Get Started With Email Marketing: 11 Steps in 2023

Get Started With Email Marketing: 11 Steps in 2023

09 August 2022 17 August 2023 ~ 13 min read 2259 views
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Claspo Blog Get Started With Email Marketing: 11 Steps in 2023

How to do email marketing? It is not the simplest question, but surely it can be answered and incorporated into your work. Emailing your customers is a great tool you can have when it comes to communicating, raising brand awareness, and selling your products. 

Statista reports that there are more than 4 billion people who use emails constantly, which means that there is plenty of your target audience that you can reach via email. 

In this article, you'll discover how to offer your services via email and learn some tips on upgrading your campaigns to get better conversions. 

Table of Contents

What Is Email Marketing?

Getting Started with Email Marketing

How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign: 11 Steps

Continuous Improvement: The Key to Successful Email Marketing

What Is Email Marketing?

There are no questions about how to create an email rather than what is email marketing at all? With all its perks, email marketing is a process when you communicate with your potential and loyal customers via email. You notify them about the news of your business, offering deals and new products or services, sharing discount codes, and anything else that can engage them and move them into buying your products.

There are plenty of benefits of email marketing, such as:

  • Increasing brand awareness. It helps educate people about your brand, services, products, online activity, and anything else you want to share with your customer. Any valuable information and any resources that might be helpful for your audience will make them loyal, and they will trust your business more, which means they will order your products and share their knowledge about you with their friends. 
  • Generating traffic. When you show specific items in your emails, you get more attention for that product or service. People might get interested in following your links and discovering the goods on your website. Here you can add CTAs, buttons, links, or anything else to get more attention and kindly offer to buy your products.
  • Driving sales. You can promote specific items via emails and experiment with promotion techniques, texts, CTAs, etc. This is the place to test your hypothesis and upgrade your business. Share the hottest items or create collections based on the things you want to sell faster. Offering bundles via email can increase the average purchase value.
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  • Highlighting other marketing mediums. You can ask people to visit your other pages, blogs, events, social media, etc. If you feel that it is not enough just to simply ask people to subscribe to your Instagram, run a competition or a simple giveaway so people feel more motivated to subscribe and rate your content.
  • Keeping customers engaged. Experiment with your texts, messages, and overall appearance of the letter. Use this option to upgrade your creativity and get more successful with your campaigns. Let people hear about your brand in newer ways they don't expect to see. Keep your customers interested and happy with top-notch content.
  • Obtaining business data. You can also get additional information about your customers when communicating with them via email. Tell them about how you want your business to grow and be better, asking them to share their thoughts with you via surveys and tests. Or just ask them to write something about what they think about you!

Getting Started with Email Marketing

It's easy to get overwhelmed when you are trying to figure out how to do email marketing. Even though it's not that difficult, you still have to understand how specific things are done here. As marketing is a systematic niche, you have to know specific things and how they are connected when you start working on your marketing.

Here you'll learn how to start email marketing in four steps, even if you haven't heard of marketing much.

1. Set the Goal for Your Email Campaign

Each action needs to have a final goal. The same goes for your email campaign. You should know what you are aiming for before finding out how to do an email. Since there are plenty of potential goals that you might wanna reach, the most common are rising brand awareness, getting more website traffic, generating revenue, nurturing leads, getting feedback, or running surveys. When you set the goal for your email campaign, you should clearly see how you can achieve it. You can select specific tools and tactics that will help you get the desired results. But make sure to stick to your goal as you can't chase all of them at once.

2. Decide On the Target Audience

It doesn't matter what niche you are working in. You have to know your audience like you know ABC. Who are they? What desires do they have? How do they pick your product? Why did they pick your product? How does your product help them live better lives? And so on. Such knowledge helps you understand the smallest things about your business and product, which leads to better sales. 

