Create Unlimited WooCommerce Pop-Ups with Claspo

Free pop-ups for lead generation, sales, and customer retention

Simple drag-and-drop editor with built-in stock photos

Copy-paste pop-up script instead of tedious coding

Detailed targeting settings to personalize your message

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Collect Leads

Collect Leads

Newsletter Subscription

Have news/updates/good deals for your WooCommerce website visitors? Invite them to subscribe to your newsletter via a catchy Claspo widget.

Lead Magnet

You want leads. Leads want perks. Claspo gets it covered: choose widgets with a lead magnet, whether it's a whitepaper, a product demo, or a welcome discount, and show visitors what they get in return for their specified email.


Testing a new product or product line? Add a WooCommerce product pop-up with a pre-order form and see if the shoppers are interested. Pros of such a pop-up? Avoid overproduction, understand demand, and get user contact details into your CRM.

Email domain checker

Building a mailing list? Great! Claspo pinpoints any misspellings of domain names on entries before they end up on your subscriber list.

Customizable input fields

Email addresses may be one of many data you want to know about your potential customers. If that’s the case, simply add the required data input fields to your subscription form and get more information.

Integration with 5000+ ESP systems

No data loss. No waste of time. No risk of errors. Claspo is on guard for your smooth business flow.

Boost Sales

Special Offers

80% of customers are willing to buy from a new brand if it offers a good deal. With this hint and Claspo coupon pop-up, you have every chance to boost sales on your WooCommerce website!


Have several great deals or conversion hooks? Place them all in one slider pop-up and let the customer choose the best one.

Countdown Timer

The feeling of urgency and the fear of missing out are powerful purchase incentives. Let the countdown widget help your website visitors decide to buy faster.

Redirect to Another Page

Do you have bestsellers or high-conversion pages? Use Claspo's widget to instantly redirect potential buyers to them and increase the chance of a purchase.

Exit-Intent Trigger

Use the last-ditch effort to convert a site's visitors before they're gone for good! An optimized exit-intent pop-up with a well-crafted message can retain up to 15% of abandoning visitors.

Prevent Cart Abandonment

When the shopper is so close to making a purchase but abandons the cart at the last moment - dispel their doubts! Your WooCommerce cart pop-up with a discount, promo code, or other good deal motivates them to click that coveted "Checkout" button.

Promote Offers

Keep in Touch with Your Audience

Keep in Touch with Your Audience


What stops visitors from buying, or what items do they want to see in your online store? Ask them directly with the pop-up survey and gain valuable insights to improve the shopping experience.


You can only succeed if you listen to your customers. The review widget shows that you care. As a result, even a random customer is more likely to return.

Social proof

Have good reviews? Don't hide them from your visitors! 89% of them read reviews before buying from another online store. Help them make a purchase decision faster by placing a review widget directly on your site.

Contact button

If a potential customer has issues or questions, it is in your best interest to resolve them asap. Add a contact button widget to your WooCommerce site and show that you are here to help.

Promote Socials

Building an online community or promoting your store on social media? List all your platforms in one widget for shoppers and improve your brand engagement.

Integrate Claspo with Your WooCommerce Store Easily

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Get your unique install script once your widget is ready

Add the script to your website via the WordPress admin panel or by using a child theme

Get help from Claspo's support team at any stage of integration 24/7

Hassle-Free WooCommerce Pop-Up Management

Hassle-Free WooCommerce Pop-Up Management

Campaign Scheduling

No need to worry about turning off your promotion on time. Just specify its start and end date in the widget settings. Claspo will start and stop it automatically without any manual routine.


If your e-commerce site operates in different countries, your offers may differ. With Claspo, you can choose which widget to show based on the customer's geographic location.

Dynamic language settings

Create one widget with an offer in several languages. Claspo will show the WooCommerce pop-up message depending on the language of the user's browser or the language selected on your website.

Annoyance Safeguard

Don't let the wave of pop-ups drive customers away from your website! Set up the desired time interval between displaying widgets and show them one by one.

Overlap Protection

Want to show multiple widgets within a single session? Claspo makes sure they don't overlap. Let the customer see your unique offers without interfering with the browsing experience.


With Claspo’s built-in analytics, you can monitor the conversion rate of pop-up forms and see how many subscribers each one brings you. Using Google Analytics to track results? Simply set up data transfer and measure success in a familiar format.

700+ WooCommerce Pop-Up Templates in the Claspo Library

And all of them can be easily adapted to your brand's unique style. Just specify the colors of your brand book and get the right templates in no time. Striving for more? Customize any element of your widget in a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

Ignite your WooCommerce website potential. Harness the power of pop-ups with Claspo

What Our Clients Say About Us

Serhii Doroshenko

Retention Team Lead MAUDAU

We seamlessly plugged in Claspo to our site without developers involved. Now, our marketing team effortlessly runs A/B tests and kicks off promos at lightning speed. The results? Solid revenue boosts and promotions that hit the mark. Big thanks to Claspo for elevating our business game!

Nikita Gontar

Retention Manager, Devart

Incredible easy-to-use software with a bundle of features that can help you to obtain more leads. Awesome customer support. Highly recommended!


Marketing Specialist, DeepStateMap

Our conversion rate increased by 3.9 times thanks to the SPA supported by Сlaspo. The script works more correctly, is more stable, and loads better. We really enjoy multilanguage widgets and geotargeting!

Jordan S.

Product Marketing Lead

An easy-to-use and customizable solution. No cons were found during the work, overall clear and useful functionality.

Viktoriia Tsalpinska

Email marketing specialist,

We decided to introduce a floating information widget. It is not intrusive, but it had to appear with each new session. Claspo was the easiest way to do this. The platform is easy to understand, you can figure everything out in half an hour.

Kate K.

Partner Relations Manager

The A/B testing feature is a huge plus! Overall: With Claspo's wide range of customizable widgets, you can create all kinds of interactive elements that help your sites stand out and engage visitors. The A/B testing allows you to optimize each element and determine which widget performs better

Tony Fiston


It looks like Claspo makes creating and launching website widgets easy fot any coding skills. I am excited to try the customization options and KPI-driven analytics to optimize my site's conversion.

Product Hunt

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