8 Best B2B Website Personalization Tools

8 Best B2B Website Personalization Tools

11 September 2023 13 September 2023 ~ 8 min read 4508 views
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Claspo Blog 8 Best B2B Website Personalization Tools

B2B website personalization attracts and holds visitors' attention, making your offer unique and distinguished. You don't have to delve into the intricacies of building a website from scratch to adopt this technique. We'll explain in detail about the tools that will help you personalize your web page quickly and easily.

Benefits of B2B Website Personalization

Personalization is the individual selection of content and page design to suit the preferences of a particular user. Cookies, accounts, and machine learning technology are used to implement this idea. If this idea is successfully implemented, you will get a lot of advantages. Let's take a closer look at the most important ones.

Increase in the Number of Leads

According to Statista, 63% of marketers report a serious increase in conversion rates due to B2B ecommerce personalization. Attractive design and tailored content motivate a user to click through to the end of the page and read the terms and conditions of the commercial offer. The probability that a user will close the browser tab in the first few seconds will be significantly reduced.

In this segment, personalization should take into account not only the visitor's preferences, but also the specific stage of the sales funnel. Individually tailored content will push a user to take the next step. This methodology of "growing" leads makes marketing unobtrusive, but very effective.

Positive User Experience

Personalization also results in a significant increase in the duration of sessions and the number of pages viewed. Users are more attentive to sites that they accept as pleasant encounters. The engagement level increases that has a positive impact on leads and, as a result, sales. 

Marketing personalization for B2B companies also has a positive impact on SEO. Increased session duration and decreased bounce rate serve as a signal of the site's trust for search engines. In the long run, it increases the rank of the resource, improving its visibility to users.

Creating a Loyal Customer Base

People want to be heard - this is one of the basic facts of psychology. By creating personalized web pages, you show your attention to the tastes, preferences and needs of visitors. It doesn't just motivate them to click a button and order a product right now - this approach fosters loyalty. 

When a company needs a certain product again, its representative will consider several offers. And there is a high probability that he or she will choose an option that evokes positive emotions. This will help to establish continuous cooperation, making business more stable and predictable.

B2B Website Personalization Tools: 8 Best Options

A few years ago, only the largest companies with a large staff of IT specialists and a well-developed technical support service could afford personalization of web pages. But the example of Amazon, Walmart, Apple and other corporations inspired independent developers. They created B2B website personalization tools available to everyone. We will see the best applications that you can connect to your resource right now.

1. Claspo

A simple and easy to use pop-up builder. It offers many ready-made templates that can be adapted to your site in minutes. It also has a function of self-assembly of interactive elements, which works on the drag-n-drop principle. It can be used with zero programming and design skills - it is enough to clearly explain your requirements explicitly. The service also allows you to order a turnkey widget: the company's specialists will do all necessary work - from design to integration. 


Claspo is perfect for B2B website personalization. The tool supports CRM integration. It can create customized offers for each user based on the history of their purchases and interactions with a site. It also features its own analytics service that shows you how many views, leads and conversions each pop-up brought you. 

A subscription to Claspo costs from $10 per month. There is also a free version with a limited number of widgets and views.

No specific skills and knowledge are needed to use Claspo. The plugin connects to any software platform in minutes without additional "adapters". In addition, the service offers a wide range of pricing plans that are suitable for any website - from small business cards to large- web platforms with hundreds of thousands of users.

Claspo brings real value by significantly increasing customer involvement and generating leads. A case study with DeepState describes how the tool increased conversion rates by 3.9 times, and by 32 times in some businesses. !

Not using pop-ups yet? Try Claspo for free to see your website conversions increase! 

Claspo leads the way in terms of price, functionality and usability. This service is listed as one of the best personalization tools in the B2B and B2C segments. But to be fair, we will tell you about other services worth your attention.

Want to increase your success chances? Use pop-ups to draw customers' attention to your sale and simplify their path to conversions

2. OptiMonk

A comprehensive B2B website personalization tool. Generates customized landing pages for each user. Allows you to customize every element, including headers, text blocks, images, buttons, price and discount blocks, etc.

The app also offers an A/B testing service that synchronizes with Google Analytics 4. Thanks to this, you can test different hypotheses, evaluate the effectiveness of innovations and work on mistakes.


One of the advantages of this platform is the use of artificial intelligence technology. Generative models allow you to test thousands of landing pages per day, significantly increasing the productivity of your marketing department. Although such a feature should be used with caution - AI is not flawless either. It is more suitable for young ambitious startups than for large corporations with large customer bases.