For example, if you sell cheap notebooks and think they are perfect for schooling, but your sales don't scream about schooling, you might dig deeper into your customers. It might appear that such notebooks are popular among older people who just want to carry pieces of paper around to take notes. So next time you promote your notebooks, you might want to say something like “get yourself some note paper to share information with others”.

3. Consider the Email Campaign Type

When you find out how to create an email for a business, you should also think about email type. The most popular are:

  • Welcome series. The first email you send to your new subscriber. It can be one email as well as a series where you cover basic topics about your brand and products. 
  • Cart abandonment. A common action among online shoppers is that they tend to leave their carts for many reasons. Maybe they need a bit of a reminder to finish their purchase, so do it. Or maybe the items they have in their cart are cheaper, so it will be a nice occasion to tell them about it.
  • Newsletter. Notify your readers about anything related to your brand that might spark the desire to purchase goods. If you have a seasonal sale, a new collection, new items, collaborations, discount codes, etc., write the ones who are on your email list. You can send news weekly, bi-weekly, whenever you have news or monthly. Just be consistent with this email campaign type.
  • Re-engagement emails. Trigger users ordering your products and services. If you have an opportunity, offer a discount code on your specific terms. Subscribers will appreciate you offering them discounts and more likely buy things from you. 
  • Other emails. There is plenty of other content that you can offer to your subscribers. You can make announcements, run holiday campaigns, invite to specific events (if you run them), post-purchase emails, seasonal campaigns, etc. Just be creative and look for an event that can help you create your next email campaign.

How to Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign: 11 Steps

There are several steps on how to offer your services via email, and we'll cover them here.

1. Select a Provider

You should pick an email provider for your upcoming emails. There is a wide selection of them on the market, so it won't be hard to choose from. Besides offering plenty of useful tools, such providers have many email templates, which will be helpful in creating the desired appearance of your email. But the main reason you should pick an email provider is that such services help automatically reach everyone from your email list without skipping anyone. It works great if you have thousands of email addresses and don't want to send letters manually.

2. Verify Email Sender and Domain

Don’t forget that the sender's email has to be on the website's domain, as well as both email and domain have to be verified. When you make sure that such settings are adjusted, you can sleep tight: the letters will surely get to the Inbox, and the sender and domain reputations will be good. This allows you to keep up with your email marketing work without any surprises that can come up if you neglect to adjust your domain.

3. Set Your Email List

Before reaching people on your list, you have to create such a list. If you haven't run a campaign on your website to collect emails, you should do so to reach more people in the future. More than that, you probably have a solid list of previous purchases that people made on your website.

If you run social media pages where you have a solid following, you should invite people to leave their emails so you can share valuable information with them. But make sure, to tell the truth about the things you are going to share. Human attention is priceless, and you don't want anyone to turn their backs on you.

Also, run a pop-up campaign on your website to get more email addresses from people who are interested in receiving information from you. Check pop-up templates from Claspo, as they will make your life easier and bring leads to your email list.

If you haven't heard of pop-up windows that help you get customers' emails, you can read everything on that in the Email Pop-up: Complete Guide with 15 Excellent Examples article.

4. Organize Your Contacts in the Email Marketing Account

You should organize your subscribers list as soon as you get your email account to start sending email campaigns. Upload the existing list from your Gmail account first. Then you can organize all your subscribers by the preferred topic so you can share your emails with them based on the topics they are interested in. For example, if you run a bookstore, you can organize your customers based on the types of literature they prefer so you can promote new books that they most likely like: comics, horror, romance, non-fiction, history, etc. 

5. Send the Welcome Email

There should be a welcome email in any of your how to do email marketing strategies. This is a must. You can't simply come out of nowhere asking people to buy specific things — say 'Hi' first. Cover the topics you're going to share via the next emails, notify users that they can unsubscribe anytime, tell them that you would like to hear their opinion. Start communicating with your customers rather than simply trying to sell. 

