10 Reasons That Your Conversion Rate Is So Low

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Claspo Blog 10 Reasons That Your Conversion Rate Is So Low

We've all seen businesses with plenty of visitors but have not so many actual customers. Even if the business is very friendly, it can lack specific encouragement must-haves that lead people to the purchase, which results in a low conversion rate. 

It can happen because you don't pay enough attention to specific aspects of your business. For example, your CTA might not be that engaging, your message might be unclear, or your checkout process might be too hard to understand. 

Here we will break down 10 popular reasons that might influence your business via your Website. Learning all of them will result in the better conversion rate that you are looking for. 

Table of Contents

1. What Is The Conversion Rate? 

2. 10 Reasons That Your Conversion Rate Is So Low

3. How To Fix These Situations?

4. Conclusion

What Is The Conversion Rate?

The marketing metrics might be different for each project, business, and Website. And each such metric depends on the campaign goals. 

Conversion rates are the ones that help measure your success and see if you do everything right. We recommend you set achievable goals. This will help you create a plan and upgrade your marketing game. 

Among conversation rate metrics, there are plenty of particular metrics that create a bigger picture of your business. For example, purchase rate, website registration, newsletter subscription, contacts submission, etc. 

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The rate depends on your traffic and the niche your business is in. Of course, if you sell the latest fashion trends of high quality, you'll have better rates. But if you do your business right and target the right audience, you can get profit from any niche. And if now you see your stats and don't understand why your rates are low, or you want them to be higher, we suggest paying attention to the following reasons. Learn them and plan how you can fix them later. 

10 Reasons That Your Conversion Rate Is So Low

Reason 1. Your Website Isn't Mobile-Friendly

More than half of all users use their phones to find information, shop, or talk with their friends and relatives. According to Statista, by the end of 2021, 55% of all users will use their phones on a regular basis. 

If your Website looks like a desktop version even on mobile phones, there is a high chance that they will pick another Website to achieve what they want. 

More than that, Google indexes mobile-friendly websites before the desktop version. So if you don't have one, you will appear on the pages that no one even checks when looking for something specific. 

Reason 2. Your CTA Isn’t Engaging

A call to action is essential for any website that sells services or products. It is supposed to encourage each user to take the action you want from them. In most cases, you want them to buy something, sign up, download a file, or start a trial. We know that you've seen such buttons and texts all over the internet.

The truth is, it is not only the position of buttons and texts that is important. It is also the actual text that asks users to take a specific action. It has to be attractive and describe everything that will happen but in a short form. 

And during the era of personalization, you should make sure that all texts are not generic but persuasive and client-oriented. There are plenty of similar CTA texts all over the internet, and people might get CTA-blind in many cases, meaning they simply won't notice such texts. 

If you are not sure about your CTA, you can make tests with different texts and buttons to see which one works best. Start your message with simple verbs like "get," "give," "earn," etc. They sound easy, and people won't have a feeling that they have to do a lot of things to get your services, products, or freebies. 

Reason 3. Your Website Copy Is Hard to Understand

Your CTA button will work only if your Website is easy to understand. We mean the texts, ideas, and information you share. Make sure to create the content your visitors will enjoy and find interesting, entertaining, and helpful. 

Don't forget about your audience: learn what they like, their habits, and action patterns, as this will help you to create the content that will be the most suitable. And the better the content here, the more chances you have to encourage users to take action. 

Make sure to state that you understand the issues and goals that your users face. If you run a fashion-themed store, write about the necessity of nice and modern clothing. If you sell goods for a healthy life, write about the necessity of looking after one's health. We do not suggest you use texts that might scare users so you can get profit because of that. Even though this might work, you won't get loyal customers that will buy from you time after time. 

You are here to offer a solution to users' issues. You are here to help them achieve their goals and dreams. Be gentle, kind, and client-oriented. This is the true way to get life-long clients. 

For a long time now, you can see the storytelling trend. This helps to create one story where users recognize themselves. Try this tool if you are able to integrate it into your business. 

More than that, you can use one popular tool to create a powerful copy. Have you heard about the AIDA formula? 

Attention. Get users' attention in the very beginning

Interest. Keep users' attention with interesting content

Desire. After you have users' attention, you need to create a sense of desire for your solution

Action. This is where your CTA starts its work. Create the CTA that is visible and personalized 

Don't be afraid to experiment with your texts and search for the perfect copywriter who understands your audience and knows all the necessary tools to engage users. 

