evaluate the benefits of the service for your business with a promo code for a month of free use of all Claspo functionality in any tariff at the link.

Vote for Claspo on Product Hunt and share your feedback with us via the link!

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