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6. Create a Template

This might be one of the most anticipated parts on your way on how to create an email. There are plenty of beautiful templates that you would like to try out. However, there are some rules to picking the template. Look for the one that is clean, eye-catching, and will help you to get the message from your letter. Also, check twice whether the template is mobile-friendly as many people check their emails from their phones, and you don't want to flop on that.

When you've picked the template, make sure to adjust it depending on your branding: set the logo, brand colors, fonts, etc. Don't forget to state your contact information in the footer of the page: name of your brand, phone, email, etc.

As soon as you've set up your template, add the text to see how it looks and adjust it if needed. Such a reusable template will help you save time any time you want to send a newsletter as you won't have to add contact information and logo again and again from scratch. Just change the text, and you are ready to go.

7. Write Powerful Messages

Each email is a part of your bigger picture. So when you learn how to create an email for a business, you should know that at first, you'll be too excited about this knowledge. A very important part of each of your emails is to go with ONE message per email. Let's say you want to spread the word about the upcoming shopping spree — tell that and nothing else. This should be the only focus of your email. Here you can add different ideas on how customers can spend that day on your website, which categories they should check, etc. But don't go to other topics out of nowhere and finish your writing with CTA telling people what exactly you want from them — purchase from you, use a discount, add favorites before the shopping day starts, etc. Be specific with that.

8. Work on Your Subject Line

When you are faced with the question on how to offer your services via email, you rarely think of smaller things like the subject line of your email. However, this is the first thing your customer sees as they enter their inboxes! More than that, an absence of a subject line can signal the email operators that the letter might be spammy and send it to the relevant box. We are sure you don't want that to happen! So spend some time picking the right words for your subject line and make sure that it reflects the insights of the message.

There are several techniques on how you can make the subject line more engaging so people open your letter. For a long time, marketing teams used clickbaits to lure more people in. But we must warn you that this might work once or twice. Right after, people will understand what you are doing here and won't read your letters or simply unsubscribe. That’s why you should be straightforward with your words. State what's the letter about, and that will be a great start.

9. Test Before Sending

So now you know how to do email marketing and are ready to get going. But before you jump into sending all the content you have for your customers, make sure to proofread your text and test the email you've created. Especially since you are just starting out. Check whether you have everything necessary, like a subject line and a proper CTA. 

10. Send Your Email

Ok, so now you are ready to send your email. Consider the timing, however. There are the best hours that you can use to send your email, so it works best. Based on the information you have about your customers, you can predict the best time to send the letters. And as soon as you understand the timing, stick to it. With time, people will expect to hear from you, and if your letter is engaging, they will check their inboxes waiting for your letter!

For example, if you have the newsletter based on the upcoming events the following month, make sure to send it prior to the actual month. Let's say half a week prior to the first event so people can have enough time to plan the event.

As soon as you've figured out this information, click that Send button, and you are good to go! Congratulations! 

11. Track the Results

It is necessary to track results when you give email marketing a goal. You need to track things like open rate, unsubscribe rates, click-through rate, etc. This will help improve your next work and grow with each letter you send to your customers. 

To get the best results, you have to understand each of your email campaigns. Even though some of them won't do well, this is a great sign too, since you'll know what you shouldn't do next time.

More than that, such analysis will help you understand how well the links in the email performed. You can see which were more popular and which stayed unnoticed. 

Also, remember to track other metrics that are connected to your email marketing but are situated in other locations, like, let's say, specific buttons on your website. You might constantly run some fundraising and promote it once via your email campaign. Track the performance of that fundraising as it should perform better after your email.

Continuous Improvement: The Key to Successful Email Marketing

To finish up all this advice on how to do email marketing, you should remember things like learning your audience, treating them like people rather than coin purses, and providing them with nice content that they will actually want to read and use.

To achieve great results, you should constantly work on your campaigns, analyzing them and looking for better ways to convert your customers. Look for other marketing tools so you can mix them with email marketing and get better results.

From now on, have fun with your business, know your customer, and treat them right. This is the golden rule of any marketing campaign.

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