Reason 4. You Are Offering Something Unclear

To sell products or services, you have to show what exactly you are selling. If you can't formulate your offer in several words, people won't understand it and will try to find something else. We hope you've heard about UVP, which stands for Unique Value Proposition. It includes one or two benefits that your service or product has that others don't have. You don't have to repeat everything that every other business has. Focus on unique things that you offer. If you sell dark chocolate that everyone else sells as well, find something that will make it stand out. It doesn't have to be something that exists. It can be something that gives users a unique feeling when they eat your chocolate. Many businesses don't stand out from others, but they find something that makes people choose them. When every sports brand has started working with sportsmen, Nike chose simple people and continues to encourage them from day to day. Do the same. Find something like that and highlight it. 

Reason 5. Your Website Audience Isn’t Right

Your low conversion rate might not be satisfactory if you target the wrong audience. Before starting your Website and sales, you have to learn everything about your audience. Such knowledge is the key to your sales. Learn who and why use or might use your product, where do they live, what do they like, what their routine looks like, and how you can integrate your product into their lives. All of this information will help you to create a website that will be useful and engaging to the audience that will spend money on your products or services. You have to connect with them and understand how exactly your product or service solves their issues. 

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This will help you to create the user experience, write the right copy, predict the behavior, and lead to the purchase that will not be only profitable for you but for your audience as well. 

Reason 6. Your Checkout Process Is Hard to Understand

Not a single person enjoys a hard-looking checkout process. The more you ask for, the fewer chances that people will finish their purchase. Try to stick to the most essential questions that are crucial for the shipment and payment. 

Some stores even have several pages that need to be filled in to finish the checkout. That's way too much. 

After creating your Website, go through the whole checkout process yourself and ask your peers to do the same. Get the feedback. Also, make sure that there are no bugs or errors that might cause damage to personal information. Your customers trust you with their information, and it is your duty to keep it safe. 

Reason 7. Your Website Has Too Many Options

There is a phenomenon called Overchoice. It means that when people have way too many choices, they won't pick anything in the end. Imagine yourself standing in front of a shelf with hundreds of different jams. We bet that you won't pick any. The truth is that you need to suggest several options for the user to get one. Complex decisions won't work in favor of your business. 

Try to offer three options signing one of them as "the best deal," and watch the magic happen. 

Reason 8. You Don’t Have a Social Proof

If you are starting your business, it is important to show people that you are a reliable business with high-quality services and products. 

It might be quite risky for some customers to buy from a new business that has no reviews. Some people even might have never heard about you. So try to share your business with your partners and friends, ask them to test it, and ask for a review. Make sure to post them, so others see them. This will help new visitors to understand the quality of your services and products, which leads to a purchase. 

Also, try to get recommendations from the leaders of your field. This will make a huge impression and will work the best. 

Reason 9. You Work On Increasing Visitors, Not Customers

Quality over quantity should be your number one goal. We've all heard about the technique where you try to get as many people as you can where some of them might get interested in your products or services. This is a false way to get purchases. You should teach your audience, as we've mentioned before, to check where they usually spend their time on the internet and show your campaigns there. Don't spend your budget on random campaigns that will bring you, random visitors. This is especially crucial when you build a service-based business that works in a particular area — you won't need potential customers from other areas or cities. 

Bad leads are as bad as no leads at all as they don't need your product, meaning they won't buy from you. 

Reason 10. Your Customers Don't Know What You Want From Them

Each page or each message should have only one particular call to action. There shouldn't be several on one page. And that has a strong logic behind that. If you ask one person to take different actions or do something at once, there is a high chance that nothing will be done. 

Take your steps, plan your Website, and build action priorities. 

Of course, there are pages where you can offer options like software versions, etc. But here, you need to make sure this is easy to understand. Make sure to work with designers that will highlight the most important parts, so users notice them. 

How To Fix These Situations?

Each of these can be fixed with simple actions and some strong will. We are sure you can do this since it's not that hard. We, Claspo, can help you with that if you are looking for a team of professionals.

We recommend our How to Increase Mobile Conversion Rate article, where you can find out how to deal with these issues.


All the above-mentioned reasons are very typical for every niche. Such knowledge comes with years of practice and marketing passion. Sometimes it's hard to notice wrong things in your business, and that's why you need specialists like us. And that's ok. 

Stop asking yourself, "why is my conversion rate so low." Let's build your business together and solve issues that stand in your way of getting high conversion rates. 

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