OptiMonk subscription costs from $39 per month. There is a free test version with advertisement of the service on personalized pages.

3. Optimizely

Universal tool of marketing personalization for B2B companies. It allows you to perfect every stage of the sales funnel. By implementing it, you can optimize your website according to a simple scheme - generate high-quality content using the application's prompts and built-in artificial intelligence, and debug landing pages by testing the performance of each element. The app allows real-time tests, also you can analyze results, get valuable insights and monetize this data by choosing the most effective means of sales promotion.

The platform is focused more on large businesses rather than on young startups. It is quite complex, so the company offers the services of Optimizely partners - experts ready to help customize, integrate and support the application.


Optimizely subscription costs from $79 per month per user. A free trial version with limited functionality is available (it mainly offers scheduling tools).

4. Mutiny

The service helps collect information, analyze it using artificial intelligence, and generate personalized offers for visitors. Its innovative architecture allows it to render interactive pages on the fly - without flickering, changes in structure or "jumping" buttons. The creators of the platform emphasize the maximum level of its protection - it complies with all current cybersecurity requirements and guarantees that there will be no information leaks. 

Mutiny supports integration of most popular CRM and ecommerce automation applications, including Salesforce, Clearbit, 6sense and many others. It can be connected to the corporate messenger Slack to receive notifications when advertising campaigns are launched and alerts when sales performance declines in certain channels.


The cost of subscription to Mutiny is set individually for each client. To get access to the platform, it is necessary to book a consultation, when the company's specialists will tell you about the terms of cooperation.

5. Hyperise

A specialized multimedia tool for B2B website personalization. It generates images and videos according to predefined scenarios. It provides templates for creating invitations, tickets and passes, charts and graphs, dashboards, sales proposals, recordings of online conferences, etc. 

One of the interesting features of Hyperise is its informal approach to creating personalized multimedia. The platform allows you to use memes, emoji, animated stickers and funny GIFs to lighten the mood and convey an emotional connection.


Hyperise subscriptions cost between $69 and $149 per month per workstation, depending on the type of media content. A 14-day trial period with full functionality is available.

6. LogicHop

A plugin for personalizing WordPress-based websites. Works with popular web page builders, including Divi and Beaver Builder. Supports Facebook Pixel integration and Google Analytics 4. The platform offers ready-made templates for creating interactive elements such as welcome messages, order confirmations, calls to action for contextual advertising, messages about repeated visits, pop-ups when closing a tab, etc.

The plugin allows you to personalize landing pages using data about a user's language and country, the number of visits and their position in the sales funnel. The service can be integrated without programming. Scenarios are customized using simple logical rules - IF A THAN B.


LogicHop subscription costs from $199 per year per site. A 14-day trial version with full functionality is available and does not require a bank card to be linked.

7. Proof

The service allows you to add interactive elements to landing pages that notify visitors about recent conversions. It offers out-of-the-box solutions that show the number of users who are viewing the page at a given time, the number of subscriptions within the last 24 hours and purchase messages, such as: "Alex from Houston has just purchased a new smartphone". 

Simple tools like these immensely increase the credibility of the company. They also increase conversion rates and build customers’ loyalty. The app connects to most CMS in 15 minutes. It supports integration of any data streams with Zapier.


Proof subscription costs from $79 per month. There is a 14-day trial version with limitations on features and the number of unique views.

8. Segment

The app aggregates and analyzes customer data from different communication channels. This effective tool of B2B ecommerce personalization allows you to use the information to create customized offers. 

A key feature of Segment that sets the platform apart from competitors is the ability to model the behavior patterns of users from different segments. This feature allows you to calculate the probability of a target action and assess the impact of each landing page element on the conversion rate.


Segment subscription costs from $120 per month. There is a free version with limitations on the number of views and data streams.

Personalizing B2B Websites: How Claspo Can Help You

Claspo is a simple, affordable and effective service. Its use increases conversion rates, customer loyalty and improves visitor engagement. Of course, you should also pay attention to other tools, many of which offer unique features like generative artificial intelligence and confirmation of recent conversions. However, when choosing them, you should thoroughly consider the terms of subscription - many of these services are quite expensive. 

Want to realize the full potential of your website? Try Claspo for free to get the most out of every visitor to your landing pages!

Want to increase your success chances? Use pop-ups to draw customers' attention to your sale and simplify their path to conversions

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